20th Century, Now “21st Century Disease”? – caused by our own hand?

From June 1985 Plain Truth Magazine,

Allergic to the 20th Century?

A new disease has emerged in North America. Doctors call it “environmental illness” or “20th-century disease.” The condition produces violent reactions to synthetic materials, common chemicals, car exhaust and other by-products of 20th-century technology.

Essentially, the disease is a malfunction in the immune system. Dr. Irvine Korman, a specialist in environmental medicine, describes the illness as “the flip side of AIDS… these people’s immune systems hyperact, whereas AIDS patients’ underreact.

Victims become highly sensitive to chlorinated tap water, food additives, detergents, hair spray, toothpaste and other man-made products. Symptoms include headaches, fatigue, muscle pains, depression and fainting. The victim’s body is unable to cleanse itself of the chemical buildup.

Authorities attribute these environmental allergies to the rising amount of toxins in air, water and food. Although the human body normally adapts to a moderate level of contaminants, illness results if individual tolerance levels are exceeded.”

Sounds and looks familiar to the Pandemic and disease we have today. This is just ONE reason why these materials are monumentally Important for us today! God has warned us and now we face them.

How important was “The Work of God” (John 6:29)that was done through Herbert W Armstrong and the Worldwide Church of God(the faithful few to the truth of God and the teachings and doctrines given to them through Jesus Christ’s Apostle Mr Herbert W Armstrong)?

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