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BOX 111, Pasadena, California 91109


April 28, 1970

Dear Co-Worker with Christ:

I'm writing this special letter to give you ADVANCE NEWS. In a few days we shall be mailing my personal semi-annual letter to all non-Co-Worker subscribers of The PLAIN TRUTH. It will offer them, free of charge of course, a copy of each of the NEW booklets, soon off the press. One is, "NEW FACTS About Marijuana;" and the other, "Managing Your Personal Finances".

Did you ever stop to think, (I had not, before,) people are taught how to EARN money, but NOT how to manage it after they get it; NOT how to spend wisely what one earns?

Did you ever stop to realize, the instant you were born, you knew NOTHING? Animals are born with ready-equipped instinct. But the human baby must be taught -- or must LEARN EVERYTHING. Our schools, trade schools, colleges and universities teach trades, professions, occupations, business techniques. But very few take courses in learning how to handle personal finances.

Result? People today have MORE TO SPEND, but are FURTHER IN DEBT than ever before! Last year there were 200,000 PERSONAL BANKRUPTCIES -- more than ever before! They NEEDED this booklet!

Then there's the eye-opening new booklet, "NEW FACTS About MARIJUANA." Here, at last, is the PLAIN TRUTH about it! WHY all this confusion about "POT"? Why do some defend it, while others crusade against it? This new booklet explains WHAT it is, where it comes from. It presents new eye-opening FACTS. Also new facts on the other drugs being used in epidemic proportions by high school and college students. It explains WHO is using marijuana and other drugs, and WHY. And whether harmful, and if so WHY and HOW. It covers the reasons drug users give. Also what doctors and scientists have found. It describes what happens when one "turns on" with marijuana.

YOUR child could be involved. But HOW would you know? Many parents don't. This new booklet gives the right answers. With all the discussion going on, most still do not know the REAL FACTS -- most are still ignorant of the REAL ISSUES -- what, if any, are the effects on MIND, on PERSONALITY, on CHARACTER, and on one's FUTURE.

I personally feel that these two booklets are so IMPORTANT, that I have reserved a copy of each for you. They will be mailed as soon as off the press, IN ADVANCE of our offer to all non-Co-Worker subscribers. Remember, these nearly 2,000,000 subscribers are NOT Co-Workers -- most have never contributed a penny to this Work. Yet their interest is GROWING in the truth. Every month a large number of them subscribe for TOMORROW'S WORLD, the Correspondence Course, and request other literature. Every month a certain number of them voluntarily BECOME Co-Workers, joining us in the financial support of the Work.

Because of YOUR concern for these subscribers, you with others have made it possible through YOUR contributions for us to GIVE this vital TRUTH and knowledge to so many -- yes, to MILLIONS -- free of charge. Because of your concern for these OTHERS, and your sacrifice for them, I am sending to you automatically, without even your request, a copy of each of these exciting booklets.

What a PRIVILEGE you and I enjoy to have an ACTIVE PART with the living Christ in HIS Work, GIVING this truth to MILLIONS! I am grateful beyond words that God has given me a part in His Work. But I alone could do little! If it were not for the thousands of YOU, willing to sacrifice prayerfully and financially, the millions of others would not be receiving the precious truths.

You are, indeed, a member of a SELECT GROUP -- selected by Christ, used by Him in the greatest Work on earth. Most PLAIN TRUTH subscribers have not yet felt the call to GIVE as you and I have. They have been on the receiving end. Yet every month God leads some to join us as Co-Workers.

It's IMPORTANT to get this information on marijuana to our subscribers. Our booklet makes the facts PLAIN! So I wanted you to know IN ADVANCE, and your copy will be mailed automatically.

The state of the Work continues to be a tight squeeze. We are on our way to hurdling this most severe financial crisis since 1948. I feel confident, now, we shall struggle through it -- but we must all remember it IS a continuous struggle, and we dare not let up in our willingness to sacrifice, and to put the needs of the Work first, above everything!

God bless you for your part.

With love, in Jesus' name,

Herbert W. Armstrong

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