Proclaims to the World the

BOX 111, Pasadena, California


May 22, 1952

Dear Friend:

You have written me about being baptized. As I have announced several times recently over the air, we are sending out two baptizing teams on cross-country tours this summer.

These men will leave Pasadena in about three weeks, just after graduation. Each team is led by a competent and experienced man. Roderick Meredith, who graduates from Ambassador College June 6th, taking with him Burk McNair who will enter his third year at Ambassador next September on his return from this tour; and Raymond McNair, who is devoting his third summer to touring the nation baptizing those converted thru this great work of God, and who will graduate next summer, taking with him Owen Smith who will be a third-year man in college next fall.

There is no doubt in my mind that God has chosen and called each of these men to be His ministers in this great work. They are consecrated, led by God's Spirit; they have a very good knowledge and right understanding of the Bible, and are qualified to answer your questions; they are experienced and able counsellors, and you may feel free to open up to them any of your personal problems just as you would me.

There are many details to be worked our in connection with planning their routes and schedules, and arranging to meet you and the hundreds of others who have requested baptism. Therefore I have asked them to write you themselves about all these details, and their letter will be enclosed with mine.

We are sending two other graduate students to Europe this summer to further plans for sending the Gospel out over there, and to report world conditions fulfilling prophecy to you on the spot over the air by tape recording. One other student who has graduated is going to Eugene, Oregon as pastor of the church there, and another student who will graduate in January is going to Portland, Oregon as pastor of the church at Portland.

It literally thrills my heart to see this great development in the work God started more than 18 years ago thru me. Now at last God has provided me with called, Spirit-filled, trained, experienced and competent help in His ministry. And I am more than thrilled to thank God for YOU, and all the others surrendering yourselves to Him that you, too, may be begotten into HIS FAMILY -- OUR FAMILY -- heirs of the Kingdom of God. May God bless you in every way. Please mail immediately the requested information to Mr. McNair or Mr. Meredith, and they will notify you as to when they will call on you.

Sincerely, in Jesus' name,

Herbert W. Armstrong

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