God's Miraculous Protection

God’s Miraculous Protection

By Richard Rice

Pastor General’s Report August 10, 1984

  This week’s letter comments reflect God’s care and protection of Church members and others involved with God’s Church. They include examples of personal property being safeguarded, deliverance from disastrous weather and accidents. We thought you would find the following firsthand accounts inspiring. Continue reading…

BREAKING NEWS- One killed, 15 injured in Cincinnati nightclub shooting

One person was killed and 15 others injured during a shooting at a nightclub in Cincinnati early Sunday, police said.
Source: Cincinnati nightclub shooting: One killed, 15 injured –   WHY? Why are we having an upsurge in mass shootings? Statistics show that there have been 98 mass shootings in the United States so far this year(2017) according to Americans citizens are arming themselves more today, than ever before. They are looking for protection. As Millions Arm Themselves …WHAT’S YOUR SOURCE OF PROTECTION?
Here’s the way to security from crime and violence — without guns!
   HANDGUN sales are soaring In the United States. And many are rushing out to buy shortened shotguns or rapid-fire rifles for self-defense. Others are learning martial arts such as judo, karate or kung fu. People around the world are astounded to see millions in the United States arming themselves out of frustration that government isn’t able to do anything about rising crime. Pollsters find more and more American citizens saying, “I have to rely on myself. I can’t depend on government to protect me!” What is the cause of such fear evoking crime and violence? And why are governments often unable to protect their citizens? Continue reading…