OUR Co-Workers

VOL. VII. Number 2.                                                                                June 20, 1946

Published every little while to keep our Co-workers informed of the programs, the problems, and the future plans for carrying on God's Work in these closing days of this age; -- broadcasting "The WORLD TOMORROW," publishing The PLAIN TRUTH magazine and other Gospel literature.

HERBERT W. ARMSTRONG, Box 111, Eugene, Ore.


GREETINGS! dear Friends and Co-Workers:

So many things are happening -- and so fast -- in the progress of this work, it seems I can hardly issue The BULLETIN often enough to inform you.

It's difficult to know what to tell you first! Since the last BULLETIN several important developments have occurred. Marvelous opportunities are opening for this work we never dreamed of. God surely is blessing His work! We're simply THRILLED at some of these developments -- and you will be, too, and rejoice with us, I know, as you learn of present progress and the wonderful new plans for the future!

The most important developments, opening a whole new program for the future, I'll have to tell you in the next BULLETIN. But it all has made me realize one thing; This work is really only just getting ready to START! What has been accomplished up to now, great and important as it is, is only a little compared to what now is opening before us! It amounts to merely the preparation -- the FOUNDATION for a work of really tremendous power and far-reaching scope -- in fact, WORLD-WIDE! Yes, possibilities we never even dreamed of, before! It all sobers us -- humbles us!

It all makes me realize that if only just a few humble and earnest human beings will say to God: "Here I am; -- just a sinful, worthless piece of humanity not worthy to be thrown on a junk-pile. But if you want me and can use me, here I am. I give myself to You, without any reservations -- body, mind and soul -- yes, even my pocketbook! If you can regenerate me and make me of some use, energize me with the Power of your Spirit, I place myself unreservedly in your hands; I'm yours, because You bought and paid for me with the precious blood of Jesus Christ! I'll do my utmost to please you -- to live by your laws -- but of myself I can do nothing. I'll have to depend solely upon YOU to do it all thru me; and conscious of my own nothingness, I trust YOU ALONE! If you want me and can use me, heavenly Father, HERE I AM!" -- if just a few whom God has called will be willing to say that, and mean it -- well, I've just come to realize there is NO LIMIT to what God can, and will do in and thru such persons! How UNLIMITED is His power! Yes, God is ALMIGHTY!

Of course He only does small things thru human beings, at first. He tests and tries our mettle, time and again! But as we yield to Him, as plastic clay in the hands of the Master Potter, He fashions and molds our lives HIS WAY, and do you know that gradually God uses us for constantly bigger and more important things for Him! The very amazing growth of this work is living testimony to that! Now God suddenly opens up a future before us that causes us almost to gasp for breath, and tremble! What great things HE can do! Now the


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