OUR Co-Workers

VOL. IV Number 2                                                                                                     April 12, 1943

Published every little while, by your radio- pastor editor Herbert W. Armstrong, Box 111, Eugene, Ore., to bring spiritual edification and encouragement to our little family of Co-Workers who make possible the RADIO CHURCH OF GOD and The PLAIN TRUTH.


GREETINGS, Friends and Co-Workers:

This is being written on the train, passing through Oklahoma enroute from Des Moines to San Antonio, Texas. Tomorrow I hope, if God opens to us the opportunity, to sign a year's contract with super-power 50,000 watt nationally-cleared-channel WOAI, in San Antonio.

And surely God has been with us! Just before I left the Pacific Northwest on this present trip, the way suddenly opened so we could add the very fine and powerful station KVI, Tacoma, to our own Liberty Net-Work in the Northwest.

This gives us a very strong coverage in the Pacific Northwest, with KXL, 10,000 watts, Oregon's most powerful station, KVI, Tacoma, KRSC, Seattle, and KGA, Spokane, now 10,000 watts -- all carrying the Message at 8:30 Sunday mornings. These four strong stations give us a really large audience in the Pacific Northwest.

I had just arrived in Hollywood and had contracted with KMTR to broadcast daily Monday thru Friday at 5:15 P.M., in addition to our Sunday morning broadcast at 9:30, when a long distance call from our office in Eugene brought me the stunning news that station WHO had canceled their contract and we would be off the air on that super-power station after two more broadcasts.

I spent the next two nights until after midnight transcribing broadcasts for the following Sunday. KMTR was very nice about letting me cancel the daily broadcasts, until later, crediting us with money paid in advance so the money applied to the Sunday broadcasts. I was fortunate in getting a reservation on a train the very next morning, -- a cancellation had come in, a mater of seconds before I asked for it -- and so I left at once for Des Moines.

In the meantime, Mrs. Armstrong and I certainly prayed -- and I sent out a letter with all Plain Truths then being mailed asking our readers to pray with me, and, if they felt America NEEDS this broadcast on so powerful a station, to write the station and tell them so.

I arrived in Des Moines, and went to the station to see the sales manager, who had written the letter canceling their contract with me. He wasn't there for the remainder of the day -- it was late afternoon. Next morning the general manager called me at the hotel. Asking God to intervene, give me favor in his eyes, and cause the station to be kept open to us, I went over. And in a manner that could only have been God's working out, and a direct answer to our prayers, it was worked out so that we may remain on WHO, at least to the end of our contract, which will be the last of August.

It would have dealt this work of God a terrible blow to have been shut off of WHO just at this time. At the late hour of our broadcast this station is probably the most powerful station in America, in terms of distance reached and territory covered. It is heard all over North America. We have received mail from every state, every Canadian province, and from the Panama Canal Zone, from Jamaica in the Atlantic, and from Alaska.

But God intervened, and the vital warning Message and the true Gospel of the Kingdom still goes out over WHO! Truly, this is God's work, and He is able to protect it, to preserve it, and to prosper it.

(Since receiving the copy for this Co-Workers' Bulletin from Mr. Armstrong, the following telegram has come in from him: "PROGRAM GOES ON WOAI 1200 ON DIAL ELEVEN EVERY SUNDAY NITE CENTRAL TIME BEGINNING MAY SECOND. CAN BE HEARD OVER WHOLE NATION AT THAT TIME. HERBERT W. ARMSTRONG.")



Out of this experience in nearly losing WHO, comes knowledge of a powerful, concerted movement to abolish Gospel broadcasting from the air waves.

A heavy pressure is being exerted upon radio stations to take this step -- and, as the devil always works, it is done as a monstrous piece of deceit, under pretense of being the only RIGHT and HONORABLE thing to do.

The argument is put up to radio-station managers and owners, that they should not commercialize religion. It is made to appear to be doing wrong to sell time for religious broadcasts. The argument is, that each station should GIVE time, without cost, for religion.

But, if they are going to give the time, they cannot give it to just anybody, for there would be such a demand that the stations would have no time left to SELL. Consequently, it is proposed, in order to give the time fairly and equitable, it should be given only to the big ORGANIZATIONS, divided between the recognized organizations of the Protestants, Catholics, and Jews. Now that means, so far as "Protestant" is concerned, the Federated Council of Churches in New York, a Modernist body that has come to even reject the blood of Christ.

MOST of the larger, super-power radio stations of America ALREADY subscribe to this view, and have adopted it as a policy. One radio man asked me if I did not think this a fair and equitable policy. I replied that if Jesus Christ were here preaching today, as He was 1900 years ago, that policy would SHUT JESUS OFF THE AIR -- and it just as certainly shuts HIM and HIS true Message off the air today!

In the next Bulletin I will give you a copy of the recommendations being sent from New York to all stations. This already has been adopted by all large net-works, except Mutual. GOD GRANT THAT ONE MAY BE KEPT OPEN TO US!

The thing, I wish all our co-workers to understand is that OUR DAYS ARE NUMBERED for preaching over the air the true Gospel, and warning AMERICA of the prophecies concerning this war, and our NEED OF ALMIGHTY GOD TO WIN.

We are getting very near the time prophesied, when there shall be FAMINE of hearing the Word of God. Soon all true preaching will be SHUT OFF! Programs advertising cigarettes, beer, and merchandise will continue on -- but under pretext of "NOT COMMERCIALIZING RELIGION" the TRUTH OF GOD will be shut off entirely, by men! Even today many regard radio programs filled with wisecracks and silly nonsense, as "BIG-TIME" stuff -- as VERY IMPORTANT. But a program warning this nation of its need of GOD, a program proclaiming God's TRUTH about life, the way to happiness and to eternal life -- that is regarded as foolishness and nonsense which ought not to be permitted on the air -- not by all radio men, but by many.


What are WE going to do about it? Are we going to AWAKEN to this crisis, and RESPOND with our tithes and offerings, EVEN TILL IT HURTS -- and with our fervent, earnest, heart-rending PRAYERS? If we will do that, the glorious Gospel and the solemn WARNING may yet be sounded in such power, that ALL AMERICA IS SHAKEN, AND AWAKENED!

I do NOT ask you to start writing protests to radio stations. At least not yet. To tell you the truth, it may have been a mistake to ask some of our listeners to write WHO. I do not know how many letters and telegrams they received, but IT MUST HAVE BEEN MANY, because the man at the radio station who received them did not like it. I believe God worked it out to keep us on the station IN SPITE of our mutual efforts in that regard. I find radio stations pay little or no attention to letters of that kind, when they are requested, or "inspired" as they term it. It is better to just PRAY -- and pray hard and earnestly. Remember we are carrying on GOD'S WORK. He is able to protect and preserve His work. Jesus said "This Gospel of the Kingdom SHALL be preached in all the world" at this time, and God will open the way. Our part is to pray, to sacrifice of our offerings -- large, liberal, generous offerings, in addition to tithes -- and to keep at it day and night, until our God-given mission is fulfilled.

If successful in getting the WORLD TOMORROW program on super-power WOAI, it will add more than another $100 per week to the expenses of this work. But I learned by long distance telephone that 11:00 P.M. is open, and the rate is the lowest of any nationally-cleared-channel 50,000-watt station. WOAI is heard all over North America, the same as WHO, only it is not located as near the center of the country. It is only just second to WHO in the vast audience it will give us. If God opens the way, I know it is His will, and I must take this opportunity while it's open, or lose it forever. So I am going right ahead, launching on out as I have from the beginning, ON FAITH. I am going to trust you dear Co-Workers to hold up my hands, and KEEP GOD'S WORK GOING. Can you all sacrifice just a little deeper, send a little larger offering than heretofore -- perhaps send in your offerings more often?

This old world is about DONE! It's crashing down, now, to oblivion. Soon God's NEW ORDER, the Kingdom of God, will appear. But, God holds us responsible in the meantime for SHOUTING THIS LAST WARNING MESSAGE. God helping us, I know of no one else WARNING this nation that prophecy says we shall LOSE this war, UNLESS we repent and turn to God and put our trust in HIM! The true Gospel (Good News) of the coming Kingdom of God must, now, be proclaimed. Already we are reaching a vast audience of half a million or more people every week with this MESSAGE. BUT there are 130 millions in America alone! We must add more and more radio stations. We must PRESS ON! This is OUR BATTLE -- OUR contribution and SOLEMN DUTY to the WAR EFFORT, as well as to our God! We know, from Bible prophecy, that all the war bonds, the battleships, the planes, tanks, guns, and men this nation can muster will not be enough, WITHOUT GOD! The people must be made to realize it! It's the way, and ONLY way, to WIN THIS WAR! Yes, it's OUR BATTLE, and our DAYS ARE NUMBERED!

The past three weeks offerings have slacked off. I need an extra thousand or fifteen hundred dollars, by return mail, and the need is URGENT!

And so I send you this urgent appeal. STAND BY ME! Keep on the FIRING LINE FOR GOD, and COUNTRY! Help me multiply the power of the work of God! Let's sacrifice material things that this SPIRITUAL Message may reach the MILLIONS, with mighty POWER! It's time, my friends and co-workers, that we were AROUSED to the SERIOUSNESS of this situation. We may have perhaps another year -- perhaps another 18 months to complete the work God has called us to and committed to our trust.

If some of you are in position to send offerings of anywhere from a hundred to a thousand dollars or more, send them at once, by return mail! Never were they so needed as now. Whether the widow's mite, or even a contribution or many thousands of dollars, -- whatever YOUR capacity and ability, even at sacrifice -- get it into GOD'S WORK as quickly as you can. God bless you! I know our Co-Workers will not fail the work now!

Sincerely, and in faith,

Herbert W. Armstrong

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