Holding Fast – kicked out for having a different view

THESE GROUPS HAVE A DIFFERENT VIEW THAN GOD’S CHURCH AND APOSTLE, A DIFFERENT VIEW THAN GOD AND HIS WORD. And because we believed God rather than man, we were kicked out from a splinter group.

We release these 3 audio recordings

We release these 3 audio recordings from 2009 between Tim Kitchen Sr. and John Cocomise; and Cal Culpepper, John Cocomise and Samuel Kitchen.

John Cocomise is a minister of the “Philadelphia Church of God, Inc” and Cal Culpepper is a regional minister of the “Philadelphia Church of God, Inc”.

The “Philadelphia Church of God, Inc” will be referred to as “PCG” for simplification purposes.

The “Worldwide Church of God,Inc” will be referred to as “WCG” for simplification purposes.

When the “Worldwide Church of God” is mentioned, it will be listed in whole. The WCG is not the same as the Worldwide Church of God.

Tim Kitchen and family began attending the local Iowa congregation of the PCG, in 1999. They had stopped attendance with the local “Worldwide Church of God, Inc”(WCG) congregation earlier that year, because the WCG congregation no longer followed the God and Jesus Christ of the Bible.
Tim Kitchen Sr. had been told by the local WCG minister(John Bailey) that Joseph Tkach Jr(Pastor General of WCG) had organized a team locally to pull the wife and sons of Tim Kitchen Sr. away from him and to destroy the Kitchen family. Tim Kitchen was “lost in Armstrongism” according to Tkach Jr. but “maybe there was a chance with his family”.

On the day of Pentecost, the local pastor passed out Easter eggs and crucifixes to Tim Kitchen’s sons, defying the very teachings of the Bible which the Worldwide Church of God had held for so long.

After leaving services, Tim Kitchen and family decided to no longer attend with that congregation.

Soon after, John Bailey the local WCG pastor, contacted Tim Kitchen and wanted to meet him. So he came to the Kitchen residence, and after some time revealed what he had been involved in against the Kitchen family. Tim Kitchen reminded him to repent and that if he could not repent, he reminded John Bailey of what Christ says in His Word about the fiery condemnation of the lake of fire.

The next Sabbath, John Bailey lied to the local congregation, and said Tim Kitchen told them all to go to hell. This wasn’t what Tim Kitchen said.

This shocked a few people in the congregation, who knew Tim Kitchen, and they later decided to leave as well because they too wanted to hold fast to God and His truth, which the Worldwide Church of God had received through Herbert W Armstrong.

Joseph Tkach Jr. immediately went back to the disfellowshipping and marking doctrine the Worldwide Church of God had years prior. Tkach had removed this doctrine, saying it was unbiblical, but he feared people listening to this Tim Kitchen and so he brought back the doctrine of disfellowshipping and marking, and marked Tim Kitchen, banning the membership of the WCG from interacting or talking with Tim Kitchen Sr.

Tim Kitchen immediately began fasting and praying, looking into other groups to see where Christ was working. He found a book “He was right” which was published by the “Philadelphia Church of God, Inc”(PCG). This book went into detail on how Herbert W Armstrong was right biblically and scriptural.
Tim Kitchen called for a meeting with a local minister.

The local minister of the PCG was Ron Meisner, a Worldwide Church of God minister whom Tim Kitchen had met and known years prior.
Rekindling the friendship, Tim Kitchen was immediately added to the PCG membership and was approved to attend with the local Iowa congregation.
Arriving that next Sabbath in a back office of an insurance company in Knoxville Iowa, Tim Kitchen found more Worldwide Church of God members. Each had been faithfully holding fast.
Among this congregation he found a few people who were straying from the faith once delivered, and so Tim Kitchen began warning them of departures from Christ.

There was no local minister at the time, and the congregation listened to taped sermons each week coming from the headquarters ministry of the PCG.

The regional minister, was a man named Marvin Campbell. He was a Worldwide Church of God minister, who was employed by the PCG to enforce the government of God among the congregations. If a man or woman had an attitude problem with the ministry, he would come and talk to them to solve the problems that were present.
He was kept on the road 300 days out of the years, doing this.
He told Tim Kitchen, that he spent the time while driving to each PCG congregation listening to old tapes of Herbert W Armstrong.

Now, during the 10 years Tim Kitchen and family attended the Iowa congregation of the PCG, problems would pop up. Men in the congregation was wanting to seize control of the congregation and to make themselves the local minister.

Tim Kitchen was the only man in their way.

Marvin Campbell would come to the congregation and talk to each individual involved.
He decided that the congregation needed a minister.
So he ordained a deacon of the Chicago area, to be local pastor of the Brooklyn Iowa congregation. That man’s name was John Cocomise.

Eventually the trouble makers left, but they were given the local tape library and book library, which the congregation had donated to and which held various books and sermons from Herbert W Armstrong.

John Cocomise had given them away to one man who left, to destroy the library.

Another man who left, named Earl Lofton, told Tim Kitchen years later when he ran into him at a grocery store, that he was ordered to destroy the congregations library. He decided to give a portion of the book library he had preserved to Tim Kitchen, because he felt Tim Kitchen cared about them.

Problems in the Iowa congregation persisted.

What kind of problems? Spiritual problems. Demons.

The apostle Paul once said, that we wrestle not with flesh and blood people, but we wrestle with evil spirits in high places.

This was most certainly true. The demonic spirits which had gripped those who had left, had begun gripping John Cocomise, the new minister,, and others in the congregation.

Marvin Campbell appointed Tim Kitchen to be over the deacon duties of the congregation, and according to his own words, had ordered John Cocomise to begin training Tim Kitchen to start giving sermons and prepare him for the ministry.

Now, while given the deacon duties, he had not yet been ordained. Each Holy day, John Cocomise would take those duties away from Tim Kitchen Sr, and give them to Joseph Parr or another man.

Tim Kitchen wasn’t upset, but was relieved that God had provided a rest from those duties. However, each time this occurred the man who had been given the Church duties, flubbed up and made a huge mess for the congregation. To save face, John Cocomise would immediately take those duties away from the men and handed them to Tim Kitchen and wanted the mess cleaned up and fixed.

For 7 years, this happened. Tim Kitchen let Marvin Campbell know of these things and Marvin Campbell told him to keep obeying John Cocomise and do as he asked unless it brought him to sin.

Marvin Campbell’s wife had died, and he had eye problems and could no longer drive and perform his regional ministerial duties.

So Cal Culpepper was brought in to replace Marvin Campbell.

Cal Culpepper had been in the Worldwide Church of God, and even attended the Church’s Ambassador College during the 1970’s. He had been employed by the PCG for many years.

In 2009, the Spring Holy days were beginning.

Once again John Cocomise took the Church duties away from Tim Kitchen, and gave them to a other man.
Tim Kitchen went immediate to prayer.
This had been an ongoing problem for seven years. He told God that he would gladly serve Him, as he always had, and that if John Cocomise wanted him to step back in and take responsibility and clean the mess up that he would. But if God did not want him to do that, then God would have to cause him to be somewhere else, and busy enough to not step in.

Pentecost came. Someone had asked Tim Kitchen to help them with unloading Church equipment from their car, and then another woman would come running up to ask his help with her car, then another. This kept up all day.

After services, John Cocomise blew up on Tim Kitchen. He began ranting, telling my dad what mess the day was, and how he should have stepped in and fixed it.

In the Church, you never try to take Church duties away from someone else. That breaks the chain of command and constitutes a government problem, which is a suspended offense.

What John Cocomise had wanted, was for Tim Kitchen to break the law of God and the government of God, which would have given them a good reason to disfellowship Tim Kitchen.

He had been searching for Tim Kitchen all day, but he couldn’t get ahold of him because he was helping someone else and indisposed.

God had answered Tim Kitchen’s prayer!

So as John Cocomise was frustrated, out of control emotionally, because all of the mess fell on his shoulders, he began ranting and telling Tim Kitchen how he should have broken the law and government of God. Tim Kitchen politely reminded him of the law and government of God and how it would have been wrong to do what John Cocomise had wanted of him. The responsibilities were John Cocomise’s.

Things calmed down, because John Cocomise realized his circumstances and how the congregation had been standing around him listening. He was embarrassed.

After Pentecost, Cal Culpepper called Tim Kitchen to counsel.

Now Cal Culpepper had demon problems. At the 2008 Feast of Tabernacles, he would make faces behind Marvin Campbell when he wasn’t looking. Tim Kitchen had seen this..
Cal Culpepper would suddenly get emotional and filled with rage, and face beat red, and then go back to a calm state as the demon left.
Some would say his mental state was unstable, and that he had multiple personalities, a disorder, but for the Church of God, we recognize demonic spirits at work and it is safe to say that Cal Culpepper was possessed by several demons. Which is sad, but nevertheless true.

Each council session(2-3 sessions), was filled with Cal Culpepper telling Tim Kitchen to break the law and government of God and that he should have stepped in and take over on Pentecost. My father brought forth the scriptures which commanded him not to do such a thing, and that is when the demons showed themselves.
Each time, Cal Culpepper would become emotionally out of control, and went to intimidation and then sudden calm. He had to leave abruptly after my father kept repeating the scriptures of God to Cal Culpepper, praying silently to God.
Cal Culpepper didn’t bring any scriptures, but he wanted to get my dad on board in breaking the law of God. Tim Kitchen Sr. politely and respectfully declined the order.

On the last council session(with John Cocomise and Cal Culpepper), Melissa Kitchen, wife of Tim, was asked to be included.
In this council session, Cal Culpepper wanted to know what Tim Kitchen had been seeing in the local congregation. He asked how far back could he discern what had been happening. Names of the members who had left were mentioned. Tim Kitchen told him since from the beginning.

At the end, as John Cocomise and Cal Culpepper was leaving, John Cocomise turned and asked Tim if it was okay to ask his wife something. He said it was okay.
“Mrs. Kitchen…do you see what your husband sees?” She said yes. He told her thank you and he and Cal Culpepper left.

The next Sabbath, Tim Kitchen received a phone call telling him and his wife to stay home and not attend church services, that he was suspended and disfellowshipped.

He was told by Cal Culpepper, his suspension was due to “a lack of respect towards John Cocomise. You have respect, just not enough”

This occurred, while Tim and Melissa Kitchen’s children(3 boys: Samuel, 18, Timothy Jr, 18, and Clinton, 16) was attending the 3 week PCG’s youth camp in Edmond, Oklahoma.

At the youth camp, John Cocomise had visited the 3 boys, and was asking them questions to see if they had knowledge of their parent’s suspension.

At the end of camp, John Cocomise’s son Michael Cocomise was seen following the 3 sons of Tim Kitchen to see if they was telling any other attendees of the youth camp. They weren’t.

So they came home. They could no longer attend church at the PCG congregation. All of their friends were gone.

Soon after Tim and Melissa Kitchen’s suspension, John Cocomise had called and wanted to meet with him to pick up the Church supplies and equipment Tim Kitchen had for the local congregation.
(They had been taking it home, because the rented hall was unsecured and people were stealing the supplies.)

Now, the youth camp director of the PCG’s youth camp was a man named Wayne Turgeon. He wrote a letter to Samuel, like he did each year asking him how he liked camp and how his family was doing etc.

When Samuel received that letter, he took it as an opportunity to ask for a counseling session between Gerald Flurry (the Pastor General of the PCG), Marvin Campbell, and Tim Kitchen Sr(His father). The phone number they had received for Cal Culpepper was a wrong number, and they couldn’t get a hold of him.

So Samuel emailed Wayne Turgeon, asking for the contact information for Gerald Flurry, so that his father Tim Kitchen Sr could counsel with him and Marvin Campbell over the problems he was facing in the Iowa congregation.

Samuel received a phone call wanting to have a phone conference between him, Cal Culpepper and John Cocomise and that they had something to discuss with him about.

These two audio recordings, are between John Cocomise and Tim Kitchen. John Cocomise had wanted to pick up the Church supplies and equipment.

At the pick up meeting, Tim Kitchen apologized for not having enough respect for him John Cocomise. John Cocomise told him he didn’t have a lack of respect for him.

This conflicted with Cal Culpepper’s reason for suspension.

Here are the two audio recordings.

Audio (Part 1)- John Cocomise and Tim Kitchen Sr

Link – right click to download

Audio (Part 2)- John Cocomise and Tim Kitchen Sr

Link – right click to download

Samuel Kitchen recorded the phone conference audio, between himself, Cal Culpepper and John Cocomise. He was suspended and told to stay home.

This is that audio.

Audio- Cal Culpepper and Samuel Kitchen

Link – right click to download

Also, in the above audio, Timothy Kitchen JR, the son of Tim Kitchen Sr and brother to Samuel, was also told to stay home and was suspended without counseling session, and Samuel was told to deliver that message to him after the phone call.

If Samuel was so off track, and had a wrong spirits why was he tasked with determining his brother’s condition and why was his brother told to stay home with no personal counsel by the PCG ministry?

The Kitchen family went immediately to fasting and prayer. They wanted to draw closer to God and Jesus Christ, and to root out any sin in their lives.
Each Sabbath, they began to listen to old radio and sermon tapes from Herbert W Armstrong, who was their minister in the Lord. They could no longer receive and listen to sermons from the PCG ministry.

They began to go back to the old literature of the Worldwide Church of God and Herbert W Armstrong, and began studying their Bibles with much ferver and enthusiasm!

As Tim Kitchen was reading his original copy of the book “Who and What is the Prophetic Beast?” written by Herbert W Armstrong, he wanted to show his sons
what had been written and what the Bible said.

His sons went to find their own copy, which they had from the PCG(who was printing new copies). They could not find what their father had showed them in his original copy! What they had found, was a deletion of text!

Now, they began pouring through each original copy of Herbert W Armstrong’s books they had, and comparing them to the new PCG’S copies. They found changes.

They found that in the Mystery of the Ages. The PCG had removed text saying New Testament prophets had no administrative, doctrinal or preaching functions in the Church of God.

The PCG believes that Gerald Flurry is “THAT PROPHET”, and because Herbert W Armstrong was teaching that a New Testament prophet had no administrative, doctrinal or preaching functions in the Church, this contradicted with their own teachings, and exposed Gerald Flurry and the PCG as a fraud and deceiver!

So they edited Herbert W Armstrong’s books to eliminate what he had said that would expose them.

Tim Kitchen and family began to find out just how many changes there was made by the PCG to the writings of Herbert W Armstrong because the PCG did not believe what had been taught, and had been deceiving the people and telling them that they had.

Piece by piece, as they went back to what Herbert W Armstrong taught, and as they went back to the Bible, the more the teachings of the PCG were exposed as false, and so they began digging for the truth which had been taught.

Tim Kitchen and family began posting online their findings, and began showing the people what had been taught by the servant of Christ, the apostle Herbert W Armstrong. This page and website was raised up for this purpose.

They had found that different men and churches had gained control of the Herbert W Armstrong’s and the Worldwide Church of God’s publications, and were using websites and online libraries to lure people into their churches who was just like the PCG in that they were telling the people they were keeping to what was taught but was lying.

The above audio recordings, are made available after 11 years, to inform those who have been treated badly by the ministry of these COG groups, that they are not alone, and we warn and encourage them to turn to God in fasting and prayer and start going back to what was taught through Herbert W Armstrong by the Living God and the Living Jesus Christ.

We are not bitter for what happened, and hold no hard feelings. We have waited 11 years to release these audios because we hold no hard feelings.

Many have gone through similar troubles or worse, and have given up on God and have turned to throw away the truth of God! You do not have to do that. Turn to God with your whole heart and draw near unto Him. Begin listening to what His apostle has taught, and revitalize the Holy Spirit within you and then behold the salvation and deliverance of God!

The Devil is no match for Christ. In Christ we have victory. We just need to be willing and enthusiastic to change what needs changed. How much do you love God and His truth?

Will you turn unto the true God, and escape the clutches of false churches and false ministers?

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