OPINION: Bible Scriptures Show What Time We Are In


And there was given me a reed like unto a rod: and the angel stood, saying, Rise, and measure the temple of God…”(Revelation 11:1) (For more information on “the temple of God” please read Herbert W. Armstrong’s article: Why The Church?) In 1977, Mr. Armstrong died from total heart failure, with men conspiring in the wings to take his place as leader of the Worldwide Church of God. BUT THEY WERE FOILED and God miraculously raised his chosen apostle and end-time Elijah BACK TO LIFE!!!! From that point on, Christ began leading His apostle MORE POWERFULLY THAN BEFORE, and guiding him to CLEAN UP THE WORLDWIDE CHURCH OF GOD, to MEASURE THE SPIRITUAL TEMPLE OF GOD, to make READY the fiance Bride of Jesus Christ, whom is going to marry the Church upon His second coming.

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SHARING-"Who Shall Separate Us?" By Steven Botha


God wants you to succeed!

More than anything else, God wants you to fulfill your incredible human potential and be born into His very Family as an immortal spirit being!

Regular readers of The Good News know that the human destiny is tremendously greater than most people realize. Throughout history, God has worked with small groups of people for special purposes. He is doing the same today. 

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