OUR Co-Workers

VOL. VI. Number 1.                                                                                January 23, 1945

Published every little while to keep our Co-workers informed of the programs, the problems, and the future plans for carrying on God's Work in these closing days of this age; -- broadcasting "The WORLD TOMORROW," publishing The PLAIN TRUTH magazine and other Gospel literature.

HERBERT W. ARMSTRONG, Box 111, Eugene, Ore.


Enroute: GREETINGS! Friends and Co-Workers! I was conducting services every night, for two weeks, in Carson City, Colorado. A very dear friend of mine is conducting a Fellowship Mission in Carson City. For two years I have promised to conduct services for him, and so now I am doing it. We are having a splendid interest and I have been surprised to learn that a large number of people in this little Colorado city, hundreds of miles from the nearest radio station, have been listening to the broadcasts for some time. Just now I am on the train enroute to Denver to deliver the Message you will hear next Sunday, by electrical transcription over the various stations.

The PLAIN TRUTH is out. I received a copy from our office yesterday. I trust and pray that the new arrangement made with the printers will make it possible to issue The PLAIN TRUTH regularly from now. If you do not receive your copy within a few days, write me.

At this writing we are back again to a place where ANYTHING can happen, suddenly, unexpectedly, in this global war. Last September everyone -- except a few of us who understand prophecy -- thought the war would be over within a few weeks. But three months after that the Nazis lunged thru allied lines in an offensive in which they gained mere ground in three days than the allies had in three months. The first main objective was Liege, Belgium, supply base for three allied armies. The fourth day of Von Rundstedt's fanatical offensive was the crisis. He knew well that all weather calculations indicated continued bad weather. But that fourth day of crisis an act of God intervened. The bad weather broke. Allied planes took to the air. The Nazi end-run-attempt around the left flank to capture Liege was checked. In due time the Nazis were driven completely back out of the "bulge" they had created. BUT they did succeed in their first and main objective -- they stopped cold General Eisenhower's all-out winter offensive -- the supreme last effort to defeat the Germans this winter. And now it will take the allies two to three months to organize another offensive.

But on the heels of this momentous event the Russians started their all-out winter offensive. As I write today, they are about 185 miles from Berlin. Their great offensive MIGHT crush the Germans in a few days or weeks, where the allied offensive failed. On the other hand, the Nazis usually have succeeded in stopping Soviet offensives by massing their reserve forces several miles ahead of the Russian armies, checking them just as their first great driving force is spent. The Russians drove up to the German frontier in East Prussia last Spring. There, as explained in The PLAIN TRUTH, they stopped, until they first occupied the baltic states of Latvia, Lithuania, Estonia, took Eastern Poland, set up their own Balkan state under Tito. Now, however, that the Reds are IN POSSESSION of the territory they want after the war, Stalin may decide the time has come to make the supreme attempt to finish off the Nazis. If he fails, the Germans now have at least three to six months in which to develop their new weapons which MIGHT reverse the war and win for them!

Meanwhile, General MacArthur's drive toward Manila, in the Philippines, might conceivably cause the Japs to replace their present military government with a more pro-allied government, and start an immediate attempt to end the war and gain a peace. This, however, is not probable, nor is it probable the allies would make peace now, and if the war goes on until Japan is completely whipped, it will last a long time yet -- probably much longer than most people suppose!


For six thousand years the world has been under Satan's invisible sway. A competitive civilization has been organized. Lust, greed, selfishness, pride, form the activating principles of life. Now we approach the smashing chaotic grand CLIMAX of six millenniums of this babylonish life! It's fruitage is world-war, destruction, hate, human despair, anguish, suffering, -- and DEATH!

Where are we, now, in the prophetic unfolding of God's PLAN? We are already IN the very crisis at the close of this age, spoken of by Daniel the prophet. We are in that period portrayed by the four Horsemen of the Apocalypse -- of the Book of Revelation. Jesus explained these in His Olivet prophecy (Mat. 24). The false prophets representing a false, counterfeit Christ, have appeared. We are now in the midst of the final age-end WORLD-WAR -- nation against nation; kingdom against kingdom! We are in the beginning of the famine and pestilence to follow in the wake of world-war!

"All these," said Jesus, "are the beginning of sorrows!" Not the end, with world PEACE just ahead -- the beginning of SORROWS! He prophesied these conditions would be followed by a great martyrdom of saints -- Great TRIBULATION -- then by such fearsome signs in the heavens -- in the sun, moon and stars -- that men will run screaming in frantic terror! After this will come the supernatural PLAGUES of the "Day of the Lord" -- God's judgments upon this Babylonish world! And, -- the final grand climax of all -- the SECOND COMING OF CHRIST! Then, and not until then, shall the nations learn the way to WORLD PEACE!

But, dozens of other prophecies describe, even before the period of world-war, famine and pestilence ends -- before the Great Tribulations begins -- the nations descended from The HOUSE OF ISRAEL -- and they are the DEMOCRACIES of today! -- are to be CONQUERED in this world war, to go into captivity once again, as their forefathers, ancient Israel, did in 721 B. C. Every prophecy describing the condition of natural, national ISRAEL at the time of Christ's coming pictures them in a condition of SLAVERY, in CAPTIVITY, scattered over the earth! Hitler began this with some of the Israelitish nations -- the Norwegians, the Dutch, the Belgians, etc., -- during this present phase of the world war which we designate as World War II! Every prophecy in the Bible describing the RETURN of both Israel and Judah back to Palestine which describes their condition at all shows them being FREED from an enemy than was stronger than they, returning, NOT from Britain and America, but from their enemies' lands -- conducted home BY these outside nations -- from a condition of slavery and servitude! See Isa. 14:1-3 (esp. Moffatt); Ezek. 39:27; 37:21; 36:24.

Most of those who understand, and proclaim, our national identity as the HOUSE OF ISRAEL fulfill Jeremiah 23:17 -- they say, (and God says falsely) "You shall have PEACE" -- We shall WIN the war -- WE COULD NEVER LOSE -- "It couldn't happen here!" etc., etc. But every prophecy dealing on the subject says WE SHALL LOSE! Whether in World War III, or World War II, is, of course, not revealed. But even tho the Germans surrender, and we gain another armistice, it will be ONLY ANOTHER RECESS! The Nazis will go immediately UNDERGROUND -- plotting and preparing World War III. We shall fail to bring about world Peace, because we do not know the WAY to world Peace!

More and more people all over this nation are beginning to see the stark, solemn, awful fate that is PROPHESIED FOR THIS NATION! It is a fate WE CAN AVOID -- if, and only if -- we REPENT of our sins -- of our babylonish customs and our ways contrary to God's revealed laws, and TURN UNITEDLY TO ALMIGHTY GOD FOR MERCY, FOR PROTECTION, FOR HELP, FOR VICTORY, AND FOR PEACE!

Yes, MANY are beginning to realize the horrible TRUTH! But, my dear Co-Workers, I know of NO ONE ELSE who is WARNING the nation of it -- calling on the nation to REPENT, that this awful prophesied fate may be averted! It seems Almighty God has called us to this very solemn, very grave mission -- YOU CO-WORKERS and me! Rarely if ever do you hear any preaching from important prophecies such as Hosea, Amos, Micah. Yet those entire Books of the Bible, as well as Ezekiel, are concerned almost wholly with this WARNING to our people of impending captivity and defeat in war! This warning forms an important part of the prophecies of Isaiah, Jeremiah, Joel, Nahum! Jesus foretold and warned us of it! ALL THESE WHOLE BOOKS AND PASSAGES WERE INSPIRED, WRITTEN, AND PRESERVED UNTIL NOW IN VAIN UNLESS WE WARN THE PEOPLE TODAY! This, together with proclaiming the true GOSPEL -- the Good News of the KINGDOM OF GOD, the Message of Salvation, and the Second Coming of Christ -- that, dear Co-Workers, is our mission! And it is the MOST IMPORTANT BUSINESS, BY FAR, IN THIS WORLD TODAY!


Now here's the present status of this great work! In three months our radio audience has DOUBLED! Praise God for that! We use only seven stations, but they are POWERFUL stations -- the most powerful now in existence! More than ONE MILLION PEOPLE are in our vast listening audience every Sunday!

But, as I have repeatedly warned, it is getting harder and harder to induce radio stations to sell us time, and permit this all-important Message to be carried into the homes of the millions. Just last Sunday again, one super-power station refused to accept the program sent them! It carried this WARNING in language a little stronger and more plain than I have dared use before, and this station would not let it go out to America! The time is coming when NO station in this country will permit this warning, or the true Gospel of the Kingdom, to be broadcast!

Already, God has opened up to us the use of the most powerful radio voice either in, or at the border of, the United States -- the 100,000-watt international station XELO, Juarez, Mexico. We have the weeks' best, most expensive time. It has DOUBLED the mail received. Many, many letters are coming from people who want salvation, asking me to help them. Many are being wonderfully saved!

But now, TODAY, I have received a NEW OFFER, making it possible for us to PURCHASE, and OWN, a radio station on an internationally-cleared channel, with equipment and license to operate on ONE HUNDRED FIFTY THOUSAND WATTS (and I believe it can be increased even to 250,000 watts), by far the most powerful radio voice in the entire Western Hemisphere! It is located where we shall be FREE to SPEED THIS IMPERATIVE WARNING into every home in America which has a radio! Do you know what 250,000 watts would mean? There's NOTHING like it anywhere today. That is such tremendous power it would come in just like a local station every- where in America! I would have a half-hour, 45 minutes, or a full hour EVERY DAY! Tens of millions would hear it DAILY! It would place in our power the MOST POWERFUL, far-reaching evangelistic campaign ever conducted in all history! GOD'S TIME HAS COME. GOD ALMIGHTY HAS OPENED THE WAY! This is IMPERATIVE! This equipment can be purchased, and the station opened to operation and established, for $125,000. That is a fraction of the price 50,000- watt stations sell for in the United States. It is just half the cost of the station I previously wrote you could be purchased. Last night in the meeting in Canon City people were MOVED -- they said God would see to it we did own such a super-powerful station. Two, poor in this world's goods, started a SPECIAL FUND for this very purpose. Two women have written they would make a great sacrifice to give $100 each toward this cause. Somewhere, SOMEONE is able to contribute a really LARGE sum. By faith I, too, along with many others, KNOW God will bring it about. WILL YOU PRAY EARNESTLY TO THAT END?

But now let me tell you that while our vast present listening audience has DOUBLED in three months, expenses at the same time have increased 50%! I am now carrying, BY SHEER FAITH, a very heavy burden. God willing, I expect in four weeks to open a great campaign of DAILY broadcasts on a great super-power Chicago station, AGAIN doubling our audience! This year we hope, God willing, to add super-power 50,000-watt WHAS, Louisville, and KWKH, Shreveport, and a New York station! Expenses are mounting past $1,000 weekly. So PRAY! Respond, by return AIRMAIL with the largest offering you can. It's URGENT! We can't falter! God bless you for standing by me!


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