BOX 111
Pasadena, California

May 22, 1953


Greetings! in Jesus' name; We are happy to tell you that this summer two or three teams from Ambassador College will be out in the field baptizing as many of you as time and means make possible.

There are hundreds awaiting baptism. We know some of you have had to exercise a great deal of patience waiting for someone from headquarters in Pasadena to baptize you. NOW that we have begun graduating students from Ambassador College this situation will be gradually relieved.

Having gone on previous baptizing tours, we have learned through experience that in some few cases we have wasted time and expense and met with disappointment. Some, we find, have moved to a different locality since writing us. We have even encountered one or two who were put on our list by mistake.

This summer, to avoid these mistakes and disappointments, we are going to ask each of you to immediately confirm your desire to be baptized, just before we start on our tours, and to give us the information we need in order to contact you without loss of time.

Because of the large number waiting to be baptized, scattered over so many states often living out on rural routes difficult for us to locate, we have found it often to the advantage of all concerned to ask many of you to meet us in some nearby town or city where we can meet several at once. This saves a great deal of our time, and enables us to see and baptize many who otherwise might have to wait another year. However, we find there are sometimes reasons why some cannot take this short trip to meet us, and we do not want to pass up any of you who want to be baptized if we can avoid it. Therefore we are asking you to please fill out the enclosed sheet, giving us full and complete information. If you cannot meet us in some central city within, say twenty to fifty miles, please give detailed and careful directions so we may drive directly to your home.

This is IMPORTANT! DO NOT DELAY! Fill out and mail this information at once. In case you are away when this letter arrives, ANSWER THE MINUTE YOU RETURN, by telegram if later than June 10th, as we hope to leave Pasadena on these tours by about June 15th. Of course it may be from one to several weeks later before we will arrive in your vicinity. If your letter reaches Pasadena after we have started, the office will forward it to us. But RUSH your answer, please.

We are looking forward with great anticipation to meeting and talking with those of you who have truly repented of your transgressions of God's laws, accepted Jesus Christ as personal Saviour, and surrendered your lives unconditionally to Him, realizing that God has COMMANDED baptism, which is immersion. I know you'll have many questions you want to ask. Start now to JOT DOWN ALL THESE QUESTIONS on a piece of paper, as they come to you, and have them ready -- for we've learned by experience you'll forget most of them when we see you, if you don't. IMPORTANT!! Since we are not familiar with your immediate locality, we ask that if possible you have a suitable place located, so that when we arrive we will not need to spend unnecessary time searching for a place to baptize you. A river, or a lake, with clear water, about waist deep, would be a desirable place. If there is no ideal place near you, select the best that you can find. But if you cannot find a suitable place, don't worry, we have ALWAYS found a place in every instance.

We will write to you again, and let you know as many days in advance as possible as to WHEN and WHERE we will meet you. This is not a promise that we will get to see every one of you. But, with God's help, we hope to reach as many of you as possible.

THANKS for your immediate cooperation. May God protect and prosper you ever-more.

Sincerely, in Jesus' name,

Herbert W. Armstrong



Please fill out carefully, and mail in enclosed self-addressed envelop IMMEDIATELY

Herbert W. Armstrong
< Box 111
Pasadena, California

Yes, I do want to be baptized, if possible on this present summer tour.

I have ( ) have not ( ) read Mr. Armstrong's booklet "Water Baptism."

I expect to be able to meet you in whatever city in my vicinity you designate, at the place and time which you are to notify me. YES ( ). or NO ( ). (Bring with you a change of clothing you can be baptized in, and a towel.)

(If for some reason you are unable to take this short trip and meet us in some nearby town, please write below complete detailed directions so we may drive directly to your house. Give us more than just rural route and box number -- rural routes often cross each other, and it is almost impossible to locate anyone by just rural route and box number. Tell us which highway or road to take out of town, and describe each road from there to your house.)

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