OPINION: Herbert W. Armstrong on the "Laodicean Era"

  Here is Mr.Armstrong talking about the Laodicean era and Church. He also talks about ministers who try to steal members of God’s Church into their church, so they gain a following. Any CHURCH, and MAN, who comes in with VAIN Flattery trying to gain us as followers of his ministry, trying to gain our support in order to “appear” like one of us IS NOT OF GOD, AND IT IS NOT GOD’S CHURCH!!!!!!

Listen up as the Living Head of the Church, the coming KING OF KINGS and LORD OF LORDS, Jesus Christ puts things straight, through His Apostle Herbert W Armstrong! Believe it or not, IT IS A WITNESS UNTO YOU! Herbert W Armstrong talking about the Laodicean Era & Church [su_youtube url="https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=YgNzTiJ4ANA" autoplay="yes"]

"God brought me back to life…FOR A PURPOSE."

Quote from Co-Worker & Brethren Letter, April 16, 1979 Author: Herbert W. Armstrong   The Worldwide Church of God shall have made herself READY! Today, Jesus Christ is leading His Church through His anointed apostle Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong. God hasn’t changed His mind. He chose His apostle FOR A PURPOSE. We, the membership of the Church, were called by God FOR A PURPOSE as well! The Worldwide Church of God BACKS and SUPPORTS Mr. Armstrong, Christ’s anointed apostle! In Zechariah 4, is pictured ONE CANDLESTICK, or ONE CHURCH,  with 2 apostles, 2 anointed ones feeding the Church the “golden oil” picturing the Holy Spirit of God. If we compare Zechariah 4 with Revelation 11, we find that the MAIN WITNESS is one of these 2 anointed ones. Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong is the first anointed one. The Main Witness is the second anointed one. They are over the Philadelphia Era, or CANDLESTICK. These 2 anointed ones of God, are feeding the same WORLDWIDE CHURCH OF GOD, the very same candlestick! Today, God’s Church is making herself ready, studying God’s Word, and the apostle’s teaching, making sure he/she is walking according to God’s Word. Mr. Armstrong was raised for a PURPOSE! Are you going to allow Christ to use the apostle to correct you, to teach you, to build you up in Jesus Christ, into the glorious TEMPLE OF THE LIVING GOD? The second anointed one of Zechariah 4, the main witness of Revelation 11, will be an apostle. God gives power unto His next apostle to preach, when their commission begins in Jerusalem at the beginning of the Great Tribulation. Look to the apostle Paul’s example in God’s Word. When God called him into the body of Christ, Christ Himself trained him. He then worked in the Church under Barnabas, but was not yet standing in the office of apostle. When God’s time for him came, and it did, God raised up His chosen apostle to do the job! That time for the Main Witness is in the soon future! But for now, we are under the first anointed one of Zechariah 4, called to BACK AND SUPPORT GOD’S ANOINTED APOSTLE- Herbert W. Armstrong! And we must be found SO DOING! That is the PURPOSE of the Worldwide Church of God! “God brought me back to life from complete heart failure and death, in August 1977 FOR A PURPOSE. That PURPOSE is to FINISH proclaiming His Message around the world — to be used in setting His Church back on His track — and in leading you brethren of His Church into a condition where you are finally PREPARED, and MADE READY, without spot or wrinkle or any such thing, but HOLY — the Bride of Christ who shall have made herself READY! ” Quote from Co-Worker & Brethren Letter, April 16, 1979 Author: Herbert W. Armstrong]]>

OPINION: Trouble mostly from those EMPLOYED by Church

  “I have found that nearly all the TROUBLES among our membership have come from those employed–those GETTING their salaries from God’s Church. We have had little trouble and very few problems with lay brethren who GIVE offerings and PAY tithes to God’s Church. ” Quote from Herbert W. Armstrong in December 27, 1979 Pastor General’s Report   Think ON THIS! Are you trying to GET a salary? Are you looking into different churches, simply for a SALARY? God’s Church has experienced problems like this before. If you are focusing on your PAYCHECK, and on what you can GET, you must realize that THAT IS CONTRARY TO THE WAY OF GOD! Repent, immediately!]]>

OPINION: Joining the Church just to GET

  “To my great sorrow I learned a costly lesson. Some have merely “joined” the Church–not being really converted as I had supposed. Human nature was still with them. They still were on the “GETTING” way of life–not Christ’s “GIVING” way. To my great sorrow, I had to learn that, even in the Church, many who are GETTING their living on salary from the Church, still live by the “GETTING” standard, not God’s way of “GIVING.” The more they GET the more they want–and when they get it they are never satisfied, but want more.” Quote from Herbert W. Armstrong, Pastor General’s Report December 27, 1979


  • Are you joining with one of these  “churches” or “organizations” simply because you want a PAYCHECK?
  • Are you trying to find “the closest group to the truth” in order to GET what YOU WANT? Fellowship? Something to do?
That is the carnal mind reasoning within you. SATAN’S WAY IS “GET”! God’s Way is GIVE! Mr. Armstrong found out that many weren’t converted, but were just joining a church that “agreed with them”, because they could GET what they wanted. If you are just looking for “the closest group” you WILL NOT FIND THE TRUE CHURCH! And then you will be joining a church of this world, created by those who have gone out of the true Church!
  • Which way are you living? Are you getting back on track?
We all need to examine ourselves, because I believe many are joining FALSE GROUPS, just for the paycheck, or to GET what they want.]]>

OPINION: The Worldwide Church of God is NOT a legal corporation but a SPIRITUAL ORGANISM

  “Actually the Worldwide Church of God is a spiritual organism, created by GOD – not a legal corporate organization created by this world’s laws. But, in order to function IN the world in an organizational manner, the Church of God has needed to be incorporated according to state laws. The members of the Church are NOT members of the “Worldwide Church of God, Inc.,” a California corporation, nor of “Herbert W. Armstrong, a corporation sole,” under which our financial operations currently are functioning (since the massive lawsuit by the state of California).” [Excerpt from “Advisory Council of Elders Formed- by Herbert W. Armstrong, Worldwide News – 16th March 1981]]]>