EXCERPT: How one falls away

Excerpt from “Satan, Deceive and Use Me…NEVER!!” by Herbert W Armstrong

One is walking along in a thickly wooded forest on a moonless pitch-dark night. But just ahead of him is an experienced guide with a lighted lantern. If he follows that lighted lantern, he will be led safely out of the woods. But if he turns aside a step or two and hesitates, the light continues on out of his sight. Then he isreally lost. If one turns aside from God’s truth on just one point, or one doctrine, and does not quickly repent, the light of God’s truth moves on. In his self-centered effort to find the light of truth, he now walks blindly in wrong directions. He takes more and more steps in the wrong direction. That is, he proceeds into more and more error, all the while losing more and more of what truth he had. God’s Word, the Holy Bible, is “a lamp unto our feet” to guide us out of the darkness of error and into the daylight brightness of TRUTH. The oil that produces the light in the lamp or lantern, causing it to light up to our understanding, is the Holy Spirit (of Psalms 119:105, Matthew 25:1-13). So comprehend the illustration. We all were lost in the dark woods of sin. On first realization of it, with repentance and belief, we received the first portion of God’s Holy Spirit. The Bible begins to light up. It is as many as are led by the Spirit of God that are the begotten sons of God . (Romans 8:14) The Spirit of God, by lighting up the Bible leads us a step at a time, into more and more truth. And a step at a time out of error and sin. But if and when you reject one point of truth, it is like stepping aside in the dark woods. You are no longer being led bythe Spirit of God opening the Bible to right understanding. The light – the Spirit of God – leaves you. God’s TRUTH marches on! It leaves you behind. You are in darkness again. Lost again in the darkness of sin! You stumble around in the thick dark woods trying to find the lighted lantern. But every step you now take is taking you farther away from the lighted lantern proceeding on the SURE path out of the woods. In other words, if you reject one point of truth, or take one step aside into one point of error – unless you repentimmediately and get back to the light – you will take more and more steps into erroneous beliefs, and one by one give up the points of TRUTH you had seen and accepted. Take the example of some ministers who left God’s Church. Some tried to incorporate new “churches” of their own. But they were not GOD’S churches. These men had all rejected one or more points of truth, or Church doctrine. They almost immediately began to add new points of false doctrine of their own – not of God. Soon they began rejecting points of TRUTH. Perhaps it was tithing. Perhaps healing. Perhaps voting in this world’s governments. Perhaps it was God’s Government in the Church. Soon they were rejecting God’s annual Holy Days and Feasts. Soon they were rejecting more and more of GOD’S TRUTH and turning to more and more FALSE doctrines and errors. THEY, PROFESSING TO FOLLOW CHRIST in their new way, WERE GOING FARTHER and FARTHER AWAY FROM HIM. They were going closer and closer to Satan and Satan‘s WAY. Now HOW DID IT ALL START? It started, in every case, by taking one step in Satan’s direction – compromising – becoming “liberal” – or resenting and rebelling against GOD’S GOVERNMENT in His Church – or letting a spirit of SELF enter in – it could be self- righteousness or self-centeredness in COVETING POWER. More than one has been led into spiritual darkness by coveting POWER in God’s Church. Unfortunately, conferring on leading ministers such rank or titles as “Evangelist,” or “Vice-President,” went to some heads, sparking a coveting of POWER in the Church. It almost seems strange – it was NOT in these men a lust or greed for more money – it was a coveting of POWER – of the TOP SEAT – of AUTHORITY – or of the resentment of authority over them.

Sermon: How Does God View Government Today?

Sermon: How Does God View Government Today?

Speaker: Mr. Dean R. Wilson

Date: Unknown – Possibly 1979

Summary: How Does God view Government Today? How Does He view Government within the Church? Outside the Church? What About Romans 13? What would happen if there is no Government?(Hint: He goes into why Splinter groups and explains plainly the different Church of God groups today) [su_audio url="http://sermons.wwcg-archives.com/Dean%20Wilson/How%20God%20Views%20Government%20Today%20-%20Dean%20Wilson.mp3" width="100%" autoplay="no" loop="no" class=""]



OPINION: S.T.P Implemeted in modern "Church of God" organizations.

The Systematic Theology Project, or S.T.P that slipped it’s way into the hands of the ministers of the Worldwide Church of God during the 1970’s is being implemented into modern churches! [NOTE: this is ANTI-STP not PRO-STP] A look into the modern “Church of God” organizations will shock older members of the Worldwide Church of God members!

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Why Did God Raise Up The Nation Of Israel-And Deny Them Spiritual Salvation?

Why Did God Raise Up the Nation Israel — and Deny Them Spiritual Salvation?

by Herbert W. Armstrong

Published in the Good News Magazine, May 1984

Did anyone ever think to ask WHY God raised up the ancient nation Israel, denying them His Holy Spirit and eternal salvation – except their prophets only? Why “chosen people”? WHY were Old Testament Israelites called God’s “chosen people” —and still denied the Holy Spirit to beget them into eternal life? “Chosen”—for what? To be teacher’s pet? For special favors above other nations? Was God a respecter of nations? To understand, we need to start with Adam and Eve. It is an intriguing story, and I have never seen it put together in this manner before. The true reason for ancient Israel is an integral part of God’s supreme master plan.

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The Beautiful Analogy of Human Reproduction

The Beautiful Analogy of Human Reproduction written by Herbert W. Armstrong

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Some of the teachings in the Bible are a little hard for the average thinking mind to understand. James tells us to count it all joy when trials, ordeals, reverses beset us. Troubles a joy? That’s pretty hard to accept, isn’t it? And, for the average person, a lot harder to put into practice. Few find any pleasure, let alone joy, in the obstacles and troubles they encounter. Yet this biblical teaching says we ought so to count them. There is a reason, although few understand it.  

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Is Christ Starting a Second Church? Read This to find out!

IS CHRIST STARTING A SECOND CHURCH? by Herbert W. Armstrong page 1 Good News December 4, 1978 HOW MANY CHURCHES does God have at one and the same time? The dissidents following A MAN, Garner Ted Armstrong, are now speaking out of both sides of their mouths. They KNOW that God condemns leaving God’s Church and following a MAN. So, in an effort to take members away from God’s Church, actually THREE false claims are being spread. 1) They are spreading the LIE that Garner Ted Armstrong is only doing the same thing his father did – FALSELY claiming I left the “Sardis” church to pull away their members and so start a church of my own. The long article recently appearing, on “How the Worldwide Church of God Came into Being” [GN, Nov. 6], ought to NAIL THAT LIE! a) I did not leave them, for I have never been a member of them; b) I continued working alternately with their two main divisions – Stanberry, Mo., and Salem, W.Va. I was still working with them in 1945, 12 years after the present “Philadelphia” era came into being, 1933. Note that in this he concedes the seven churches of Revelation 2 and 3 were consecutive eras, as well as seven continuous conditions in the one Church. 2) Again they admit the successive eras depicted in Revelation 2 and 3, claiming that my son is now starting the “Laodicean” era of the Church. But God does not start His Church or any era of it by one disfellowshipped for causing division, sowing the seeds of discord among brethren, and then attacking God’s Church and trying to draw away its members after him, on pretext of being a CHURCH – when those few are only following A MAN. It is NOT a Church! It has no apostle, evangelist-pastor-elder organization. It is NOT proclaiming Christ’s Gospel into all the world for a witness unto all nations! It is a MAN, with one or two working with him, merely seeking to take away members of God’s true Church. 3) Then they speak out of the other side of their mouths, I am grieved to say. This time, they say Revelation 2 and 3 do NOT portray seven SUCCESSIVE stages or eras of the one true Church. Apparently they try to explain, or twist its true meaning, by saying seven is God’s number of completeness – therefore there are now MANY churches, as Roman Catholic, Methodist, Baptist, etc. – all of which COMBINED constitute the BODY OF CHRIST. Anyone who believes that had, perhaps, better get into one of them, or follow a man who has incorporated himself to be a church. But a legal corporation does not make it GOD’S CHURCH! It might be interesting, at this point, to explain the TOTAL DIFFERENCE between what Garner Ted is now doing and what his father did in 1930. He has incorporated under civil law, under a church name as a starter. This was done to try to draw away members from the true Church to follow him. The Oregon Conference But what his father did was totally different. In Oregon a number of members of the Church of God, Seventh-Day, headquartered at Stanberry, Mo., pulled out and incorporated themselves separately as the Oregon Conference of the Church of God. They became a SEPARATE CHURCH, operating with their own tithes, directing and paying salary to their own ministers. They were ORGANIZED. They did not understand God’s form of organization – they had no apostle, but they did employ evangelists – as Robert L. Taylor, Roy Daily and myself – and later, Sven Oberg and A.J. Ray. Their form of organization was a board of trustees, with a president, vice president and secretary-treasurer. The board was in authority – not the ministers. Shortly after the Oregon Conference separately incorporated, a division occurred in the Stanberry church, and approximately half of their members followed Andrew N. Dugger into a new church based at Salem, W.Va., and named, simply, “Church of God.” In August of 1933, I renounced the salary from the Oregon Conference, but did not leave their fellowship. In fact, later that August a new church was established at Jeans schoolhouse, 12 miles west of Eugene – all but one family my own new converts, and that family not attached to either Sardis group. BUT, more – most of the Oregon Conference members began coming to Eugene to fellowship with the new Radio Church of God (now the Worldwide Church of God), and I continued, as a voluntary service, to preach Sabbath afternoons at the schoolhouse near Jefferson where they met. I never sought to pull away any of their members. They were enamored with the new Salem-based church, and a little later – (not now sure of the date) probably 1934, while the Radio Church of God was on the air and The Plain Truth being published – they abandoned their Oregon Conference and went in with Salem. Parent Church grows At, and just west of Eugene, the parent church of the Worldwide Church of God was very much alive and growing. I was leading elder, and I had appointed and ordained an assistant pastor and a deacon. We counseled seriously on the matter and decided, in early or mid-1934, not to go in with the Salem people – and we had never gone in with Stanberry. However, a little later I agreed to cooperate and work with the Salem ministers. And under this arrangement I continued as pastor of the members who formerly were the Oregon, Conference, but now were joined with Salem. BUT NEITHER I NOR ANY OF THE EUGENE MEMBERS ever joined the Salem Church – or Stanberry. I received no salary or compensation of any kind from them. On my part it was a VOLUNTARY GIVING of time and effort and cooperation, with no remuneration of any kind. Later – it was either 1945 or 1947 – probably the latter – the former Oregon Conference members had a division. I had ordained two elders and two deacons in their local church near Jefferson, which I pastored. Half of them, including one elder, a Mr. Davidson, and Mr. Henion, refused to meet with them further, though I urged them to remain with the Salem people. Meanwhile, about half of all the brethren in the Willamette Valley had remained with Stanberry. They asked me urgently to unite then with the half of the Salem people who had refused to remain with the Dugger group. For a while I refused. But it left only a small membership still with the Dugger division, and I finally agreed to organize them and serve as their pastor – although the Stanberry brethren kept their membership and sent tithes to Stanberry, while the Henion family and others, including the Coles, counted their membership with the parent church of the Worldwide Church of God – and Mr. C. Wayne Cole is still with us in the very important capacity of director of ministerial services. I continued to pastor the Stanberry-based group in the Willamette Valley until probably in 1942, when I spent some months in Hollywood starting the DAILY radio broadcasting and speaking Sunday afternoons to a packed house at the Biltmore theater. I had GIVEN them my time and services freely, at my own and Eugene church expense. I sought none of their members and none came with us – though as brethren we still had love one for the other. Incorporation becomes necessary And I did not start out by incorporating myself pretending to be a church. We, in the growing Church of God – then Eugene-based – finally had grown to a size where incorporation became a necessity. IN NO WAY is Garner Ted doing as his father did, and any claim that he is, is a point-blank lie resorted to, to DECEIVE God’s people and present the REPREHENSIBLE things Garner Ted is now doing in a good light. It is Satan who tries to make us believe that wrong is right. But now what about the seven churches of Revelation 2 and 3? I have always said, and still affirm, that these seven messages to the seven churches are picturing in advance the seven CONDITIONS to be found in the ONE CONTINUING TRUE CHURCH – but with the Ephesian condition dominant during the first era or years of time, the Smyrna condition becoming dominant in the next period of time, and so on with the Laodicean condition outstanding in the same true Church at about the time of the great tribulation and climaxing with Christ’s second coming. To expound that fully requires more space than I have here. It will be covered later. But the crux of the whole matter is simply THIS: Where, in all this effort at persuading God’s people to follow Garner Ted Armstrong, a man DISFELLOWSHIPPED, who did, and is continuing now from without, to sow the seeds of discord among brethren – in all their arguments, WHERE IS GOD? WHERE IS JESUS CHRIST, living HEAD of the Church? One thing I can say definitely and with authority, God and our Head, JESUS CHRIST, have NOT left God’s one and only TRUE CHURCH. These dissidents are LOOKING AT MEN! They are leaving GOD out of their thinking. For 44 YEARS the living JESUS CHRIST HAS BEEN HEADING, LEADING, GUIDING AND BLESSING GOD’S ONE AND ONLY TRUE CHURCH! HE has not forsaken it. HE is not in ANY effort to pull members out from GOD’s Church, where CHRIST is working. HE is NOT following Garner Ted Armstrong, who resorted to a conspiracy to water down God’s TRUTH – to SECULARIZE God’s Church and college – to literally PUT GOD AND CHRIST OUT OF THE COLLEGE AND CHURCH! HE is not! Will You? Some were leaving Jesus when here in the human flesh (John 6:66), “… many of his disciples went back, and walked no more with him.” Would you have been one of them?]]>