Proclaims to the World the

BOX 111, Pasadena, California 91109


May 25, 1965

Dear Friend and PLAIN TRUTH Subscriber:

I hope I can reach you with this letter by Thursday, June 3. That is the target date for the next U.S. space flight -- the Gemini orbital flight of astronauts James McDevitt and Edward White.

The WHOLE WORLD is watching this. As I write beforehand, there is the question "Will they make it successfully?" So far we have had no tragedies in American space flights. Some Russian flights into outer space have resulted in disaster -- but the Kremlin never makes public their failures.

JUST WHERE is this gigantic RACE TO CONQUER OUTER SPACE going to go? They say that whoever first gains control of space will conquer and RULE THE WORLD.

Look what has happened already! America's first space flight was made by Astronaut Alan Shepard, May 5, 1961. But that was only a short suborbital flight in a Mercury capsule. It lasted only 15 minutes and 22 seconds. Twenty days later, President Kennedy asked Congress and the nation to accept a firm commitment to land an astronaut on the moon -- and return him to earth -- before January 1, 1970. It was estimated at nearly a $20 billion project. It is the most complex and costly project ever undertaken by the nation in peacetime. Congress overwhelmingly approved -- then, later, cut down on appropriating the money, slowing down the U.S. space effort.

DO YOU REALIZE just what all this MEANS? Do you realize just HOW GIGANTIC is America's space-flight program? The Apollo-Saturn project is engaging more than 20,000 different companies across the nation. The firm of architects and engineers, engaged for planning the Ambassador Colleges' expansion program, is "in it up to the hilt," as one of their officials expressed it. California Institute of Technology, here in Pasadena, is very prominently connected with the project.

WHAT ABOUT this race with Russia to CONQUER SPACE? Is the Almighty GOD concerned? Will He allow it? Or will He step in and STOP IT? This projected June 3rd flight right now is the BIG NEWS! It is scheduled to continue for a little more than FOUR DAYS, with two men.

Back in 1960 -- before either Russia or the U.S. had put a man into orbit around the earth, I wrote a booklet, on "WHO Will Rule SPACE?" Much has happened since then. Recently this booklet has been enlarged, brought up to date, and illustrated. It contains startling and IMPORTANT information which most people do not know! It reveals shocking FACTS about things going on behind the "iron curtain." It makes plain what the BIBLE PROPHECIES reveal about this space race.

And so, while this June 3 to June 6 flight is in the BIG NEWS of the moment, it occurred to me that you might like to have your FREE COPY of this revised and enlarged booklet.

Actually, I have felt a little discouraged the past two or three weeks. As all but our newer PLAIN TRUTH subscribers know, it is custom for me to write a personal general letter a couple times a year to all our subscribers. Always before I have prepared some very special book, or enlarged booklet -- one that was new and never before announced -- which I enjoyed offering in each letter, ABSOLUTELY FREE, of course. Our radio listeners and PLAIN TRUTH readers know, of course, that WE NEVER ASK THE PUBLIC FOR CONTRIBUTIONS -- and that WE NEVER SELL, OR PUT A PRICE, ON ANYTHING!

And of course you never heard of anyone else ever doing this.

But, as the time neared for this semi-annual letter to go out, I have personally felt discouraged and disappointed. For right now we are just not in position to

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(begin page 3) manner described above, of your own free will, without solicitation, become one of this inner family of Co-Workers, YOU have NEVER been solicited for contributions by us! Then what are we to think of one who DOES beg the public for contributions, and who gets hold of and publishes a card sent by us JUST TO OUR OWN CO-WORKERS, falsely accusing that we are liars and that we DO solicit the public for money? YOU decide who is the liar, the defamer, the persecutor -- and WHO is telling you the TRUTH!

Of the approximately 28 MILLION people who HEAR Christ's Gospel every week on The WORLD TOMORROW program, around the world, 27,940,000 of them have NEVER HEARD OR READ ANY REQUEST FOR CONTRIBUTIONS. Can our false accusers say anything like that? We do not accuse them! Neither do we answer them or engage in controversy or debate or wrangling. WE ARE BUSY PROCLAIMING CHRIST'S TRUTH. GOD knows who are HIS!

QUESTION: "WHY don't you answer critics, persecutors, and accusers PUBLICLY?" ANSWER: As Jesus said, if we were of this world -- part of it -- a participant in its ways, and its religious teachings and ways -- the world would love us, for it loves its own. But we are not of this world, and we speak not its doctrines and false gospels, but that of Jesus Christ. Jesus said, "If they have persecuted me, they will persecute you." SO, we do receive some persecution. Satan is the accuser of the brethren in Christ (Rev. 12:10). His ministers pose as ministers of Christ (II Cor. 11:13-15), but they do the works of Satan (John 8:44). "When he (JESUS) was accused of the chief priests and elders, he answered nothing" (Mat. 27:12). We are HIS servants, following His steps -- therefore we, likewise, answer nothing. And we do not accuse or persecute others!!

Jesus said we shall be known, not by words, either of accusation, or defense, but BY THE FRUITS PRODUCED. We are commissioned to "PREACH THE WORD" which we do fearlessly -- not to accuse others, or engage in controversy and debate. We are commanded to "strive not about words to no profit" (II Tim. 2:14), but to "PREACH THE WORD" (II Tim. 4:2) which we do. The MANY THOUSANDS of changed, converted, HAPPY lives resulting from this Work of God are the fruits. The world is BEING WARNED, and hearing Christ's GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM OF GOD, preparing the way for His coming. Those are the fruits. While persecutors waste time persecuting and falsely accusing, the Living Jesus Christ guides, blesses, and prospers this Work. We must be about our Father's business, not getting into arguments with false accusers. If you want to know about us, or this Work, ASK US -- not the enemies of the true Gospel -- and we'll tell you the TRUTH.

QUESTION: "Why don't you work to make this world a BETTER place? Why don't you join some of these 'betterment' movements?" ANSWER: Because Jesus called us out of this world's politics, organizations, and ways. He commissioned us to go TO the world with HIS GOSPEL, but never to be OF this world (John 17:14-18). Please READ these scriptures. If some of these organizations working for world betterment are doing good, that is fine -- but we see thousands of lives being changed and made happy by this Work of God -- and that is our calling. We proclaim The WORLD TOMORROW, which will be ruled by Jesus Christ, and which will be a world of PEACE, happiness and joy, because it will live by GOD'S LAW.

QUESTION: "Why don't you, personally, answer all our letters?" ANSWER: Thirty-one years ago I tried to write a personal answer to every one who asked questions or sought a reply. At that time all I had to do was preach an evangelistic sermon six nights a week, preach to two different church congregations every week, do one half-hour broadcast, visit many people and pray for many who were sick, write all the articles in The PLAIN TRUTH, conduct several more or less private Bible studies each week, teach a special class of young people each week, and a few other things. I probably received only a few dozen letters a week, then.

But today it requires a staff of 78 trained men just to open, read, and channel the letters that come to me. I receive an average of around 3,500 (three thousand five hundred) letters EVERY DAY -- and I mean SEVEN DAYS A WEEK. An article in a national magazine some time ago said the President of the United States receives around 65,000 to 85,000 letters a month. HE can't answer all his letters, either. I receive from 95,000 to 130,000 letters every month.

I am nearly always in my office at my desk by 8:00 a.m., and often I do not get my day's work finished until after 6:00 p.m. I have to carry the executive duties of this great worldwide Work of God, with branch offices in Sydney, Australia; Manila, the Philippines; Vancouver, B.C.; Big Sandy, Texas; St. Albans, England; Duesseldorf, Germany; Geneva, Switzerland; and Johannesburg, S. Africa. I have to carry the executive duties of three colleges -- in Pasadena, Texas, and England. I have to teach classes in all three colleges. I have to write articles for The PLAIN TRUTH, check and supervise the Correspondence Course lessons, write letters like this one -- and I do need to take out a little time every night for sleep.

Could YOU carry all my responsibilities, and then, all by yourself, read and write personal and special answers to three thousand five hundred letters EVERY DAY? But these letters DON'T go unanswered. We have what we call our "Letter Answering Department." It occupies an entire two-story building of its own on the Ambassador College campus here in Pasadena. Most of the men who answer letters for me are college graduates and ordained ministers -- all carefully trained for years directly under my personal supervision. That's the best I can do. WILL YOU FORGIVE ME BECAUSE I CAN'T DO BETTER? After all, as the Volkswagen ad said of that little German car, "It's only human, after all" -- so, I guess I'm only human, too!!! But I WOULD LIKE TO ANSWER EVERY LETTER, if I only could!

QUESTION: "Are you dead? Did you die recently? There is a rumor spreading all through the eastern part of the United States that you did." ANSWER: Not that I'm aware of. I surely think that I'm still very much alive, and sitting right here at my typewriter giving you this answer. Many, many times, reports have come to me of such a rumor.

Some 20 years ago, when we still lived in Eugene, Oregon, several letters came asking if I had died recently. A checkup proved that another man named Herbert Armstrong had been killed in an automobile accident. The account was in the newspapers, and the rumors spread that it was I. Then I checked up and found that there are several Herbert Armstrongs in many cities.

After the college started in Pasadena, a man came to the college accompanied by a policeman, charging that I had taken and opened his mail. His name was Herbert Armstrong, and he lived across the street from the college. I checked, and found that a letter containing his monthly check had, by mistake at the post office, been put in Box 111. It had gone through our mail-opening machine. On opening it, one of my staff saw immediately that it had been placed in our box by mistake, and the letter and check had been immediately returned to the post office, marked, "Opened by mistake." This other Herbert Armstrong demanded that I be arrested. I explained that I AM Herbert Armstrong -- that the letter was put in my mailbox -- that I had personally never seen it -- and that it had been immediately returned to the post office for proper delivery to the right Herbert Armstrong. The policeman told my accuser to go home and cool off -- there certainly was no basis for any charges.

THAT IS WHY I have to use the long name, Herbert W. Armstrong, putting in the middle initial "W" to help distinguish it from all the other "Herbert Armstrongs." Perhaps you have wondered why I use the full lengthy name. Now you know.

QUESTION: (From several NEW listeners) "Just WHAT is the connection between you and Garner Ted Armstrong? Are you brothers? Is it two names for the same man -- since it always seems to be the SAME VOICE? And if the radio speaker is Garner Ted Armstrong, why is the mail address Herbert W. Armstrong?" ANSWER: Garner Ted is my son -- and Mrs. Armstrong will tell you with emphasis he is her son, also. She's not a bit ashamed of him!!! (Neither am I, confidentially!!!!)

The WORLD TOMORROW started on the air the first Sunday in January, 1934. At that time Garner Ted was our little "Teddy," not yet 4 years old! But our Ted grew up. He began speaking -- at first in part of a program once in a while -- later, a full program every two or three weeks -- then later he and I shared it about evenly for a few years. But Garner Ted Armstrong is now past 35, older than Jesus was when He was crucified, and after 12 years of experience he does most of the broadcasting.

This Work of God has grown so large that my executive duties have crowded more and more in on my time. And besides, as a restaurant waiter said to me three or four years ago, "I hear your son speak on the radio. He's better than you are," and, you know, I agreed with him. We both inherited a speaking voice from my father. Many people say our voices sound alike. The mail address has ALWAYS been in my name. And as long as I still do at least a part of the broadcasting, we just have never bothered to change the mailing address.

QUESTION: "I heard your program on radio, became interested, and wrote you for two booklets offered on the broadcast. I surely expected them to reach me in a week, or, at the latest, ten days. They came finally, fifteen days after I posted my request. WHY can't you get them to me quicker?" ANSWER: I guess the answer has to be, because we are not mental telepathists, and cannot read your mind several days before you decide to request the booklets. WE DO MAIL REQUESTED LITERATURE THE SAME DAY YOUR REQUEST REACHES US!

Then why the delay? We wondered, too. So we made many repeated checks, in many parts of the United States. We had many people we know write requesting literature, and then later report to us the date on which they mailed the request, and the date on which the literature was received. Here are the RESULTS of that test: Of several requests mailed from Buffalo, N.Y., the average time between mailing the request and receiving the literature was 17 days. The quickest to arrive was 9 days -- the longest 24 days. YET WE POSTED THE LITERATURE ON THE WAY BACK, IN EACH INSTANCE, THE SAME DAY WE RECEIVED THE REQUEST. It took two or three days for the request to reach us, and the rest of the time was required for the mail to go from Pasadena to Buffalo. Tests made at Ft. Lauderdale, Florida showed: average time required, 14 days; shortest, 7 days, longest 17. Wichita, Kansas: average between 9 and 10; shortest, 6 days, longest 21. Tests in Southern California: average, 4 to 5 days; shortest, 3 and longest, 7 days.

Now WHY does it take so long?

We simply cannot afford to mail out so many TONS of booklets every month by airmail -- or even first class. This Work has grown into a very large worldwide operation. Of course our Pasadena Headquarters mails out the literature only to those in the United States. Our other offices mail the literature requested in Canada, Britain, Germany, France, other European countries, South Africa, Australia and Asia, and The Philippines.

We must practice every economy. I know of no work or enterprise anywhere that accomplishes SO MUCH for every dollar spent! Therefore in the interest of economy, we have to mail these free booklets by inexpensive third class mail. Even so, the postage for mailing out requested booklets, the first 4 months of this year, cost us $45,960. THAT IS JUST FOR REQUESTED BOOKLETS! That does not include the postage for mailing thousands of personally answered letters, answering individual questions, or mailing The PLAIN TRUTH.

IF we sent these booklets to you AIRMAIL they would reach you in from one to three days. But that would cost 8 cents per ounce -- and some of these booklets weigh several ounces! So we have to send them by low-cost third class mail. In most cases that costs only 2 cents an ounce. About one-third of our mailing of this type goes at a special permit rate of 1 1/4 cents per ounce. This letter will go to you at that rate -- or, about l 1/4 cents per letter. We expect a large mailing of this new booklet on ruling SPACE, and that will go at the l 1/4 cent rate. Thus, the AVERAGE COST of our mailing of this type is 1 3/4 cents per ounce. So AIRMAIL would cost us more than 4 1/2 times as much.

Now, of course, for mailing just a single booklet or two, the few pennies extra would not amount to much. BUT if we had mailed all our booklets since the first of this year by airmail, the postage would have cost $211,016 -- NEARLY A QUARTER OF A MILLION DOLLARS! If we sent the booklets by first class mail, they would be delivered in from two to six days. But it would cost 5 cents an ounce -- approximately three times more than third class postage.

Now look what this REALLY MEANS! If we air-speeded the booklets to you, AIRMAIL, the postage would cost us $633,048 per year -- almost two-thirds of a million dollars! At the rate we do send it, it is costing only $137,880. BY YOUR PATIENCE in waiting a few days longer for your booklets, YOU make it possible to put the difference -- or $495,168 -- virtually A HALF MILLION DOLLARS!!! -- into broadcasting the Gospel AROUND THE WORLD -- reaching millions of additional people with Christ's message!


Even though you may not contribute a single dollar directly, yet by your patience you are indirectly helping to contribute virtually A HALF MILLION DOLLARS annually toward proclaiming Christ's GOSPEL to 28 million people every week -- on every inhabited continent worldwide!!!

REMEMBER! We have inaugurated a NEW SYSTEM in our offices this year, so that almost always YOUR FREE BOOKLETS are in the mail on the way back to you THE SAME DAY your request reaches us!

WE DO ALL IN OUR POWER to speed these booklets to you. The government does all in its power to get them to you. BUT if we are to SAVE THIS VAST SUM OF MONEY for the GOSPEL WORK, the U.S. Post Office service simply cannot give you airmail speed at the low l 1/4 cent third-class rate. Let's BE THANKFUL for such fine post office service for so FEW PENNIES! And the ONLY way we could get the booklets to you FASTER, on our part, would be to mail them to you BEFORE you request them!

QUESTION: "Lately we have been receiving The PLAIN TRUTH a little later in the month than formerly. WHY?" ANSWER: We are now doing our own printing. This saves an additional $10,000 per month to spend in broadcasting the Gospel. It is taking us a while to get fully organized and adjusted to this new and VERY COMPLICATED procedure. We hope soon to have The PLAIN TRUTH reaching you as early as formerly. THANK YOU for YOUR PATIENCE. And DON'T WORRY or think we have cut your name off the subscription list. Just be patient with us for a little while longer!

There are SO MANY other things I wanted to say to our big family of PLAIN TRUTH readers! But this is already too long.

Again, I truly am sorry I can't offer you something bigger and finer with this letter -- but WON'T YOU forgive me by at least letting me know that you would like to have your FREE copy of this revised and enlarged booklet, "WHO Will Rule SPACE?" I think you'll find it exciting, giving you surprising FACTS.

THANKING YOU for your interest in The PLAIN TRUTH, and for listening to The WORLD TOMORROW program on the air, I am,

With sincere love, in Jesus' name,

Herbert W. Armstrong

P.S. I just happened to think -- an entirely NEW EDITION of the Ambassador College Bible Correspondence Course has recently been printed, for those who have not yet enrolled, starting with Lesson #1. It is enlarged now and handsomely illustrated. There is no Bible Correspondence Course like it! You'll come to UNDERSTAND your Bible. You'll find it COME ALIVE, like a new, exciting, scintillating book, whose words literally LEAP at you -- because they ARE LIFE -- and they are SPIRIT! You'll learn more about the Bible in just two or three lessons than you ever learned before in several years. BUT, of course, you'll have to DEVOTE AT LEAST A HALF HOUR EVERY DAY to the STUDY of your Bible! THERE IS NO TUITION! No enrollment fee! NO COST! It, like everything we offer, is FREE to you! If you are not enrolled, WHY NOT ASK US TO ENROLL YOU NOW?

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