Proclaims to the World the

BOX 111, Pasadena, California


Dear Co-Workers in Christ:

Here's the BEST NEWS IN YEARS! Our hearts should leap for joy! Our lips should break out in spontaneous praises to God!

After all the discouraging conditions and troubles encountered this year, 1950 is turning out to be the most productive, the most successful, since God started us in His work! Already -- nearly all of it the past six weeks -- THE BIGGEST HARVEST FOR GOD'S KINGDOM OF ANY YEAR HAS BEEN REAPED! This is registration day at Ambassador College, and we have the largest increase of students of any year so far! And now the program is going out on the air in greater power than ever before!

The war shows how TIME IS MARCHING ON -- how little time is left to complete the Great Call and Commission! But God's great work goes MARCHING ALONG in constantly increasing momentum and power, too! God is blessing His work!

You often meet discouraging circumstances, troubles, afflictions, in your own life, don't you? Yes, so do I. SO DO WE IN GOD'S WORK! Didn't God tell us it would be that way? LISTEN! God says: "MANY are the afflictions of he righteous, but the Eternal delivers him out of them all!" He will deliver us every time, -- if we TRUST HIM! We need HIM! We need to look to Him in every trial and test. We need only to RELY ON HIM! That's what we do in this great work.

This has been a most discouraging year, here at the head- quarters of this greatest, most important work on earth, in Pasadena, -- until six weeks ago. But THEN GOD TURNED TROUBLES AND SET-BACKS INTO BLESSINGS! Week by week, all year, requests for baptism kept coming in from very precious souls won thru the broad- cast and The Plain Truth and other literature from our office. But, week after week LESS than enough money to pay the bare expenses to keep God's work going was received. We reduced every possible expense to the bone. We cut down our staff, laid off important secretaries. We had to go off the air on two radio stations in the Pacific Northwest. Then because we were just a few weeks behind in paying our biggest station, XEG, they threw us off the air.

Hating and malicious enemies of God's Truth wrote me insulting letters prophesying we'd never get back on XEG and soon would be off the air entirely and this ministry stopped forever. But the God in whom we trust again intervened on behalf of His servants who SPEAK HIS WORD FEARLESSLY AND TRUTHFULLY. XEG changed hands and the new owners put the program back on. Meanwhile God sent us money to pay the former owners in full. The new owners found the station in bad condition. New super-power tubes were installed, the station improved and brought up to greater power than ever. Also we were able to go on XENT, 1550 on dial (top of dial) at 8:30 Central time, every Sunday night. NOW THE BROADCAST GOES OUT IN GREATER POWER THAN EVER.

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