OUR Co-Workers

VOL. III Number 3                                                                                       July 15,1942

Published every little while, by your radio-pastor editor, Herbert W. Armstrong, Box 111, Eugene, Ore. to bring spiritual edification and encouragement to our little family of co-workers who make possible the RADIO CHURCH OF GOD and The PLAIN TRUTH.


GREETINGS! fellow Co-Workers, again from Hollywood:

Again, while still in Hollywood, I send you a happy announcement, and an urgent message, to be printed in the BULLETIN and mailed from our office in Eugene.

"The WORLD TOMORROW" broadcast of the Radio Church of God has met with a wonderful electric, and most gratifying response throughout Southern California.

When I last wrote you, thru the BULLETIN, on June 1st, we had just added a second station in Southern California, KFMB of San Diego, in addition to KMTR in Hollywood. The way had just opened for me to speak 30 minutes EVERY DAY over KMTR for four weeks thru the month of June.

It was the greatest test of faith, so far as financial needs are concerned, we had ever been called upon to face. All this meant an added expense, on top of all previous expenses which must be kept up, of more than $200 per WEEK. Where it was all to come from, I could see. Humanly, it appeared utterly impossible. But after much prayer, and discussing it with Mrs. Armstrong over long distance telephone we both felt sure God Himself had opened the way, and it was His will for us to go ahead, TRUSTING HIM ALONE. All I could do was just SHUT MY EYES to that great need of added money, trust God blindly for that, and keep my own efforts centered on doing the job He had laid out for me to do.

And what an experience it was. As I look back on it, I can't understand it, even now. I don't need to. It is enough that God led, -- He opened the way, -- we followed in full faith, trusting Him to supply the need according to His promises -- and from somewhere -- how I can't yet understand, -- every dime of that need came! Not only did we continue thru the entire four weeks, but by the fourth week hundreds of letters were pouring in demanding I remain on at least another week, and over long distance my wife said I would simply have to stay on another week in compliance with all those requests which had poured in at Eugene. So the week-day evening broadcasts continued on for five full weeks. And never once did we go on the air that the time had not been paid in advance!

In this BULLETIN I want to devote what space we can spare to quoting from the enthusiastic letters received from Southern California to show all our Co-workers how our broadcast has been received here.

In the meantime no suitable down-town auditoriums were available for holding public meetings, but just as we finished up the five weeks' daily broadcasting, I learned that the Biltmore Theatre, the number one down-town auditorium for lectures or religious meetings, was to be available beginning last Sunday, July 12th. The expense was, of course, very high. The Biltmore is a very fine theatre auditorium, with balcony and second balcony, seating 1,700 people. Again, it seemed evident God had opened the way and I was to follow. We were barely able to pay every expense in advance, and scheduled the meeting for last Sunday afternoon at 3. I am told we had one of the largest crowds ever to attend such a meeting in Los Angeles. The first floor and boxes were completely filled, the first balcony also packed, and more than a hundred had to climb to the second balcony, with a total attendance of around 1,400. We do not take up collections, so our expenses are still as high as with the daily broadcasts.

I have arranged to remain here two weeks longer, holding just two more public meetings at the Biltmore theatre the next two Sunday afternoons, and then I shall return to Eugene and the Northwest for just a few weeks, during which I hope to speak twice if possible at the Chamber of Commerce auditorium in Seattle.

And then, God willing, I am planning to go to Des Moines, Iowa, to add our first super-power 50,000-watt radio station, the clear-channel station W H O Des Moines. This station is so powerful it reaches out effectively over SEVEN STATES of the middle-west -- seven thickly-populated agricultural states -- in day- time, and can be heard by a good radio set in every part of the United States at night. There are only ten clear-channel stations in the entire United States -- only one on the Pacific Coast.

The past three months the size, scope, and power of the radio broadcast has been just DOUBLED. I give all praise to God for opening the way, and providing the means, but God has supplied the necessary means thru you who are my fellow co-workers for Him, and so I give you, too, my very grateful THANKS from the very bottom of my heart. Some of you have made great sacrifice that this vital work might leap forward in this crisis hour of earth's history. I know God has blessed you for it, and WILL bless you for it. And if you could only read the hundreds and hundreds of letters pouring in from a listening audience now up to a HALF MILLION PEOPLE every week, -- or if you could have looked into the 1,400 faces that seemed all aglow in the Biltmore theatre Sunday afternoon, -- I'm sure you'd know then that your sacrifice has been used of God to BEAR RICH FRUIT for His Kingdom.

But just as the work in Southern California has DOUBLED the size and power of our total Work, so now the addition of WHO in Des Moines will again re-double all this present enlarged work, until finally we should be reaching an audience of ONE MILLION PEOPLE every week; -- from Canada to Mexico on the Coast (San Francisco and other California points are yet to be filled in), and thru the heart of the middle-west.

God is now expanding His work RAPIDLY. From now on it must leap forward with INCREASING speed! For TIME IS SHORT for the proclaiming of the vital warning Message God has commissioned us to proclaim. NO ONE ELSE, so far as I know, is proclaiming this warning message! The foreign sword is coming against our beloved land, sent as a judgment from GOD! And He tells us, in Ezekiel 33:1-6, that if, when He sends the foreign sword against the land, if we see it coming, we are to set a man as our watchman, and he SHALL WARN THE PEOPLE OF WHAT IS COMING. If we FAIL this duty, God says He will require the blood of this whole people AT OUR HANDS. I am doing my best to shout this warning with all the power God gives. It takes great wisdom and tact to be able to proclaim it in a manner that is considered HELPFUL to the nation's ARMED effort, and not antagonistic to it. I think you understand what I mean, for it is the SPIRITUAL armament we must fight for, and yet God has certainly not called us to oppose the government or its program. I have had to pray a great deal for wisdom, and I believe God has also answered that prayer, for which I feel very HUMBLY grateful.

As I write these lines, we are in the THIRD WEEK of the crucial 16 weeks of this war. It is a RACE AGAINST TIME -- whether Hitler can break thru the Russian domain, go on to India, take Suez, knock Russia out of the war, and turn west toward Britain before our allied forces can get set to launch the second front in Europe by invading Hitler's Europe. This nation's industry and its army and navy are bending every effort -- straining every nerve and muscle -- to win that race. Unfortunately, it depends more upon what the Russians are able to do than upon this nation's effort, for it will take a certain number of weeks in spite of every effort before this nation can be ready. And, as we enter into the middle of the third of this most crucial weeks of all earth's history, Hitler is so far maintaining the schedule he must maintain to win that fateful race. His forces are rolling on. Russia is sending frantic appeals that the second front be forced on Hitler NOW! But it appears the British-American forces are simply not yet in position to launch it, probably due more to lack of shipping thru Hitler's U-boat menace in the atlantic, than any other cause. And so it is possible Russia may suddenly collapse very unexpectedly, and make the best separate peace she can with Hitler. If that happens, the picture will be DARK, indeed, for US.

In this race against time, the stakes are your home and mine, your freedom and mine, perhaps the lives of many of us. The stakes are whatever wealth or worldly possession YOU may own. And the frank, blunt, brutal truth is that in this race Hitler appears to be forging, for the moment, slowly ahead.

Brethren, Co-Workers, it appears that the ARMED forces of our nation and the British may not be able to save us from the Satan-inspired forces of Hitler in time. That is a GRAVE POSSIBILITY! And so I now CALL UPON YOU to rally, with me, to the call to PRAY for this nation as never before. Regardless of optimistically-written newspaper headlines, if you'll read the full dispatches in the finer type you'll see it appears that this nation is in GRAVE PERIL INDEED -- and we are now living thru the very CRISIS WEEKS, when the FATE OF THE WORLD is BEING DECIDED!

There IS a Higher Power who is able to step in and turn the tide of battle OUR WAY! Perhaps the armed forces do not know HIM, as you and I do. Perhaps they do not see, as we do, our need of GOD! Perhaps they are all doing what they believe is right, and giving of their very utmost even to their last drop of life's BLOOD, if necessary, to try to defend and save this country the only way they know. But if we know the HIGHER POWER, are WE doing OUR very utmost, just now -- our utmost in beseeching God in PRAYER for this nation -- to bring this nation to its senses, to bring it to its KNEES before God, so that He can bless us and save us, -- our utmost with our money and our means to send forth this warning cry -- this appeal to the nation to TURN TO GOD in her hour of peril, BEFORE IT IS TOO LATE? That, my brethren and co-workers, is OUR part. Are we DOING it? Putting our ALL into it?

Many of you ARE, I know, and this work is leaping ahead as a result. To you who are, I call on you to continue the battle to the end. Be not weary with well-doing! We have set our hand to this spiritual plough -- we CANNOT TURN BACK. To you who have NOT been doing your very utmost, I appeal to you now in Jesus' name, begin this minute to DO IT! THE DAY OF RECKONING IS HERE! There will be NO PROTECTION in the days ahead except that of Almighty God. You can't of course BUY His protection by putting His tithes and your offerings into this, His work -- but to be slack in this, or an unfaithful steward in this crisis hour might PREVENT some of us from receiving it. Nothing short of our UTMOST is enough, now, whether that utmost be a dime or several thousands of dollars. We could easily use a million dollars during the next six months in sounding this warning; to America in a manner that would shake and rock this whole nation. No amount is now too large -- and none is ever too small. Just do your utmost, whatever that is.

PRAY OVER IT, dear brethren and co-workers. PRAY for America, for its president. Pray for God to CONVICT this whole nation of its sins. CONFESS the nation's sins before God, as Daniel did of old. Pray an hour or more at a time. Go to some private place, where you are ALONE with God. Close the door, and pour out your heart to Him, in travailing supplication. Humble yourself before Him. Confess your personal sins and put them under the blood of Christ. HELP ME START A GIGANTIC NATIONAL PRAYER OFFENSIVE AGAINST HITLER AND THE FORCE OF EVIL.

The pressure of work in Southern California has delayed the coming issue of The PLAIN TRUTH, but I'm glad to tell you much of the type is now already set, and the printers are working on it, and if we are unable to get it out before I return to Eugene, it will be in the mails the first week of my return. I hope now soon to be so organized in the office and in this work that The PLAIN TRUTH can begin coming out promptly EVERY MONTH. We have confronted a gigantic crisis. I have been doing my utmost. We cannot do more.

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BAKERSFIELD: "I am so grateful to you for remaining with us another week. I was so sad about your leaving. God bless you in your great work."

TUJUNGA: (excerpts from four letters from same listener and now a co-worker) "Thank you for the copy of The PLAIN TRUTH -- it is splendid. The articles about Easter and Spirituality were especially helpful to me and cleared up much confusion on these subjects. Your daily Bible lesson is just what I have searched for for years and not found. I miss a reference once in a while trying to note your comments as well as the reference, but I search even harder to find them for myself, afterwards. May I ask how you were led to open a program here in Los Angeles where we now have a number of such programs? Your half hour is like a fresh breeze straight from the Bible. From the very first broadcast, nothing has been allowed to interfere with hearing your broadcast every day, for you surely are bringing light to many dark places, and understanding to the blind. None of us can tell you what this TRUE light on God's Word means to those of us who have been sick at heart in our struggles to understand what the real purpose of our existence is, after being taught so many distorted and blasphemous doctrines. It is not a matter of wonder that your ministry has been blessed and can proceed on faith for support, for it inspires faith and the desire to give, to have you practice what you preach. Your way of financing this work is indeed God's way, and for lack of that way I was no longer able to support a message which preached faith and fairly screamed the lack of it! As a proof of God's way -- my first check to you was a real sacrifice but also a thank-offering, yet before the week was out it was returned to me ten-fold from sources absolutely unlooked for and no reason to do so. Am enclosing a small check for the work, and can say that for the first time I feel thoroughly satisfied with the placing of the tithe entrusted to my hands. We are glad that you will be able to carry this work to the middle-west. May God bless you and yours as you carry on His work."

REDLANDS: "Your half-hour radio address this morning moved me to supplication before The Almighty, that He will speedily complete His purpose for His people, Israel."

LOS ANGELES: "Am trying to pray for more faith. PLEASE PRAY FOR ME."

GREENDALE: "Could not sleep last night thinking about the marvelous radio addresses you are giving. You are just the man for such a time as this. Am praying night and day for a great Christian awakening. Your addresses have shed great light on the Word, and believe this is nothing to what we will see yet."

LOS ANGELES: "Please send me two copies of the quarterly Mr. Armstrong announced yesterday. We are enjoying him immensely. He is the first one, during a life-time search, that I have heard giving an exposition of true Christianity (GOD'S WILL KNOWN AND DONE). I am sorry I cannot help more. Mr. Armstrong will carry the torch in the great new age that millions will never know. The Babylonic set-up, government, school, church, et. al., must go for it is not fit to stand. The righteous and those willing to learn righteousness will stand. I do not need to say "God bless him," for God has, and will bless him as long as he lives the life and preaches the doctrine."

BURBANK: " May I compliment you on your exceedingly fine talk over the radio this morning. I have been in California only two weeks, and this was the first time I have heard you talk. Yours was by far the most impressive translation of the Bible into every-day language I have ever heard. Thanking you for a truthfully revealing and awakening talk today, I am,"

LOS ANGELES: "I'm praising God all the day long for men like you and the knowledge He has given you for this 'hour of trial'. Your lessons get better and better if possible. Would that thousands could have heard the message tonight." (Thousands did.)

WHITTIER: "My how I do love your broadcast. It is so scriptural, and so plainly delivered. Wish you would hook up with California daily. Thanks for the good I've received. Enjoyed message on healing."

RAMOKA: "I received The PLAIN TRUTH magazine you sent me and have read every word of it and have passed it along to a neighbor to read. I think its the finest piece of literature on the Bible I have ever read."

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