Quite a few people have come to us asking about another website named “HWALibrary” and if they are teaching what Mr. Armstrong taught us?

Here is a short answer we gave to one recently.

Hwalibrary is a website and a sole proprietorship corporation owned by Mark Scarborough, which is his DBA, aka another name for himself doing business. They have set this up in order to handle monies collected from people wanting to. In this, they collect God’s tithes and offerings, when they are not God’s ministers.

They also hold up Garner Ted Armstrong up above Mr. Herbert W Armstrong, and still promote his teachings. Mr. Armstrong said that we are not to listen to his son, Garner Ted Armstrong, because he was marked and disfellowshipped from the church for rebellion against God. Along with this fact, Mr. Herbert W Armstrong said later that his son disagreed with God and what his father taught All along! Showing himself as a NON-BELIEVER.

A believer is one who BELIEVES. That means 100%. If we disagree with what God says, that nonbelief makes us a NON-BELIEVER.

And Garner Ted Armstrong, by his fruits disagreed with God and His Father on many things!

So Hwalibrary has promoted and placed and set up a NON-BELIEVER up as a teacher and minister for God’s people.

Are we to do this, brethren?

A True minister is a Believer, someone who is conquered by God. Someone who believes 100%. If one disagrees and doesn’t believe and rejects 1%, 20%, etc, etc up and up, the unbelief makes them a NON-BELIEVER. Because unbelief makes us a unbeliever. And that unbelief is from Satan, that unbelief blinds the individual from what God says.

God Prophesied this setting up on a NON-BELIEVER, which is someone who does works of wickedness in Malachi 3:15.

And we have contacted the Scarborough’s and voiced our concerns about this, and they have shredded us privately for saying that we don’t believe we ought to place such a NON-BELIEVER as Garner Ted Armstrong was as a leader and minister over God’s flock. So they doubled down on Garner Ted Armstrong, promoting his sermons and radio programs and writings purposely every time we mentioned it, and they did it anyway. God has warned them, but they did it anyway. Anyone reading that knows what God says about those who know what is wrong and does it anyways, what God says will happen. It ought to shake us and wake us up! But does it? Does it shake us up?

They have taken God’s tithe and offerings when only God’s ministers can handle God’s money. They are not ordained by God to handle His money.

It is why we don’t ask the brethren let alone the public (with a donate button and page, as Hwalibrary does on their website). God has Prophesied this too in Malachi 3:8.

When we take upon ourselves to handle something God said only those in His ministry can handle, what does God think about it?

Look at Uzza who touched the ark of the covenant. God said not to touch it. He was not ordained by God to touch it. What was God’s thinking on that?

Also when the Philistines took the ark and tried to use it for their own doings. What did it bring them? What was God’s thinking on this?

So what about UZZA?

So what about the Philistines?

So what about HWALibrary?

Most Importantly, What does God think about it?

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