Number 1                                                                                                   March 29, 1943

A personal letter to all the brethren of The Churches of God, from your pastor, co-laborer, and fellow-servant in Christ, Herbert W. Armstrong, Box 111, Eugene.

GREETINGS! For weeks it has been laid on my heart to begin a new kind of "publication" -- a sort of Gospel-LETTER -- one which also is a NEWS-Letter -- to keep in closer touch with all you brethren.

Its purpose is to help bind us closer together in love, to become a vehicle in writing for saying to you those things I would like to say if I were present, to encourage our growing family of brethren, to keep you all continually informed of the progress of the work in which we all are co-workers, and of the manner in which God is blessing His work continually.

The work God has called us to do is expanding, now, to national and international influence. As the work multiplies in power, I find my time is more and more divided -- I am being taken more and more away from personal contact and fellowship with our brethren at any one place.

The apostle Paul found himself in similar circumstances, as the work expanded and grew in those days. When he was no longer able to be present regularly with the brethren of any one place, it was his inspired practice to write LETTERS to those from whom he was absent. True, Paul's letters were also literally inspired Scripture. Nevertheless Paul said, "Be ye followers of me, even as I follow Christ." And so, in following his example I feel we are now doing as God wills. Therefore I feel this "Good News-LETTER" will have God's blessing, and will thru His Spirit prove a blessing to YOU!

And so, while I am absent in person, but present in Spirit, I shall from time to time, as God impresses me with something to say, write you another "Good-News-Letter." I write them partly as a personal letter to personal friends I love very much -- partly as your pastor in the Lord.

We are all just ONE FAMILY. A large family, in one sense -- yet just a very "LITTLE FLOCK" in another. And so this is just "among ourselves" within our own intimate family in Christ Jesus, having fellowship with one another in and thru Him and His love. I wonder how many of us realize HOW precious is that fellowship He gives us -- and the love of Christ which must be the BASIS of that fellowship! Let us not fail to treasure it highly, and GUARD IT ZEALOUSLY, lest some root of bitterness be permitted to enter in and rob us of it.



And so, this morning, Tuesday, March 16th, 1943, as we are returning from the week's meeting at the Everett church, I write this FIRST "Good NEWS-LETTER" on the train. We are returning filled with joy in the realization that our heavenly Father has never let us hold meetings even for the short duration of a single week, without BLESSING OUR EFFORTS WITH THE FRUIT OF PRECIOUS SOULS.

The church at Everett began about a year and a half ago. Two families, the Hopkins' and the Blakes, had come to see and accept the Sabbath and other truths, as a result of the broadcasts and the Bible Study Quarterly. They wrote us, we contacted them, spent a week with them and held a meeting or two and several Bible studies. They sought, and ate and digested the heavenly manna of Truth just like the Spirit -- hungry children they were -- and they grew rapidly in grace and in knowledge. Largely thru their efforts and zeal, others were from time to time added -- baptised and converted. Recently they purchased a very desirable church property just about two blocks off the downtown district in Everett. There they have had about 30 in attendance -- about 15 adults and 15 children -- with five Sabbath-school classes. Dr. Douglas Blake has been ordained elder, and Dr. Aldon Hopkins deacon.

Thru the winter, I had been holding meetings nearly every Sunday night in downtown Seattle, at the Chamber of Commerce auditorium. The past several weeks we began holding meetings on Monday nights at the Everett church. The interest was splendid, the church being nearly full each Monday night, with a hundred or more in attendance. We decided to hold one intensive week's campaign. Three weeks ago Monday night I began the subjects leading to these meetings, with "The BEAST," and two weeks ago Monday night continuing with "The IMAGE," and then this past week holding meetings Monday thru Friday nights.

The subjects were all on the law and the Sabbath. Attendance dropped slightly as soon as "the LAW" was preached. After "The MARK of the Beast," had been preached, about 15 or 20 outside our own membership continued to have interest. They continued thru Thursday and Friday nights as the Sabbath was explained.

The real test came Sabbath. We eagerly waited to see how many would come to the church on the Sabbath. You can all imagine how happy and thrilled we were on Sabbath morning when nearly every one who had continued attending thru Thursday and Friday nights was there!

We had not preached evangelistic sermons -- but straight doctrinal messages, rather, on the Sabbath truth, yet at least two precious souls were thoroughly converted, and we had 13 additional adults in attendance on the Sabbath, most of whom had assured us that they accepted the Sabbath, and besides, two women who told us they accepted it on Thursday night and left town on Friday for a few weeks, saying they would be back with us on their return.

We shall have to wait another week or two to see just how many of those who attended on Sabbath have really made the CHANGE in their LIVES thru faith in Christ that shall add them to our number as brethren. But we do not know that some were visibly happy in the new knowledge and Christian experience that came to them thru these meetings -- and we do know that the meetings were wonderfully blessed of the Eternal with rich and precious fruit! And we do know there has been a substantial increase to the membership at Everett Church. The Everett brethren are rejoicing, and I'm sure the brethren everywhere will rejoice with us, and give thanks and praises to our God!

- - - - - - - - - - - - - - - -

--Continued, Monday March 22, 1943, on train, enroute to San Francisco


It has been nearly a week since I began this first "Good News-LETTER." Arriving home, things were moving so rapidly at the office all last week I was unable to find time to finish it. It is now 2:30 Monday afternoon. Our train is running about an hour and 45 minutes late. We just passed Davis, on route to San Francisco, where we change trains for Los Angeles, arriving there tomorrow morning in time for the first daily broadcast tomorrow afternoon at 5:15 over KMTR. Mrs. Armstrong is with me. I've been literally HAPPY ever since we left Eugene that she was able to come. God spoke the truth when He said it is not good for a man to live alone -- that he needs a wife with him as a help and an inspiration.

I'm sure that the work will be much more efficiently conducted during this very important and crucial trip by her being able to be with me.

I was almost heart-sick that I could not spend my last Sabbath before taking this trip, day before yesterday, with the brethren at Eugene church. I had planned to be there, but late Friday night in long distance telephone conversation Brother Blake in Seattle told me he had arranged a definite appointment with the manager of KVI, in Tacoma, for Sunday morning, and so it was necessary for me to take the train early Sabbath morning for Seattle, sending the broadcast out from there on Sunday morning.

We had been thinking of adding Tacoma's powerful station, KVI, for about two weeks. Then KGA increased the rate considerable, just as we finished our first year on that station. At first we considered dropping KGA and adding KVI instead. But on looking over our reports, I saw that the mail response from the Spokane district is now increasing a great deal. KGA has doubled its power and is now a powerful 10,000-watt station. We completed one year on that station a week ago Sunday. We decided NOT to drop it, at least for the present. Consequently, I had notified KGA we would continue, and had dropped consider