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News Article Submission

If you find any news articles you feel relevant to The Church’s commission to WATCH world events, this is the place to submit it. Please include a paragraph or two to explain how it may be relevant. Perhaps you want to know if this certain event or subject was taught in the Church or not. Or you want to know what else was published on it. Go ahead and submit it along with your questions and comments. We do appreciate them. And we will reply as soon as possible. Since Google and other entities have been using “profiling” and “Personalization” for each individual, not every one receives the same “news” and results, even though they may be sitting next to each other. If you come across any breaking news, or articles that you may feel more people need to know about, please submit it here. Please note, not every submission will be used. We might have duplicates being submitted(which is good, it will help us in what news is available). Or it may contain something not appropriate for this website. We also must consider the source. There are many pseudo news sites creating false news.  In any case, we here at wwcg-archives will do our due diligence to research every submission.[user-submitted-posts]]]>