Proclaims to the World the

BOX 111, Pasadena, California


Dear Brethren and Co-Workers:

I want to write you about something very special. You and I were put here for a PURPOSE. The only true goal in life for us is to achieve that purpose -- as the Apostle Paul expressed it, to attain the RESURRECTION -- to receive salvation -- to be BORN into the Kingdom of God.

Salvation is God's free gift -- yet God's Word says we must have OUR PART in acquiring it -- we must work out our own salvation with fear and trembling, (Eph. 2:12). To change and develop us into spiritual sons of God, the Eternal has given each of us a DUAL commission -- a job to be done -- a responsibility. Individually, of course, we must overcome, grow spiritually in knowledge and grace, develop the divine character thru the Holy Spirit. But collectively, as His Church -- the BODY OF CHRIST -- the Spirit-filled and led BODY thru which Christ works, we are given the divine Commission: "This Gospel of the Kingdom of God shall be preached and published in all the world, for a witness unto all nations." (Mat. 24:14; Mark 13:10).

Not only does our collective mission have its headquarters on the Ambassador College campus here in Pasadena, but here also is the headquarters of the whole CHURCH of God, where the future ministers and active workers are trained and developed -- where ordained ministers come for advanced graduate study when possible -- where all our publications, booklets and literature containing the Gospel in print are prepared and mailed out, to HELP YOU in your individual and personal growth to fit you for the Kingdom of God.

You may never have thought of it, but I have come to realize that it is IMPORTANT to your personal SPIRITUAL GROWTH that you be somewhat familiar with this headquarters -- with this dynamic nerve center of GOD'S WORK on earth today. Of course a visit to the Ambassador College campus is enlightening and helpful to many. But most of you find that impossible.

Now here is what I wanted to write you about: There is another way in which YOU can SHARE with all the ministers, the faculty, and the students of this busy campus the experience and fellowship of those who live and work here. Even better than by a personal visit to Pasadena, you can look in on the jam-packed, interesting lives of these unusual young people -- at work, and at play -- in study, and in relaxation -- in social activities, and athletic-field events -- and in the many aspects in which the students of Ambassador College fulfill responsibilities in the work of God.

You share all these thrilling experiences of the entire school year by subscribing to "THE ENVOY". This is the Ambassador College yearbook, or annual. Of course every college publishes its "annual," but Ambassador College is DIFFERENT -- there is no other college like it on earth -- its mission is different, and its activities and campus life are different. However, the college is too small in student enrollment to be able to publish a creditable Year Book on the income from student subscriptions alone. And, since we feel that it is vital to YOUR PART in God's work, and to YOU as one of God's people interested in this greatest work on earth, to SHARE these experiences so profusely, interestingly pictured and described in this very fine annual we have decided to invite YOU to subscribe to THE ENVOY -- and enjoy it and profit from it along with the students and staff here. This book is an important and necessary part of college life. Your participation makes it possible.

This is your opportunity to GET ACQUAINTED with the consecrated young men who will soon take up burdens of leadership in God's work, and the young women whose lives are devoted to doing their part in fulfilling the commission that God has placed upon US.

THE ENVOY is the pictorial yearbook of Ambassador College! Beautifully and permanently bound, THE ENVOY will contain SCORES of interesting pictures depicting in vivid detail every phase of life-work, play, and fellowship on the beautiful Ambassador campus! There will be action pictures, candid shots, human interest pictures, and scenes in the class rooms and on the campus.

BETTER than a personal visit to Ambassador College in many ways, THE ENVOY makes it possible for you to share in ALL of the many and varied activities that take place THROUGHOUT THE ENTIRE YEAR!

The planning and work of producing the largest and most complete "annual" yet, are already well underway! The ENVOY will be ready for mailing in early June, but we MUST KNOW how many to have printed now! As the printers require this information months in advance, YOU MUST ACT NOW if you don't want to be left out! We MUST have the information for the printers by December 31st at the very latest!

At a price barely covering the production cost, you can obtain this superb volume to enjoy in your own home. The inspiration and pleasure that you and your friends will receive from THE ENVOY will repay many times over its original cost to you.

The complete price for the 1954-'55 ENVOY is $5.00. Simply fill out and detach the coupon below and send it IMMEDIATELY to "The ENVOY", Ambassador College, 363 Grove Street, Pasadena 2, California.

(If you have already ordered your ENVOY you need not fill out this coupon.)


Cut off on dotted line


Yes! I want to receive my copy of THE ENVOY! I enclose the sum of FIVE DOLLARS ($5.00) which pays the subscription price in full. (Please make all checks payable to "The Envoy".)

Ambassador College
363 Grove St.
Pasadena 2, Calif.

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