December 3, 1948

Dear Friends and Co-Workers:

Please read this at once. It is of URGENT importance.

A TERRIBLE THING IS HAPPENING! Here we are, in the midst of the Xmas shopping season, the stores jammed with frenzied shoppers, the mails clogged with Xmas packages, people spending generously on everything else, trading gifts back and forth, WHILE NEARLY EVERYONE IS FORGETTING A GIFT FOR CHRIST AND HIS WORK, IN THE TIME OF ITS GREATEST CRISIS!

I wonder if you realize what this means to YOU -- and to the world? I wonder if you realize the tremendous importance of this work? Satan does, and he is so angry at it he is employing all his cunning -- all his supernatural power and resources -- to crush it -- RIGHT AT THIS XMAS SEASON!

You know, of course, the serious troubles we have had to face this past year and a half -- the unforeseen circumstances -- the attempts of Satan to destroy this work -- just one crisis after another. NOW we came to the final and SUPREME emergency of all. If and when we hurdle this one, I do not anticipate any more such extreme crises -- at least none is in prospect now, and there is every indication this work will soon be on its feet financially -- in sound financial condition, as it ought to be.

But the HARD, CRUEL FACTS ARE, that we have an obligation coming due right after the middle of December -- IN JUST A FEW DAYS -- of several thousand dollars. UNLESS WE MEET IT PROMPTLY ON THE DAY DUE, this work may be stopped COMPLETELY -- my voice stilled over the air -- the college property, and our office building, and all its equipment, taken from us -- The PLAIN TRUTH STOPPED! Hundreds and hundreds of precious souls have been brought to Christ -- IT WOULD STOP THIS SOUL-HARVEST, TOO!

This is the MOST SERIOUS CRISIS we have ever faced. I am simply at my wit's end! All I can do is to PRAY! -- and ask all our friends and co-workers to PRAY EARNESTLY AND PREVAILINGLY WITH US.

So, LISTEN CAREFULLY, please! Unless a FEW of our loyal co-workers who are able -- even at great sacrifice -- will take this to heart, and GIVE -- or even in this supreme emergency, once more, LOAN, -- large and generous sums -- $2,000 or more is possible -- or one thousand, or five hundred -- Satan may at last in this one blow take from us EVERYTHING we have preserved thru all the ordeals and crises we have had to face the past 18 months. Always it is a small FEW who must come to the rescue at the last moment, with special large, generous offerings for Christ, in order to save His precious work!

IF everyone would be faithful in sending in just the widow's mites -- IF there were enough of them -- we would not need to call on this FEW of our loyal co-workers for these special LARGE sums. But there are never enough of them.

Yet EVERY LITTLE WIDOW'S MITE HELPS -- and if ENOUGH of our co-workers will only RESPOND just now, and SEND IN JUST THE WIDOW'S MITES (she gave two), it would save this wonderful work. Everyone of you CAN send two dollars or more, I'm sure.

At this season nearly everyone is spending MANY TIMES two dollars on Christmas gifts for HUMAN BEINGS. People suppose, and believe they are giving Christmas gifts BECAUSE THE WISE MEN PRESENTED GIFTS TO THE CHRIST CHILD. (See our special booklet, mailed on request, "The Plain Truth About Christmas").

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