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Early October we heard The Pope declaring that No individual has rights to own their own property.

The following screenshots of an article published October 9, 2020 which covered this… found here

The following is a video showing where our property is going to. The Concentration camps are here! Coincidence that the Pope declares no more private property and then this happens? Don’t make a mistake, this has come down from the Pope. He declares what to do, and the system does it. Like a woman riding a Beast. They are causing things to happen, and it’s here!

He is reading from a letter that can be found here

Take a look and prove all things.

Repent and GET BACK ON TRACK WITH GOD! Remember what was given to us through the Apostle, Mr. Herbert W Armstrong, and do what God says in His Word! Hold fast,and watch always! And pray that you are worthy to escape the things to come! Because it is here, nigh at the door. Repent and Believe and do what God says! That is the ONLY WAY TO GO!

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