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October 27, 1971

Dear Inner Family of Co-Workers:

For the first time in my life, I am en route to a Communist country, behind the "Iron Curtain." I am going to Bucharest, Romania, as a guest of the country, at the personal invitation of President Nicolae Ceausescu. I am looking forward to this visit with considerable interest, since I have never been in a Communist country before.

After my four-day visit there, I will continue on to Israel for another visit to our major archaeological excavation, adjoining the Temple Wall in Jerusalem. As I have explained before, we are there clearing off the accumulated rubble and debris of 3,000 years over the ancient throne and palaces of Kings David and Solomon. The 78 Ambassador College students who worked on this project through July and August made great progress, but the dig continues on the year round.

A week ago we had as our guest at the Pasadena campus Dr. Nobumoto Ohama from Tokyo, the leading educator of Japan, and former President of the great Waseda University. He addressed our Pasadena student body, and then I flew with Dr. and Mrs. Ohama to our Texas campus, and he spoke to our students there. Dr. Ohama is chief adviser to Prime Minister Sato on Okinawan affairs. When I had my personal meeting with the Prime Minister last December, Dr. Ohama accompanied me. And when I visited Okinawa, he met me there at the airport and accompanied me in all the meetings I had there with leading personnel.

My son, Garner Ted, recovering from a near breakdown from overwork and too heavy pressures, seems to be making good progress. In spite of the heavy traveling I have had to do these past fifteen months, with up to an 8-hour time-lag on a single plane flight, my own health is holding up well. A year ago I was becoming concerned with overweight, but I have gotten rid of a good share of excess avoirdupois, and feel that I am in the best physical shape in recent years.

The Work is proceeding with increased momentum. But as I wrote you in August, we do personally need your earnest and prevailing prayers, as well as your continued and generous financial support for this greatest Work on earth. It is coming to be recognized in many high places that this Work is doing more for world PEACE than any activity on earth. Moreover, thousands of lives are being changed -- and for eternity! YOUR part is far more important than you can realize. THANK YOU for your faithfulness and sacrifice.

With sincere love, in Jesus' name,

Herbert W. Armstrong

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