The Worldwide Church of God is Not the Property of Rome

The Worldwide Church of God is alive today. They are the people who hold fast to what was given to them by Jesus Christ through His apostle Herbert W Armstrong.

It is they who filled congregation halls around the world, who supported the WCG INC organization which was created to help them support Christ’s apostle. It was the D.B.A of the Worldwide Church of God.

Now the Worldwide Church of God is a unincorporated spiritual organism.

You are a human man or woman. When you gather with other human beings, you gather as an unincorporated body.

When you get inside a boat, you do not become the boat do you? As a human being, you can move freely, and are separate from inanimate objects. You can gather freely with other human beings.

The WCG INC organization, was a boat. It allowed you to travel the sea, to get from point A to point B.

The Worldwide Church of God was merely using the boat to get a job done. They can move freely with inalienable rights.

The laws that govern the boat, are U.C.C meritime laws.

However, the United States of America created a WORLDWIDE declaration.

The first Amendment of the Bill of Rights, allowed the Church(made up of human beings with the spirit of God dwelling in them) to own a boat( a corporation)and travel the seas freely, to get from point A to point B without taxation and intrusion of the government.

This gave inalienable rights to the Church.

Now, what has transpired since 1935, is that citizenship of any nation requires a corporation to be made at birth for the child.
This is the birth certificate.
Now if this corporation isn’t claimed within 5 years by the child, under meritime law, the corporation goes to the government. In the old days, after 5 years, the property of a man lost at sea goes to the government.

This is why you see children, becoming wards of the state, because they are property of the state and if the parents are doing something the State doesn’t like the state steps in as owner and collects their property.

So, every citizen operates via birth certificate.

It is their D.B.A.

This was done in 1935, in order to create collateral for the national debt. They created corporations, to be used as collateral for national loans owed to the Vatican.

This placed everyone under U.C.C meritime law.

However the United States Constitution provided the Church inalienable rights, that the Church could not be governed by U.C.C meritime law, but by common law, which is the law of the land.

And the law of the land is the Constitution! The Constitution then said the government could not tax, and could not intrude into Church affairs.

So, the people with their birth certificates (who were members of the Church) were placed in a different category. They could use their corporations, as boats, and travel from point A to point B, to get the job of the Church done.

The WCG INC, was a boat for the Church. It benefited the Worldwide Church of God.

What happened in 1979, was an attempt by pirates to steal that boat for the State of California.

What happened after 1986, was a seizure of that boat by a foreign power. They took that boat to Rome, and it flew the Roman flag, becoming a Roman boat.

Now, other Roman boats were made. These are 501c3 entities. These COG GROUPS.

They set sail, and they called their boats “the Church of God” hoping to pick up the stranded members of the Worldwide Church of God, to be listed as assets on their manifest; as property of their boat and their kingdom- Rome.

You will find many “Church of God” organizations, and many libraries of Herbert Armstrong and the Worldwide Church of God.

They, as Roman boats, are traversing the sea with property of the Worldwide Church of God. They themselves declare this.

They themselves are NOT the Worldwide Church of God. They are Roman boats.
But their collections of the Worldwide Church of God are labeled “property of the Worldwide Church of God”.

God is great.

This in itself is proof of the existence of a hidden church, who no longer have a boat of their own, who is still alive! The enemies of the Church declare it! They have the knowledge of the existence of the Worldwide Church of God.

The only thing is, they say the Church has apostated. These Roman boats are saying the Worldwide Church of God has apostated from their mother Church, the Church at Rome!
They tell the people, the Church has left God, and therefore the only way to enter God’s kingdom is through Rome! So jump on their boat, and go for a ride!
Therefore the organization, the WCG Inc, the ship which had belonged to the Church is no longer sailing, and they can no longer sail the seas in which Rome has control of! Rome has liquidated it and the assets found in it.

This is the persecution against the Church. (Revelation 12:13)

But the Worldwide Church of God are still alive. They may be scattered, on islands, on various lands, and maybe on Roman boats. God says jump ship from those Roman boats.
He will protect you.

For behold, the fire of God is coming to destroy Rome. And you don’t want to be in Rome when it happens.

So when these libraries go through so much money, and so much time and energy to collect up the property of the Worldwide Church of God, like Babylon taking the vessels of the Temple of God, I kind of laugh.

The Philistines tried that too. It didn’t work out for them. They sent the ark of God back.
Even Babylon sent back the vessels they took from God’s temple.

But the job and focus of the Worldwide Church of God, under the leadership of a modern day Zerubbabel, Mr. Herbert W Armstrong, is to COME OUT OF BABYLON and be separate.

No, you cannot make it by alliancing with Rome, with modern Babylon. That is what these 501c3 entities are doing.

Christ is not the captain of their ships. Their captain may look like a lamb, but he speaks as a dragon.

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Dawn Olson

Wow! Thank you for clarification of what is truly going on. I knew the Vatican owned the United States but I did not know that those in the WWCG were not an entity of meriting law. I get it now. And to have those in splintered groups actually part of Rome it makes so much sense. It is so near. I sure hope they see they are doomed if they do not repent and come out. We all need to have a sharp focus on the true reality of our spiritual life. Not be blinded by idolatry which plagues the world including those in their own groups pretending to be following God. If they would just open their eyes to see. Satan IS the greatest deceiver. Thank you so much. I prayed for more understanding of what is truly going on with all of Gods people. This makes it so clear now.

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