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May 29, 1967

Dear Co-Worker with Christ:

I am writing you from the Ambassador College Campus in TEXAS. Things are happening -- FAST! I am really enroute once again to Jerusalem, Jordan, to do the first radio broadcast, LIVE from the Jerusalem studios -- the FIRST proclaiming of the very gospel Christ brought, since the original apostles, 1900 years ago!

Today, it looks very much as if I shall not be able to get into the Middle East. Yesterday it began to look as if the WAR-SCARE emergency crisis was passing -- the trouble quieting down. Today we have news of Nasser's UAR soldiers actually opening fire on Israelis. But, as I write, the Israelis did not return the fire -- are keeping cool, giving the United Nations and the BIG Powers -- the United States, Russia, France, Britain -- a chance to resolve this trouble, before actual WAR starts in the "Holy Land."

THIS IS VERY SERIOUS TROUBLE! The final triggering of World War III and the end of the world will START in this Middle East Holy Land area -- the cradle of civilization -- the birthplace of three of the world's great religions!

Do you realize HOW SERIOUS are world troubles right now?

I DO! It seems I am personally being thrown so close to it, that it is becoming VERY REAL to me! A year ago, Mrs. Armstrong and I flew right over South Viet Nam. War was going on down under us -- but we were more than six miles up above it so we didn't actually see any of the war! Then, just five weeks ago yesterday, I was in Nicosia, Cyprus -- in the Mediterranean Sea. Two of our men and myself went to the airport to board a plane for London. We wondered why they did not call for the passengers to board, as takeoff time neared. Then the loudspeakers announced an hour delay. At the end of the hour there was announcement of another three-hour delay. Later we learned the reason. We were to make one stop at Athens. That morning, just after midnight, the army had staged a military coup, overthrowing the Government of Greece. All communications at Athens had been cut off. The airport had been closed. Finally we were allowed to board the plane. We were delayed another hour at the airport in Athens.

So I was there -- right in Athens -- the very day there was a military overthrow of the Government of Greece! Of course I saw nothing of the trouble. But I was there -- and so close, that the revolution in one of the world's oldest nations seemed VERY REAL!

Now I am brought close to a world trouble that could trigger the FINAL war on this world! Is it exciting? Yes -- TOO MUCH SO!

I am scheduled to leave here early tomorrow morning, flying to New York -- then, after contacting some radio stations, flying on to London next Friday. Then on Monday I am booked on a nonstop jet flight, London to Beirut. Day before yesterday the United States Embassy in Beirut was BOMBED -- great damage done. Beirut is the capital of Lebanon, and the Lebanese have been pro Western -- friendly to Americans. But since Gamal Abdel Nasser closed the Gulf of Aqaba against Jewish shipping, and the threat of war became real, hatred of Americans has generated suddenly so hot that even in friendly Lebanon, the American Embassy was bombed!

I am supposed to fly on over to Jerusalem the next morning -- on Tuesday, remaining there for the opening broadcast from Jerusalem, scheduled for Wednesday night at 8:05 p.m., June 7. This is approximately -- and almost exactly -- one hundred time- cycles of nineteen years each since the original apostles, for the last time until now, were allowed to proclaim the SAME GOSPEL Jesus taught them in person from Jerusalem.

HOW SIGNIFICANT that God should open up this opportunity at Jerusalem at this precise time! GOD DOES THINGS ON TIME!

Yet it looks right now as if I will not be able to go to Jerusalem at this time. If not, the broadcast will go out, anyway, by tape recording. I have already recorded the program -- but I very much wanted to send out the first message in 1900 years from that very spot IN PERSON -- if God so wills and allows!

It is VERY POSSIBLE that this present Arab-Jew flare-up may result in the Israelis taking at least that part of the Jordanian sector of Jerusalem on which the Muslim mosque, Dome of the Rock now stands, so that they can DEMOLISH the mosque, and on that very spot erect a fabulous Temple! That will be on the very spot where stood Solomon's fabulous Temple! To build this temple there is the hope and dream of Jews the world over! When they do, sacrifices will be started there again. This offering of sacrifices there is PROPHESIED in Matthew 24:15 where Jesus spoke of it. This abomination, spoken by Daniel (Chapter 11:31) will STOP the offering of this daily sacrifice by the Jews. Then the great False Prophet will sit on a throne in THIS SAME TEMPLE, claiming to be GOD! We are VERY CLOSE to the fulfillment of these momentous end-time prophecies, ushering in Christ's coming in all POWER and GLORY to usher in PEACE and the happy WORLD TOMORROW!

Yes, THINGS ARE HAPPENING -- FAST! The most colossal world happenings of all history!

This VERY WORK OF GOD is, in the hands of God, BOUND UP AND TIED FIRMLY TO THESE STUPENDOUS WORLD EVENTS, fulfilling prophecies -- bringing in GOD'S KINGDOM!

NOW is the time we must "gird up our loins," -- to use a Bible expression -- to push ourselves on, in this Work, as NEVER BEFORE! We must SACRIFICE personal wants and desires, as never before! We must PRAY HARDER -- MORE EARNESTLY -- for God's Work! NEVER was your financial help as sorely needed! This past month the receipt of tithes and offerings from Christ's own Co-Workers (WE NEVER SOLICIT THE PUBLIC FOR CONTRIBUTIONS!!!) has dropped down from our usual increase.

We must strive harder -- sacrifice more -- AND PRAY HARDER for the Work -- than ever before. And for those who have funds not now being used, but which you are unable now to GIVE, the LOAN of such funds -- to be working where Christ directs -- has never been so urgently needed!

I must make this letter brief -- AND URGENT!

We are in the days of RAPID SPEED! I shall have to telephone this letter to my secretary in Pasadena, where she will type it and see that it gets to you AIRMAIL immediately. THANK YOU FOR YOUR PRAYERS -- and especially since God took from me my lovely and beloved wife and HELPER of fifty fruitful years, for your prayers and expressions of sympathy. But I do have the dynamic, energized, LIVING HELP of the living CHRIST -- and HIS WORK MUST GO ON, IN CONSTANTLY MULTIPLIED POWER! AND THANK YOU!

With love, in Jesus' name,

Herbert W. Armstrong

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