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BOX 111, Pasadena, California 91109


April 29, 1963

Dear Co-Workers with Christ:

Again this month I have to send you a brief, to-the-point, extremely URGENT letter.

You and I are committed, as Co-Workers together with the living Christ, to the greatest and most important activity on earth today! There are astonishing -- yes AMAZING facts about this Work you may not know. As soon as possible, I want to take you into my confidence and make these facts plain to you. You'll realize, then, as never before, WHY this Work is by far the most important activity on earth today.

How did this whole world become DECEIVED? HOW did Satan go about accomplishing it? He had to do it through HUMANS. Satan's GREAT CONSPIRACY, accomplished between the years 33 and 170 A D has at last come to light.

It's the story of a LOST CENTURY of history, from 70 to 170 A.D. What happened to GOD'S CHURCH during those mysterious years? The historic RECORDS were systematically destroyed! But GOD hid the record of the true facts. He hid it in His own historic record of His Church, between 31 and 70 A D , recorded in the Book of Acts. He hid it, and now reveals it to His Church, in the prophecies of Jesus, Peter, Paul and John -- and even in Old Testament prophecies.

The most important discovery of this century -- more important than any scientific discovery -- more important than atomic energy -- is the sudden emergence to light of this lost history. We know now what happened -- AND HOW -- AND WHEN! It's too long a story for this brief letter.

But this I can say. God's true Church has continued to exist, through every generation, until now, but as a small and persecuted Church. Yet it has not proclaimed Christ's true Gospel, in organized manner to the world, which HE taught its original leaders, and commissioned them to proclaim, from 69 A.D. until 1934 A.D. The REASON and true facts are an amazing revelation.

Jesus Christ came in human flesh for much more than to die for us. 1936 years ago -- 27 A.D. -- Jesus Christ started the WORK OF GOD on earth. He chose and called disciples, 12 of whom were to be later ordained His APOSTLES. For 3 1/2 years He taught them HIS Gospel MESSAGE which He had received from his Father in heaven. He proclaimed it to multitudes during His 3 1/2 year ministry -- though in parables they could not understand.

Thus THE WORK OF GOD was originally started by ONE man -- Jesus Christ. But on the day of Pentecost, 31 A.D., the same Holy Spirit which had carried on God's Work through His individual body entered into and empowered His Apostles, and the entire COLLECTIVE BODY which on and from that day constituted God's Church, of which JESUS Christ was, and is, the living HEAD. Now His CHURCH was commissioned to carry on THE WORK OF GOD in an organized manner -- starting out with the TWELVE Apostles.

What is the WORK OF GOD? First of all, it is the Great Commission -- to proclaim the MESSAGE Christ brought for mankind from heaven and taught His Disciples. Secondly, to minister to, and feed with the spiritual food of God's Word, those whom GOD converts and adds to His Church.

But, for astonishing reasons I shall have to reveal later, after proclaiming that Gospel MESSAGE to the world of that day -- after the Church had grown and multiplied in number and power, it fled in the face of advancing Roman armies in 69 A,D., became scattered, and under persecution by the COUNTERFEIT church then rising -- and because of discouragement because Christ had not yet returned in power and glory -- the Church WENT TO SLEEP ON THE JOB of proclaiming Christ's true Gospel Message! This is an astounding story, when revealed.

Satan filled the world with his COUNTERFEIT "gospel." The world accepted it as the genuine. You'll read, in the parable of the Ten Virgins, Matthew 25, how, while Christ tarried in heaven, and did not return to earth as soon as they expected, THEY ALL SLUMBERED AND SLEPT, on the job of carrying on GOD's WORK.

But now, dear Co-Workers, the "midnight hour," spoken of in this parable, has struck. Christ's return, at last, does draw near. He has raised up YOU and all our Co-Worker family, to give to the world the cry, "The Bridegroom is COMING." The KINGDOM OF GOD is at hand. The WORLD TOMORROW is about to dawn!

Christ's true Gospel Message is THE KINGDOM OF GOD. Jesus taught and proclaimed no other Gospel. It sounds incredible -- almost unbelievable, I know -- but its TRUE! THAT Gospel has not been preached this 18 1/2 centuries! Many have, as Jesus foretold, come in His name, claiming to represent Him, SAYING that Jesus is the Christ (Mat. 24:5) -- even proclaiming His shed blood -- preaching about GRACE (but turning it into license) -- and have DECEIVED THE MANY!

But, Matthew 24:14, Jesus also said that, just before His coming and the END of this world, His own very GOSPEL OF THE KINGDOM OF GOD would be proclaimed (and published -- Mark 13:10) in ALL THE WORLD as a witness to all nations.

That is what Jesus Christ has called YOU, and me, as Co-Workers together with HIM, to be doing, NOW! This is the VERY WORK OF GOD! That's why this is the MOST IMPORTANT Work on earth!

The early Church proclaimed this Gospel for two 19-year time- cycles -- 31 to 69 A.D. In all probability WE are allotted two 19-year time-cycles. This Work started January, 1934. That gives us until 1972 -- less than NINE more years! Then shall follow a FAMINE of HEARING the Word of God! Yes, soon our mouths and pens will be silenced! Time is running out. It is later than we think!

Until Ambassador College was founded, I had to carry the main ministerial responsibility alone. This Great Commission could not be carried out without dedicated, consecrated and trained help.

Today the Ambassador Colleges are annually turning out Spirit- filled, trained and able ministers to help. Today Christ's Gospel goes around the world, into all continents, over the most powerful broadcast on earth -- 22 MILLION watts of radio power weekly -- reaching 22 million people weekly!

The WORK OF GOD, under CHRIST'S guidance and direction, is multiplying in power and scope every year. God is blessing it with GREAT results. Right now more than a hundred requests for baptism are pouring in to our Headquarters office daily. These are being sent to our ordained ministers stationed all around the world, for personal contacts.

Today the SUN NEVER SETS on WORLD TOMORROW OFFICES around the world. These offices in Sydney, Australia; Manila, the Philippines; Vancouver, B.C., Canada; Bricket Wood, England; Duesseldorf, Germany; and this year to be added, Paris, France; nd Johannesburg, South Africa; beside the Headquarters office in Pasadena -- these offices receive requests for literature and mail it out in their areas. They receive requests for baptism and personal counsel -- and all are staffed with trained ministers for this purpose.

Right now we are in the midst of an AUSTERE YEAR, to bring the finances of this great Work of GOD into real business-like balance. I have put trained efficiency men checking through every one of scores and scores of different departments in this world-wide Work, to cut out every lost motion -- every non-productive or unnecessary activity -- to streamline every phase of this great activity to maximum efficiency.

We are TIGHTENING OUR BELTS -- so to speak. But GOD'S WORK CAN NEVER GO BACKWARDS! God said to ancient Israel, "GO FORWARD!" He says to us in HIS WORK today "GO FORWARD!"

A 30% increase each year in the PRODUCTIVE activity of this Work means a 30% increase in necessary expenditures. It takes a GROWING INCOME to finance a GROWING WORK.

Last month I had to ask you for an immediate financial "shot- in-the-arm." THANK YOU FOR IT!! -- but a temporary shot-in-the-arm is soon dissipated! IT MUST BE CONTINUOUS. We are on the way -- but our emergency is far from over! And right now we are having a sudden LET-DOWN in tithes and offerings.

Co-Workers, THE NEED IS CONTINUOUS! The need is GREAT, right now! The need of loans of larger sums, if you cannot GIVE such sums now, but could let them be WORKING under CHRIST'S direction in HIS WORK, is still continuing.

In war-time, the government says "Give till it HURTS!" for war bonds. The NEED of GOD'S WORK is a far GREATER NEED!

One Co-Worker wrote me that he did not know it was alright to send in money IN BETWEEN my letters, or in any envelopes except the self-addressed return envelopes we send you. THE NEED IS ALWAYS GREAT. Don't wait for me to request it. Don't wait for our return envelopes. ANY envelope is O.K. And remember, ALWAYS indicate the call letters of the station you listen to.

AIR-MAIL gets it to us faster! THANK YOU, and God bless you,

With love, in Jesus' name,

Herbert W. Armstrong

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