OUR Co-Workers

VOL. I. Number 3                                                                                November 1, 1940

Published every little while, by your radio- pastor editor, Herbert W. Armstrong, Box 111, Eugene, Ore., to bring spiritual edification and encouragement to our little family of co-workers who make possible the RADIO CHURCH OF GOD and The PLAIN TRUTH.



YOUR Radio Church -- the Radio Church of God -- is becoming well established in Seattle and all over the north-western part of Washington. Already a large audience of many thousands tunes in every Sunday.

The mail response has been gratifying. The 500 extra copies of The PLAIN TRUTH we had reserved for new listeners from the Seattle station were exhausted day before yesterday. The mailing list of The PLAIN TRUTH now has reached 3,000, indicating a weekly listening audience of 150,000 from the three stations now used.

The Lord willing, LOS ANGELES now is NEXT! We hope to add a strong station in Los Angeles, to carry the Radio Church of God program every Sunday, by January if possible -- as soon there- after as our co-workers make possible, if we are unable to keep to that schedule. This will add another quarter of a million people to those now hearing the true Gospel of Christ's KINGDOM thru the Radio Church of God. GOD'S OWN TIME HAS ARRIVED for this Message to go with POWER!

God will amply reward you for YOUR part. Let us be glad and REJOICE! Fruit is being borne for Christ's Kingdom. Precious souls are being brought to HIM! Thousands are now hearing the TRUE Gospel, straight from the shoulder, without any soft and smooth things, for the first time. Thousands are being WARNED! Thousands are getting interested in God's Word for the first time! And still other thousands are coming into better UNDERSTANDING of God's precious revelation. YOU, our co-workers, make all this possible! By your sacrifice and your TITHES, others are finding the way to receiving salvation, God's precious holy Spirit, life eternal -- priceless things which cannot be bought. Doesn't this realization cause you to REJOICE? Doesn't it make you happy? Truly, it is more blessed to GIVE than to receive, and so we pray that God will fill you with the blessedness that comes only from GIVING -- from having an active PART in HIs glorious work -- from helping others to find LIFE, for all eternity!!

God bless all you dear co-workers who are helping hold up my hands. With a heart filled with gratitude, and with rejoicing over God's blessings upon us all, I THANK YOU!

And so that you can know a little more of just what is being accomplished thru this great work of ours, in which we all share, I devote a considerable part of this Bulletin to reprinting just a few of the hundreds and thousands of letters coming into Box 111, Eugene.

I wish you could enjoy the thrill of being with us here in this office as we open the mail each morning, each afternoon, and each evening. We share with you as much as space permits.

FROM TACOMA: "We enjoy your messages and singing, and will be happy to receive your magazine." We find the SINGING helps attract a large listening audience. We know of many who were first attracted by the good singing on our program. Many think half or more of our time is devoted to music. Yet only five to seven minutes of the 30 is actually devoted to singing, and at least 30 seconds of that is background music for spacing. We try to so blend in the music as to give the impression of more music than there actually is, and program directors in the radio stations tell us we succeed in this.

FROM INDIANOLA, WASH: "The portion of your sermon, delivered over the radio yesterday, that I heard was most enlightening and constructive, and I should appreciate having you send me a copy of this sermon. These certainly are the kind of biblical explanations that the world needs today." (NOTE: Radio sermons are not printed.)

FROM SEATTLE: "I missed the last two broadcasts on Sunday. I would like very much to have The PLAIN TRUTH. I enjoy your talks and interpretations so much. I like my young people here at home to hear your message. Sometimes they are not near the radio, so I am glad to have you send me the printed message. Yours for a universal coverage of the Good News." (We hear of many young people being interested.)

FROM KENT: "I heard your wonderful talk over KRSC Sunday, and I would like your paper on the prophecies, and thank you very much."

FROM TACOMA: "I heard your broadcast last Sunday for the first time and was greatly blessed. Please send me your paper."

FROM SEATTLE: "Please send me The PLAIN TRUTH. We enjoy your talks very much. May God richly bless your work, and many souls be saved thru your radio work." (Yes, we praise God souls ARE being saved thru our radio work. One case is described on another page.)



FROM OREGON CITY, Dated Sept. 21, -- "I received your message today and with tears streaming from my eyes, thanked our heavenly Father that the way had been opened for your Seattle broadcast. My daughter living in Tacoma, and was so anxious to hear you, so she kept all the Seattle stations going last Sunday till she got you. I am sending $1 to help a little bit on God's work. I am asking God to bless the mite of a widow of nearly 76 years." (We thank God for co-workers like this sister, whose hearts are fully in HIS work.)

FROM PORTLAND -- "Dear Brother in Christ: May I call you that? Your messages on KWJJ are just wonderful. How they thrill my soul. I am in the ------- Home. I can't send right now, anything to your program. How I wish I could. My heart and prayers are for your work. I believe the time is short. I believe so much as you do. I am eighty years old. Bible study is my life. How I love that precious Book! God bless you and your work."

FROM PORTLAND -- "Will you please send me the paper you spoke about Sunday? Your talk on the European situation threw a lot of light on what I'd been wondering how it was going to shape up. I was saved first in 1936, and lived a Christian life for about three years and then back-slid. About 4 weeks ago I knelt down in by me bed and prayed. I know Jesus came back into my life again, but am having quite a struggle. You see I have acquired the smoking habit and can't seem to let it alone. Where I work nearly all the other fellows smoke, and when I see them smoking, the habit is so strong that I weaken. I have been under such conviction ever since I backslid that at times I could really stand it, so I'm trying to live a Christian life again. I do wish you'd pray for me that I'll get complete victory. I'm looking for a different job where there won't be so many around me who smoke. Please remember me in prayer." (This letter is quoted as a sample of the MANY letters being continually received asking for prayer for various reasons. Several young men have come to me, either by letter or in person, confessing to being so in the clutch of the tobacco habit they could not break it. In every case, when we have knelt and prayed together, claiming God's promise that if we confess our sins He will forgive AND CLEANSE, and that sin shall NOT have dominion over us, the habit has been broken and the appetite and desire taken away. The above letter has just come, and I hope to see this young man in Portland Sunday. I give you this letter as a practical illustration of the results of this .... (unreadable) .... It is not the hearers, but the DOERS that shall be justified. Not .... (unreadable) .... in our own strength -- we must be really BORN AGAIN. We must then be doers thru FAITH -- the faith of Christ, adn thru His power. Personally, I take very deep gratification in the knowledge of literally hundreds of lives that have been CHANGED, and CLEANSED, as a result of this work. God's power alone does it, so we give Him all the praise! I ask YOU to pray earnestly for the young man who wrote the above letter, and to remember to pray DAILY, as I do, for our vast radio family, and especially those who ask special prayer. God knows who they are, and their spiritual problems. He says for us to PRAY, one for another. Let us not sin by neglecting this.

FROM PORTLAND -- "I am so interested in your radio talks every Sunday afternoon that I have quit going out any place at that time, but stay at home so I can turn my radio on and listen to you. I would appreciate the magazine, The PLAIN TRUTH, and after the 19th of this month I want to send a little donation to help with the broadcasts."

FROM PORTLAND -- " I find the Lord has blessed me with another dollar for you. I'm sending it along before the Devil tempts me to spend it." (You may smile, but perhaps more of us need to say, "Satan, get thee behind me."

FROM LA CENTER, WASH. -- "I enjoy your broadcast so much, and regret when I have to miss one. I feel lifted, and see more light after listening to you. God is certainly with you in every word that you say -- one can just feel His presence. I would appreciate a copy of The PLAIN TRUTH, please."

Bering, Oregon -- "We are sending $10 with this letter. I hope that every one of your listeners will send what they can, too. These surely are perilous times and so few ministers, in fact I haven't heard any one but you, really preach the true Gospel. Before I really knew what it was to be very close to our Lord, the world war almost made me sick with worry and fear that someday my husband might have to go. And now, with great faith in Jesus I don't worry about it. Instead I pray that he may be spared. It's so sorrowful to me to see people worrying about all the terrible things that are happening. If they only had Jesus in their lives, how at peace they could be. May God bless you richly, and I know He will, for your wonderful work.

FROM PORTLAND -- "In your last broadcast over KWJJ your expressed .... (unreadable) .... whether or not the public approved of your words. From your own teachings, your CONCERN is to preach the TRUTH, just as you have been doing ... The LORD approves. That is enough. The PLAIN TRUTH is most excellent ... This old world is now in the critical time when we need a pilot to show us whither we are headed. You are doing a great job ... I know you are giving the truth to those who never heard it, and probably never would, who will not go to the present-day church and who hold church to be hypocritical and a racket. But they listen to you. Keep up the good work."

FROM DAYTON, ORE. -- "We receive so much benefit from your splendid sermons on prophecy with we hear over KWJJ. You are doing a great work ... I am a teacher of a large class of high school students and find The PLAIN TRUTH very valuable." Space for no more. Sorry.


Yes, even ATHEISTS -- those who have convinced themselves there is NO GOD -- have been rescued from their false philosophies, and brought to full repentance and to God through Jesus Christ as personal Saviour! Seldom, if ever, have you heard of atheists being converted. Yet I know definitely of at least two who have been thus changed from death unto life, thru this work of which YOU are a vital part. Both are active co-workers now. It should cause you to REJOICE, bring you encouragement and happiness, to know your support of this work is definitely bearing such fruit for Christ's Kingdom!

The first, a young mother, had heard the radio broadcast, and attended one of our evangelistic meetings in Eugene one night, coming with a friend to scoff. She was prominent in the Communist party. Christianity, to her, was a huge joke -- a middle-age superstition. To accept it denoted lack of intelligence, ignorance of the facts of science.

The sermon that night covered the largest prophecy in the Bible, Daniel 11, foretelling Mussolini's invasion of Ethiopia. This incidentally, was early in 1935, prior to this invasion, and at the time newspapers and authorities were telling us there would be no invasion -- the League of Nations would stop it. This young lady who came to scoff remained to ask bewildered questions. She was stumped, and filled with wonder. No mortal Man could have written that detailed prophecy she heard unfolded. The next night she came again. Then she asked if she could come to our home and ask some questions. God was dealing with her. A new knowledge was being opened to her mind. Prejudice relaxed, former convictions were shattered, her atheistic philosophy disintegrated. She had WANTED the truth all along, but never had seen it before. Finally, in another meeting, she came to the altar and gave her SELF to God. Today she is one of the finest Christian young women we know, active in the Lord's service, often helping here in the office. She has been terribly persecuted for her faith, but has endured it all with a smile, growing in grace and knowledge.

The second is a young man in Vancouver, Washington. His conversion was brought about solely by the radio broadcasts. Last February 16th, we received this letter -- the first we had ever heard of this young man:

"Dear Mr. Armstrong: I started listening to your broad- casts in September, 1938, and since that time I have been coming to my senses. In other words, you have been the medium thru whom God has acted to blast away my atheistic ideas, false conceptions and idiotic philosophies. This, to me, is a modern miracle, for I have long considered myself impregnable to what seemed to be the greatest myth of all time -- God and the Bible ... I've been listening for a long time to various pastors, ministers and preachers, if only for the malicious pleasure of finding fault with what they say. The first time I tuned in on you, I was stuck. Then I started thinking -- probably for the first time in years. Then I started regretting. I didn't deserve it, but found the door open when I knocked. It's marvelous how much different one's attitude is when it is taken from a spiritual angle. All things seem different. It's something God only can do for a person. I wish you could reach a much larger audience, and I'm praying for the time when you can."

We have since met this young man and his wife, who has been a Sunday-school teacher, several times. They attended most of the recent meetings in Vancouver, and he is now awaiting baptism, along with four or five others in Portland -- perhaps within the week. Dear co-workers and brethren, this work IS worth while! Let's press on! Let us not slacken! ON TO LOS ANGELES is our slogan now!


For years we have been telling our listeners, and our readers, that the MEDITERRANEAN SEA would be the center of the stage of the world war, to end at ARMAGEDDON with the second coming of Christ!

This war started where its actual first phase left off in 1918 -- in northern Europe. But now we see it rapidly shifting toward the Mediterranean, -- and toward PALESTINE, and ARMAGEDDON!

In recent weeks German troops have been pouring into Rumania. A week ago, Mussolini's legions suddenly began invading GREECE. The dark shadow of war now hovers over all the Balkans, clear to the Mediterranean. The drift is toward Palestine, and Egypt, exactly as BIBLE PROPHECY has told those who understand it.

We are keeping our listeners UP TO THE MINUTE on these fulfilled prophecies week by week, over all three radio stations. While many events are prophesied which yet must happen before Christ's coming and the END of this war, yet events will occur with increasing momentum from now on -- and IT IS LATER THAN MOST OF US THINK!

Truly, TIME IS SHORT! Much work remains for us to do. The true Gospel -- the GOOD NEWS of the coming KINGDOM -- together with the WARNING of coming plagues and invasion by the sword, MUST BE SHOUTED FEARLESSLY TO THIS WHOLE NATION, AND AROUND THE WORLD! We must sacrifice other things -- yes, even to selling surplus property not needed for our home or living -- to make it possible to add more and more radio stations. LOS ANGELES is NEXT! Then the RADIO CHURCH OF GOD must go COAST-TO-COAST, and into other nations, and by short-wave AROUND THE WORLD! God has committed to us -- YOU as well as me -- a most solemn and sacred trust! He has revealed to us His precious TRUTH! It is our responsibility! We must proclaim it, honestly, faithfully, fearlessly, with the power of the living God. We cannot let down. We dare not turn back or quit. We must place FIRST the Kingdom of God, above all else in our lives! We must press on, ever FORWARD! with inspired ENERGY!

Hitler seems to have inspired his soldiers. A captured German soldier confidently stated the German armies quickly would conquer and release him. "We will conquer," he said, "because you are merely desperate -- but we are INSPIRED." Surely, Satan is inspiring men to war. Is the Holy Spirit INSPIRING YOU, as well as me, for this mighty God-given task ahead? Let us put our whole heart and soul into it!

* * * * *


God permits all of us to be tested and tempted. There is surely nothing that touches closer home to the average person than his pocket-book. It is but natural, then, that many are tested on this point. But we must WIN this test -- we must OVERCOME, or lose out!

There is a constant temptation upon many, when hard pressed, to feel they cannot SPARE the tithe or offering for God's work just now. They decide to let it wait until LATER.

Often the VERY REASON some are having a hard time, financially, is UNFAITHFULNESS in this regard. God promises a financial BLESSING if we are faithful stewards in handling God's money. Many rob themselves of that promised blessing, and then wonder why things go with them as they do!

God's Word says ALL belongs to Him -- our gold and silver -- the earth and the fullness thereof (Haggai 2:8; I Cor. 10:26). Since He is Creator, He alone can reveal the true ownership. As God tells us, in His Word, we may use all but the tithes and offerings for ourselves, AFTER, not before, paying faithfully His part into His work. The tithe (tenth) is not the second, fourth, or last tenth -- it is the first tenth of all our increase (Prov. 3:9). It is ALL our increase, or income, regardless of source -- not just PART!

To take and use that very first tenth, thinking we can pay the tithe later is like a bank teller thinking he cannot wait until his salary (HIS part of the bank's money) is paid to him, and taking part of the money in his cage, expecting to put it back when he gets his salary. We call that EMBEZZLEMENT! And God says we have ROBBED HIM! But we say, "wherein have we robbed thee?" And He answers, "In tithes and offerings!" (Mal.3.8). This is not OLD Testament teaching, but NEW. Malachi is a PROPHECY, written for OUR DAY -- written AFTER Israel and Judah had been cut off from the Old Covenant and driven out as captives. Verse 9 says we are cursed with a curse because of this -- yes, a FINANCIAL curse.

Why? Because God promises a financial BLESSING, if we are faithful to Him with our money! (Prov. 3:9-10; Luke 6:38). It makes God a PARTNER in our financial affairs. He is able to prosper us, and in so doing HIS tenth is larger, too. But most of us ROB not only God, but we ROB OURSELVES of the financial blessing He promises! We would actually have MORE if we were faithful in tithes and offerings! It actually costs you NOTHING to tithe -- God promises to more than make it up to you, and you will get along BETTER financially! Truly, we need to learn to TRUST HIM. HE is our only TRUE security. Money is not dependable security. PLAGUES are coming. We need GOD'S security and HIS protection. The way to avoid temptation is not to DARE touch that first tenth! Put it, and the free-will offering, into God's work FIRST, then enjoy God's blessing in using the rest for yourself! The tithe is HOLY to the Lord. (Lev. 27:30). It BELONGS to the Lord -- for HIS WORK! Place it where HE is working -- to carry the Message with real power to multiplied thousands -- where souls are being saved!

* * * * * *


To my Co-Workers: I am forced to cut off the good things I wanted to pass on to you in this Bulletin at this point, and use this remaining space to tell you that OUR WORK IS IN SERIOUS DANGER!

For the last two weeks again, very little money has been coming in to carry on the work. Our special fund for the Seattle broadcast is nearly exhausted. Unless it is replenished quickly, and larger amounts start coming in from day to day, at once, we face even having to drop the broadcast in Seattle, just when it is BEGINNING TO TAKE HOLD! To date we have had to spend more than $350 on the Seattle broadcast. Offerings are just BEGINNING, now, to come from new listeners from KRSC, our Seattle station. First, one dollar, then two weeks later another dollar, then $6 the next week -- $8 total received so far. In another four to six weeks, I am confident the new listeners from that station will make it self- supporting -- after the next PLAIN TRUTH is out. But first I find it necessary to go once more to Seattle for two more broadcasts in person (we are sending transcriptions up there), and it now costs nearly $100 to publish and mail each issue of the PLAIN TRUTH. We must finance these expenses, and the broadcasts, during these next few weeks, and then I know the new station will carry itself. We have now reached the CRISIS, and we must put our shoulders to the wheel, with EXTRA effort, EXTRA sacrifice, sending in something EXTRA, to tide the work over this crisis. God helping us, WE WILL, and then ON TO LOS ANGELES next! God's work must GO FORWARD! These are serious times. God has committed to us a very solemn and serious responsibility. WE MUST NOT FAIL HIM! It will take some more LARGER offerings, of $20, $25, $50, or $100, besides EVERYBODY making a special effort to add an extra dollar or more to the regular monthly offerings, to carry us safely past this emergency. Will you do what YOU can, just as soon as you possible can, sending it in the enclosed self-addressed envelope -- and then PRAY! PRAY!! PRAY!!! It's another test of faith, but God WILL CARRY US THRU. HELP! PRAY!

Herbert W. Armstrong

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