May 26, 1944

Written at DES MOINES Typed and mailed from my office,

Box 111, Eugene, Oregon

Dear Friend and Co-Worker:

I have been keeping your letter to answer, but it seems every moment of my time here in Des Moines has been more than filled, and now it is Friday afternoon and Mrs. Armstrong and I are rushed packing to take the train tonight for the Coast -- and I haven't gotten even an acknowledgement written to you and a number of others who have written me at the temporary address here in Des Moines.

Consequently, I have no other way than to just write one letter here, rush it by air-mail to my office in Eugene, Oregon, and ask my staff there to send a copy of this letter to you and the others, and in this way, express to you my THANKS, and very deep gratitude, for your interest, and for the offering you sent for the work. May God bless you for it.

I will speak by transcription tomorrow morning. The 6 AM dally broadcasts will end tomorrow morning over KSO but I hope you'll continue to listen in every Sunday night at 10:15 over KRNT or KMA or at 11 PM over WOAI, San Antonio, Texas, 1200 on the dial. I'm sure you can get that station too.

Mrs. Armstrong and I have enjoyed our stay in Des Moines, very much. It's my original home town -- I was born and brought up here. By wife formerly lived here too, (as a little girl.) We have been busy calling personally on as many listeners who needed our help as possible. May God bless and be with you.


Herbert W. Armstrong

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