The Tip of the Iceberg – Lets look at what’s beneath the surface

“Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power.” – Benito Mussolini

Please read the following with great intent. The Beast is rising. It’s full effect is coming.


WHAT the “beast” did before, it is to do again. Prophecy WARNS that the “Mark of the Beast” will soon be enforced by a REVIVAL of the “Holy Roman Empire”!

Only this time the MODERN “Holy Roman Empire” will masquerade as a “peace-loving” power. You’ve been reading about its gradual formation in newspapers and news magazines almost every day.
It will be “The United States of Europe”!

And this great church-state revival will once again DESTROY all who dare to refuse its “Mark”!

Revival in Europe

Where will this last revival of the Holy Roman Empire occur? The answer is crystal clear! Each of the successive revivals of the Roman Empire has ALWAYS been within the general areas ruled by that ANCIENT kingdom.

This empire has ALWAYS existed in Central Europe. And it is in Continental Europe that this system WILL RISE AGAIN!
All prophecies about this occurrence clearly point to that fact!

This frankenstein monster — this modern Roman Empire of the atomic and space age — is the very thing which billions of U.S. tax dollars have helped to finance.

It is to be some form of a “United States of Europe” which will be dominated by a revival of FASCISM in conjunction with a great CHURCH!

World Rule the Goal

The world DOES NOT RECOGNIZE that religion is being used as a means of ultimately gaining political control over society — first through education, then finally by economics and government.

The Church’s basic policy is to establish her order — her RULE — over the world. Her goal is to become the “universal” church — the one and ONLY church — to RULE the whole world POLITICALLY!

Just as the Church once imposed HER ORDER upon nations and peoples, she is again seeking to establish a “Christian order which (she says) alone is able to guarantee peace. To this goal the resources of the church are now directed!” So said the late Pope Pius XII in his Christmas broadcast on December 24, 1951.

“The furtherance of peace” will be the slogan used to HIDE the REAL REASON for the existence of this church-state organization which will soon enforce the DEADLY “MARK of the Beast” — Sunday observance — upon the unsuspecting peoples of the earth!

That goal is now nearing completion. All that remains is CONCRETE REALIZATION!

And to this end the strategy will be to unite, to amalgamate, to unify, and weld together the combined manpower of Europe into one preponderant military organization!…”

On February 10, 1952, in his pontifical exhortation, the late Pope Pius XII said, “THE WHOLE WORLD MUST BE REBUILT FROM ITS FOUNDATIONS.”

Secretly, plans are being made which are laying the foundations of a program that will remake Western civilization! It has to be PLANNED SECRETLY SO it will not be discovered until it is too late to stop it!

There are those who contend that “peace” can be maintained only by a Catholic-dominated international organization which has iron teeth to CRUSH OPPOSITION!

“This organization,” said Pope Pius in his Christmas message of 1944, “will be vested … with supreme authority and POWER TO SMOTHER … aggression.”

SOURCE: 58 Lesson Edition: Ambassador College Correspondence Course Lesson 32: Mark of the Beast to be Enforced Again
Please read the Booklet Offered at the top of the Page “Who and What is the Prophetic Beast of Revelation”, it’ll dive into This BEAST and The Church who guides it. Or click here –
It explains what the MARK OF THE BEAST TRULY IS! If we are to see what is here, we need to be informed. Our people are being destroyed because we’re not being taught what we need to learn and see!

This is what this beast will become. It’s rising can be seen then and now. Now turn to today.

We wrote an article at the end of 2018 titled, “COMING SOON- The Captivity of the American and British Peoples!” –

We tagged onto that article a Forbes Article from December 2020 Titled, “Pope Francis Partners With Corporate Titans To Make Capitalism More Inclusive And Fair: Is This For Real Or Just Corporate Virtue Signaling?”

Remember the first sentence you read here?

“Fascism should more appropriately be called Corporatism because it is a merger of state and corporate power.” – Benito Mussolini

And where Mr. Herbert W Armstrong and The Worldwide Church of God wrote in their materials saying, “It is to be some form of a “United States of Europe” which will be dominated by a revival of FASCISM in conjunction with a great CHURCH! “

This “United States of Europe” is what is rising up today!

What we see is International CORPRATIONS and The Vatican joining together. Fascism, or corporatism and Church joining together.

Take a look at who is joined with Vatican and Pope! The partners and allies and associates.

You may visit their website(link above) and take a look at who partners with The Vatican there.

One being Johnson and Johnson. One also who works with Pfizer. Others, like Mastercard, bank of America, are working with The Vatican, the financial institutions of this country and world.

“The Guardians can exert peer pressure on fellow industry chief executive officers. They could ask Amazon’s Jeff Bezos, Facebook’s Mark Zuckerberg, Apple’s Tim Cook, Google’s Sundar Pichai and others to relinquish the fortunes they’ve accumulated during the Covid-19 pandemic and redistribute it to this initiative.” The article states.

Can we see the writing on the wall?

Now our countries are moving towards full lockdown with only the vaccinated allowed to travel, with their vaccination id and number and passport. And they’re planning that the Unvaccinated won’t be able to buy, sell and hold a job if they’re not vaccinated. (Source:

Also Watch –

Although many call this Vaccine the “MARK OF THE BEAST”, it is not THE Mark of the Beast! It is the precurser to it. Please read our booklet Who and What is the Prophetic Beast for more info. And for those willing to listen, listen to Mr. Herbert W Armstrong’s messages on The Mark of The Beast and The United States of Europe. So much vital knowledge of what is coming upon us.

If we take the vaccine we essentially become a member of this NEW WORLD ORDER, or the New Society, this BABYLONIAN SYSTEM. (Please read our articles on Vaccines, listed in this article –

The unvaccinatated will stand outside of this system. The vaccine is just the start. The end all will be the enforcement of SUNDAY WORSHIP, THE TRUE MARK OF THE BEAST! As This International Political-Religious Organizational BEAST with the Vatican and Pope takes more ground and power.

This organization, “The Council for Inclusive Capitalism” is NOT The Final BEAST. We are not saying that it is. This is just a precurser to the FINAL FORM. This, UNITED STATES OF EUROPE.

You should read our latest article, “I Kings 18:21: OUR CROSSROADS TODAY”
And go through and read the attached articles about Drugs and Vaccines and what God says to do. It’s here, the question is ARE WE ASLEEP? OR AWAKE? To those who have ears to hear, let them hear!



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Wilson Mwale

Am a member of the United Church of God zambia and this book is a good teacher of the world that is in our future, it also shows a similarly between Bible prophecy’s and the modern world, it’s good to have a heads up….

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