Box 111, Eugene, Oregon

August 6, 1945

Dear Co-Worker Friend:

Mr. Armstrong has become so very weary of mind and body, especially since his return from the conference in San Francisco, that Mrs. Armstrong has been urging him to take a much needed rest. He felt he couldn't stop to rest, but we in the office remember with what zest he returned to work and the inspiration he put into his writing after that rest he had a year ago, and have noted more than he the condition he is in now, so that we added our insistence to hers, and prevailed upon him to go.

When we assured Mr. Armstrong we would aquaint you with the facts, and explain why the BULLETIN has been delayed, and also the PLAIN TRUTH, he finally promised to drop everything but keeping the broadcasts on the air, and he and Mrs. Armstrong have gone over to the coast. This work does impose a heavy responsibility and keeps Mr. Armstrong busy practically day and night. He is really carrying at least four men's jobs. The constant strain and pressure, the nerve tension, lack of time for either sufficient physical exercise or sleep, has brought him to a place where we had to insist he just stop where he is and rest. Over at the coast he is again fasting, and in the fresh salt air he can really sleep nights and recuperate. He does consider it a great wonderful opportunity to teach, write and preach of the Kingdom of God and prophecies and message of salvation, never forgetting that the love of the Father and His precious SON, Jesus Christ, must be first in our hearts. This just is his whole life, and we know he feels there is nothing else to live for.

The BULLETIN has been delayed because of the slowness of getting on XEG. For some time Mr. Armstrong has been planning to go on the super-power Mexican station XEG, which has gone up to 150,000 watts, in addition to the 100,000-watt station XELO we are already using. He had planned to start on XEG the first of last month, making it possible by dropping WOAI, which was becoming more and more unsatisfactory by frequently refusing to run our programs. XEG is just south of San Antonio. They had promised us 9 P.M., the best time of the week. But when he sent thru the order they tried to give him an hour so early it would reach not more than a hundred miles away except a few weeks in mid-winter. He refused to accept this time, and they asked for days' more time to work it out, and have delayed the answer. A telegram has just come offering the time 10: to 10:30 Sunday nights. Mr. Armstrong may accept this, so for the next few Sundays unless we notify you otherwise, tune in at that time, 1050 on the dial (10: to 10:30 P.M. Central war time -- 9: P.M. Mountain states, 11: P.M. Eastern time). He plans on adding other powerful stations in the fall.

We realize how much work the plans for this fall and winter will require of Mr. Armstrong, and know he will come back from the coast refreshed, ready to attack it with clear mind, much energy, and greater spiritual power as a result of the fasting and prayer, as well as the physical rest. We have the work in the office entirely up to date and are ready for the big inflow of letters that will come with the enlarged fall program. to give Mr. Armstrong every possible help assistance in giving personal reply to the many asking help from him.

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