OUR Co-Workers

VOL. VI. Number 6.                                                                                October 22, 1945

Published every little while to keep our Co-workers informed of the programs, the problems, and the future plans for carrying on God's Work in these closing days of this age; -- broadcasting "The WORLD TOMORROW," publishing The PLAIN TRUTH magazine and other Gospel literature.

HERBERT W. ARMSTRONG, Box 111, Eugene, Ore.


GREETINGS, dear Friends and Co-Workers:

I'm writing from the beach, where I've managed to come at last to get the much-needed period of FASTING and prayer, and total rest, in order to regain perfect health and the vital energy needed for this heavy Gospel campaign immediately ahead.

I have many important things to tell you in this BULLETIN. We are on the threshold of the greatest, most far-reaching and intensive Gospel campaign we have ever been privileged to carry to the nation. More radio stations soon are to be added. Plans are completed for publishing The PLAIN TRUTH every month! Plans are laid for printing the most comprehensive, thorough, interesting, eye-opening and TRUTHFUL (so I believe) course in Bible study ever published. And the fund for the purchase of our own great super- power radio station in Mexico has made a gratifying start.

Offsetting, just temporarily, all this GOOD NEWS, is the fact that once again our Co-Workers seem to be just waiting for me to jog their memory by this BULLETIN, and finances have again started dropping off at an alarming rate, creating an immediate and most urgent EMERGENCY -- and the fact I am forced by condition of health, to just take two or three weeks away from the office and most active duty, until I am physically rejuvenated and FIT in every way for the heavy task ahead. The financial need over at the office is so great and urgent. I hope several of our most liberal co-workers whom God has blessed with larger-than-average ability, will rush sums of $100 or several hundred, either by air- mail, or even by Western Union telegraph. If you are one who is able, won't you do this even before waiting to read the rest of this BULLETIN, for the need is most urgent. Large weekly bills have to be paid from the office, keeping the work going, even though I personally am away for a couple weeks. This is MOST SERIOUS, so do not let anything interfere with dispatching the largest possible sum immediately, before you do another thing! And let me express my heartfelt and most grateful thanks in advance. God bless you!

NOW! 800 on the dial, 8: o'clock EVERY NIGHT!

A little later I will tell you of the encouraging progress toward possibility of actually owning our own station, increasing its power to the greatest in the Western Hemisphere, reaching the whole Western World nightly on one single multi-powered station.

But meanwhile God has graciously placed at our disposal, for HIS honor and glory, a foretaste of this great program now envisioned -- in fact, the same kind of program, almost, on a smaller scale -- yet far larger in power and scope than anything we have so far been permitted to do. I have signed a contract to go on the 100,000-watt Mexican station XELO, six nights a week, Sunday thru Friday -- that's every night in the week except Saturday night -- at the VERY BEST time, 8 o'clock!

Most of our co-workers will remember how we started on this super-powered station just a year ago, at first just as a two or three time try-out. This is not only the BEST time of day for broadcasting, but also the most expensive. The price was so high I was not sure we would be able to hold this very valuable time. But the response was very large. From the first broadcast it DOUBLED the total volume of mail received from all stations. We managed to finance it and stay on this station. The huge mail response, indicating a vast listening audience, continued until in the Spring.

Now I presume all our Co-Workers know that radio waves reach out many times farther after dark than in daylight. A super- power station which will reach out across the entire country at night, will cover only a few local counties in day-time. Consequently, when Spring came, and the days were longer, it was still day-light at 8 o'clock WAR-time, and our mail dropped off. We changed the time to 9:PM, but this didn't help much, and thru the four summer months even this hour was not dark enough, on war- time, to reach out. The station cut the cost in half for these months. NOW, however, with the resumption of STANDARD time, 8 o'clock will be as early, or rather as dark, during next summer as 9 o'clock was this past summer. So I'm hoping we can hold this best time of the week the year thru from now on.

The program already is back at the EIGHT o'clock time at EIGHT hundred on the dial, on XELO. This is the easiest time and dial number to remember. Hundreds wrote us last winter they would be sure to be listening at EIGHT o'clock, at EIGHT on the dial.

And now the representatives of this station have offered us this VERY BEST TIME for an intensive Gospel Campaign over that super-powered station, EVERY NIGHT IN THE WEEK, except Saturday -- EIGHT on the dial, at EIGHT every night (MOUNTAIN Standard time -- remember that is SEVEN PM. on the Coast, 9:PM in the middle West, and 10:PM in the East). This brings me an opportunity to carry on an extended EVANGELISTIC and BIBLE campaign, reaching out over the WHOLE COUNTRY, just as if I could be in each of the thousands and thousands of towns and cities covered in a large hall or auditorium, in person, for an extended campaign. THINK OF IT! I wonder if we really grasp he true MAGNITUDE of this new opportunity!

Instead of a broadcast once a week, we can now send this campaign of Bible evangelism right INTO HUNDREDS OF THOUSANDS OF HOMES EVERY NIGHT! On the Sunday broadcasts, I have found that more good can be done, a larger audience reached, more "outsiders" brought to saving knowledge of the Truth, by devoting most of the programs to news analysis combined with prophecy (I was a newspaper and magazine man for twenty years before entering the ministry, as I think most of our co-workers know). The Sunday programs will CONTINUE this effective type of broadcast. However, the week-night schedule opens up AN ENTIRELY NEW OPPORTUNITY -- the opportunity to carry on a CONTINUOUS sequence of interesting and important BIBLE subjects -- more of an evangelistic nature than is possible on a once-a-week program. It is by far the biggest opportunity for good -- for spreading the GOSPEL and winning precious souls -- that God has yet opened for us.

Strange isn't it -- OR IS IT? As I sit here at the window typing, looking out over a rain-bespattered ocean surf, I was just thinking how EVERYTHING IN GOD'S PLAN is of a DUAL nature. For example, there was the first Adam, made of dust -- then the second Adam, Jesus Christ, composed of SPIRIT in His resurrected body. There was the first MATERIAL creation of Genesis I -- there will be the NEW and spiritual creation of Revelation 21-22. There was the Old Covenant, a material covenant with material promises -- there is the NEW Covenant which is Spiritual, with its spiritual promises of ETERNAL LIFE. And so it goes. Even in prophecy, picturing the unfolding of God's PLAN thru the years and millenniums, everything is DUAL. First the type, later the greater ante-type. That's a KEY to understanding of the Bible. Now here's what I was thinking! The opportunity came for us to purchase and OWN a super-power station of our very own, just across the border in Mexico, which we could increase to the amazing super-power of 250,000 watts! This would be by far the most powerful radio voice in the western hemisphere -- perhaps in the whole world, at standard wave-length. It would reach out like a local station into all parts of the North American continent, cover South America, be heard in England and Hawaii. We would use all the time that would be profitable and effective for proclaiming the Gospel EVERY SINGLE NIGHT! It would provide the most powerful, dynamic, and far-reaching facilities for a Gospel campaign in all earth's history! Think of it!

Well, what I was thinking, is that while that great opportunity is developing, in the meantime God has opened to us THE SAME IDENTICAL TYPE OF PROGRAM on a smaller scale. Station XELO is rated at 100,000 watts, but I have learned it is not actually using that much power. It is only a fraction as far-reaching, and is heard by only a fraction of the multi-million audience our own 250,000-watt station will command. Just a fraction. Yet XELO is a super-power station. And it does carry the message into hundreds of thousands of homes in many states. And so, even in the way God is guiding and directing His work thru us, I see Him working it out according to His DUAL method -- this wonderful privilege, now, of this NIGHTLY program on XELO as the TYPE -- the far more wonderful opportunity, to follow, of our own 250,000-watt station. It shows God's Hand!

Now in the last BULLETIN, I devoted most of the space to the marvelous possibility opened to us to purchase an internationally-clear-channel station in Mexico, move it to a location just south of the Texas border half-way across the United States, increase the power to the colossal volume of 250,000 watts. I asked conditional pledges, conditioned upon final approval after examining all details of the project, and also upon enough being pledged by others to make up the total amount required for this great project, of $250,000. Many, many enthusiastic letters have come in, making pledges. The great majority of our co-workers, of course are people in moderate or poor circumstances, and as I then stated, if we are to actually realize this tremendous opportunity God has so graciously provided for HIS honor and glory, some one or two, or very few of large means, will have to supply the largest portion of this amount. No such large amounts have yet been pledged, but in His own due time God will move upon the hearts of the proper one or ones to make them willing, and the full amount will be supplied. A gratifying start has been made -- just a START. Some have been able to pledge only $1. In looking over the records, I notice a good many pledges of $3 and $5 and $10. Also several of $35, $50, $60, etc. Exactly twenty five co-workers have pledged $100 each. Seven have pledged more than $100 each, in amounts from $200 to $1,000. The total amount so far is a gratifying START -- but only a START toward the $250,000 goal required. To date, a total of $10,095 is definitely pledged. I wish I could reprint here a large number of the letters received -- many of them just tug at your heart! A woman with no income but a meager pension writes: "I've been saving pension money all year to get something I've wanted so long for myself. But I feel I could not pass up the call you sent me. I have learned to give up things -- have all my life. I'd rather do without a good dress and coat and stay home, so if you can get to OWN the station, I have $50 and rather than fail I will dig up another $50. If I in my condition can do that, Oh, why can't anyone with means do the rest?" This note was attached to a $10 bill: "Ten dollars for to help buy the radio station for Brother Armstrong so the true Gospel of the Kingdom may be told. From ------, age 8." WE CAN'T STOP HERE! Please rush YOUR pledge, by return mail. Let's swell that first ten thousand to the needed quarter-million. PRAY over it! EARNESTLY!!


Beginning the first or second Sunday in November (soon as my health permits) "The WORLD TOMORROW" program will go out over the super-power 150,000-watt XEG, 1050 on your dial, at EIGHT o'clock every Sunday night, CENTRAL STANDARD TIME. (That's 9:PM in Atlantic states, 7:PM in Mountain states). This is an answer to prayer. I am expecting another long-distance call hourly putting us on the 50,000-watt XERB, covering entire Pacific Coast, 1000 on dial (next to KNX) also at 8:PM Pacific Standard Time, beginning Nov. 4th. KXL Listeners, new time for November, 6:00 AM Sundays. KVAN, Vancouver Wash., 910 on dial, 10:PM Sundays. REMEMBER! This heavier program costs much more money! It's URGENT! SEND LARGEST SUM YOU CAN, WHETHER WIDOW'S MITE OR A THOUSAND DOLLARS, BY RETURN AIR-MAIL. THANKS! GOD BLESS YOU!! (Please excuse paper -- this is all we can buy at present).

(End of letter, but not signed.)

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