An Important Reminder —How Leaven Pictures Sin By George M. Kackos


God offers Christians vital lessons through the Days of Unleavened Bread. What do these days picture, and how can they help you lead a happier life?

The apostles were jolted! First, the sound of a violent windstorm filled the house where they were meeting. Then, almost before they had time to think, glowing flames of fire began leaping upon them.

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Why did God put you into His Church?

Comment: The following article is a MUST READ! Since the death of Herbert W. Armstrong, the chosen apostle of Jesus Christ, the Worldwide Church of God has been under SEVERE PERSECUTION. Out of the ministry arose FALSE BRETHREN speaking perverse things.  The Worldwide Church of God is not a “legal corporation”. It is an unincorporated SPIRITUAL ORGANISM! When ministers “departed from the way”(Malachi 2:8), they gained control and  authority over the “legal corporations”. When this happened, they began to re-invent themselves, re-branding their “legal corporation” into a completely and utterly DIFFERENT Church! Others went out to create their own groups, doing the same thing. True members were CAST OUT, true ministers were MUZZLED, ostracized and put away. More and more the true Church was PERSECUTED just as it was in the first century! The Word of God says the end shall not come unless there comes a “falling away” first. Today, churches are “set up”. Different groups have rose up, each claiming to be the true Church, but each with a different “identity”. They want to build themselves a work, where THEIR IDENTITY is elevated. But God labels such works “WICKEDNESS”(Malachi 3:15), and such is the Great Falling Away of 2 Thes 2. The book of Zechariah pictures these days, where men are doing their own “puny, insignificant” works, the “day of small things”. Those of the true Church despise these days, because these works are NOT OF GOD! The Work of God is GREAT! And in the hands of Zerubbabel(Herbert W. Armstrong) God’s Work was GREAT! Zechariah 4 pictures TWO ANOINTED ONES, over the same CANDLESTICK. Revelation 1:20 pictures a candlestick as a CHURCH. Revelation 11 pictures the TWO WITNESSES, as “two candlesticks”, which can only mean one thing. ONE CANDLESTICK IS: PHILADELPHIA The SECOND ONE IS: LAODICEA Zechariah 4 pictures TWO ANOINTED ONES over ONE CANDLESTICK, the Philadelphia Era. Herbert W. Armstrong was one of them. There is a SECOND apostle of the Worldwide Church of God coming. Today, the Church is under persecution from Satan the Devil(Revelation 12:13). The next apostle will be THE MAIN WITNESS of the Two Witnesses of Revelation 11. He feeds the same candlestick in Zechariah 4, the same “golden oil”. This article from Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong pictures what we now face. He goes into detail on why the Church was called to do! We were called to get back of him, the apostle, who was sent forth unto the nations with the true gospel! Are we fulfilling our calling today? Or are we joined with some other church, fooling ourselves? In relation to the scripture pertaining to the TWO WITNESSES, I think Exodus 23:20-22 is pertinent. Herbert W. Armstrong fulfilled the role of the Elijah MESSENGER who would come before Christ’s second coming to PREPARE THE WAY! This next apostle, will be used by Christ to “KEEP YOU IN THE WAY, and to bring you unto the place I(God) have prepared”(Place of safety promised in Revelation 3:10; Revelation 12:14). Are we now doing our part in fulfilling our calling? The Worldwide Church of God must fulfill it’s calling! And in order for God’s Word to be true(and it is), those of the Church will be and ARE doing their part, and will continue to exist for the next apostle to be raised up! It will not be some other Church, with a DIFFERENT identity, but the same Worldwide Church of God! Exodus 23:20-22 explains that this messenger has “my(Christ speaking) name”. Revelation 3:8 has Christ praising the Worldwide Church of God(Philadelphia Era) for NOT denying His name! And if there is only ONE WORK, and ONE CHURCH, that blows out of the water what these COG groups are doing! The Worldwide Church of God is persecuted but STILL ALIVE doing the Work of God, backing and supporting Christ’s chosen apostle! WHAT ABOUT YOU?   PREFACE


PRESIDENT and PASTOR February 21, 1974

Dear Brethren of God’s Church: I have just completed what I feel is the most important article (in letter form) to God’s people in a year, or probably ever, because it sets forth as never before why God has called and put us in His Church NOW, instead of later. I ask you to read every word very carefully, then read it again — and STILL AGAIN when it comes out in the May issue of The Good News. Satan is attacking against you and against the Living Christ and His Work. Your eternal life may depend on thoroughly understanding this!

WITH GREAT LOVE, in Jesus’ name, Herbert W. Armstrong

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♛ MOVING FORWARD "On God's Track"



[Original Publication] It’s hard to believe, but five years have already passed since the first Ministerial Refreshing Program started. The major emphasis of the first program was to stir all of God’s ministry to support and back Mr. Herbert Armstrong in setting the Church back on God’s track. The ministry itself had to be set back on God’s track before that effort could be extended to every congregation around the world.
Perhaps many of us would be surprised to realize that it was seven years ago that Mr. Armstrong reinstituted The GOOD NEWS magazine, and began to include such articles as “And NOW–The PLAIN TRUTH Being Set Back on Track,” “CHRIST NOW PUTS CHURCH BACK ON GOD’S FINANCIAL TRACK!”, “AND NOW CHRIST SETS CHURCH BACK ON TRACK DOCTRINALLY” and “CHRIST NOW MOVES TO PUT GOD’S GOVERNMENT BACK ON THE TRACK.” As Mr. Armstrong has so often reminded us, we must not only stay on God’s track, we must be moving forward on God’s track! As time goes on, the natural tendency is to begin to let down. If we are not careful, the sense of urgency and recommitment to the faith once delivered-that we all felt five to seven years ago can begin to fade.

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The Beautiful Analogy of Human Reproduction

The Beautiful Analogy of Human Reproduction written by Herbert W. Armstrong

[Original Publication]

Some of the teachings in the Bible are a little hard for the average thinking mind to understand. James tells us to count it all joy when trials, ordeals, reverses beset us. Troubles a joy? That’s pretty hard to accept, isn’t it? And, for the average person, a lot harder to put into practice. Few find any pleasure, let alone joy, in the obstacles and troubles they encounter. Yet this biblical teaching says we ought so to count them. There is a reason, although few understand it.  

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Are We REALLY Listening Brethren?

Worldwide News, 19th Feb 1979 page 1

And Now Christ Sets Church Back On Track Doctrinally

By Herbert W Armstrong

Until about 1969 we in God’s Church did all “speak the same things”. By 1978 many of the ministers were speaking different things! God had withdrawn from us His blessing and power that for 35 YEARS caused the Work of His Church to grow at the approximate rate of 30 percent every years of the preceding year!


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