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Recapture True Values Magazine ...
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Pentecost is PACKED With Meaning!

Pentecost is Packed With Meaning ...
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Have a Wonderful Double Sabbath Brethren!

Have a Wonderful Double Sabbath Brethren! Saturday Sunset to Sunday Sunset is Pentecost. So the Sabbath starts tonight and ends Sunday night. Please visit the Website within the Sermons pages ...
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Pentecost Pictures the ‘Firstfruits’ in God’s Plan

MINISTUDY Pentecost Pictures the 'Firstfruits' in God's Plan Prepared by Richard H. Sedliacik The Good News, May 1983 God's master plan continues to unfold before your very eyes! As you ...
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Why Many Don’t Understand Pentecost

Why Many Don't Understand Pentecost by Herbert W. Armstrong page 1 Good News May 1981 Do you realize thousands of Worldwide Church of God members assemble on the day of ...
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Pentecost in God’s Master Plan  

Pentecost in God's Master Plan By Jerold W. Aust The Good News, May 1985 Pentecost, the Feast of Firstfruits, one of God's seven annual Holy Days, pictures an important step ...
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