By Tim Kitchen Sr

The history of God’s Church is a turbulent one. In 31 A.D. Christ is Crucified and has Risen. He sends out His Disciples to the Jews first. The Gospel was beginning to spread throughout Judah.

As it became more popular, the Jews and Romans became more fearful of it’s popularity, and, a man named Saul ( himself a Pharisee) arose and Martyred Steven and began chasing down these newly converted Christians from City to City (city-Nations at that time). Then Christ strikes Saul down on the road to Damascus and raises up and ordains the Apostle Paul, and, now a servant of Jesus Christ, Paul becomes a Champion for Christ and is sent to preach the True Gospel to the Gentiles.

The Gospel spread like wildfire, and, then with the new converts coming in, came 5th column infiltrators. These counterfeits posing as the real Christians in God’s Church, began subverting and perverting the teachings of Paul God’s Apostle in his absence. They seduced and coerced those in the Church, turning them away from God His Apostle and the True Gospel. And by A.D. 58 “Just 22 years after Christ’s Apostle Paul taught them The True Gospel of the Kingdom” , the True Gospel was being suppressed. These false- counterfeit- 5th column- infiltrators were turning Brethren from that True Gospel unto another false gospel .

Near the end of Paul’s life, he warned the Brethren of these saboteurs in Acts 20:29-30. (29) “For I know this, that after my departure (death) savage wolves will enter in among you, not sparing the flock. (30) “Also from among yourselves men will rise up, speaking perverse things, to draw away the disciples for themselves”. (end quote).

So, lets break these events down more closely

. #1: After God’s Apostle (Paul) was martyred, grievous wolves came into the Church (vs 29). (notice that they came in from the outside. How did these grievous wolves get into God’s Church to harm the brethren? Keep in mind, that, It is the job of God’s Shepherds (Ministers) to keep out the grievous wolves and protect Christ’s flock! So, God’s Ministers (after Paul was martyred and not there to guide them) were not doing their job protecting the flock from these evil men, and, allowed them into the ministry! To teach “perverse things” to the Church!

#2: These wicked men God calls Grievous wolves were brought into the top positions of the ministry (that is apparent by the fact that they in charge and had the power and authority to raise up others from the congregations into the ministry).

#3: They ordained up and made ministers that God did not ordain! These men then, spoke perverse things (changing the Doctrines and Truth taught by Christ’s Faithful Apostle Paul). Seducing the Brethren away from GOD, His Apostle and the Truth Revealed through him.

Paul warned them for 3 years before he died (vs 31) and, A little further down, Paul gave us a hint of their motive for this “Coup” of God’s Church. In Verse 33 he says of himself that ” I have coveted no one’s silver or gold or apparel (Property). So, we can see here that the Word of God says that when God’s Apostle Paul was martyred, the ministers under him gave into seducing spirits, let their guard down and let grievous wolves (5th column infiltrators, counterfeits posing as brethren) in to devour Christ’s flock! What a heinous crime! Also, they raised up (like themselves) perverse men from the congregations into the ministry to teach their heresy, and, allowed these wicked men to start churches and draw off members into their new churches.

This watering down and taking over church congregations continued and the true Brethren that refused to compromise God’s Truth or reject Christ’s Apostle Paul were persecuted . In 3rd epistle of John 9-12 Paul wrote ; ” I wrote to Diotrephes, who loves to have preeminence among them, does not receive us. (10) Therefore, if I come, I will call to mind his deeds which he does, prating against us with malicious words. And not content with that, he himself does not receive the brethren, and forbids those who wish to, putting them out of the church. (11)” beloved, do not imitate what is evil (teaching like these wicked men heresies) but what is good (as God declares Good not men). He who does good is of God, but he who does evil has not seen God.
Notice also in verse 12, Demetrius kept a Good testimony by keeping that Truth that Christ’s Apostle Paul taught! ( “This fact is crucial to keep in mind now! ).

Then, by A..D. 70, Jerusalem fell, God’s True followers fled to Pella, and the others that allowed themselves to be watered down and deceived stayed and were slaughtered as severe persecution set in again.

With that first era of God’s Church, the Truth was given that True Gospel of the Kingdom was revealed to them by Christ through His chosen Apostles,and with the coming in of members, came in non believers and also 5th column infiltrators from the outside whose sole purpose was to devour the flock, deceive the brethren and take them away spiritually to Babylon (= Sin!) then, persecution would set in, brought on by the surrounding Civil Governments (remember what Mr. Armstrong always told us that historically, the ones Satan always uses to persecute the Church is always civil Governments). Then, the Church scatters under severe persecution, and, false churches are set up by these carnal grievous wolves (5th column Infiltrators and their assistants in the fake ministry that was raised up in the congregations of God).
In that first century, the True Gospel was suppressed and not allowed to be preached to the world until this end-times and by the Philadelphia era of God’s Church when Christ raised up and taught Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong to fulfill these commissions and fulfill the prophecy of Matt 24:14. The Church went into hiding for 1260 years through the middle ages “Symbolized by the wilderness Rev12:6. Then, in 1934 (exactly 1900, 19 year time cycles, from the day that True Gospel was first preached by Christ’s Apostles, that Gospel was beginning to be preached again to the world by Christ’s chosen Apostle, Herbert W. Armstrong.

Now, we come to this Philadelphia Era of God’s Church. Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong and the World-wide Church of God under him supporting him did Fulfill all the commissions God gave him to complete, just as Mr. Armstrong plainly stated. So, when he had completed all jobs Christ gave him to complete, God took him. There was word within God’s Church that he might have been martyred as two men in the church ran out of the building (one out of Mr. Armstrong’s room) and declared “They murdered Mr. Armstrong and I may be next”! Strange events indeed! This would lend motive for certain men’s silence for sure. I don’t personally know, but, given these men’s statements, you wonder. But, now, what has happened to God’s Church after Mr. Armstrong died (or was martyred)?
Many people think many different things. God’s Ministers (both those ordained by Mr. Armstrong and the Church, and, those raised up within after and others), all say different and conflicting stories.

But, let’s look at the formula Christ and the Apostle Paul left for us in the book of Acts again. Mr. Armstrong said that that there were those that (quote) “waiting like vultures for me to die so they can take over” (end quote).

Let’s go back to the 70s for some in sight into the goings on in God’s Church. Back to 1977. There was what Mr. Armstrong likened to a “Military Coup” tried on him and the Church. There had been men like his son Garner Ted that had been exalting himself in position after position (secretly promoting the men that were loyal to him and demoting those that were loyal to God’s Chosen Apostle and threatening all who knew to do better and would tell Mr. Armstrong). They were (as Mr. Armstrong said) just waiting for the old man to die and get out of the way” (end quote). Well, is it coincidence that just then Mr. Armstrong had a heart attack and died? Their “Coup” was under way. But, God had different plans and brought Mr. Armstrong back from the dead and instructed him to “Deal with his son and get the Church back on track”. So he had to disfellowship his own son and some of Garner Teds Co-horts. Then after cleaning house of the 5th column infiltrators and those that these men raised up in the ministry, they were now outside with Satan. Then, they could no longer do harm inside the Church, so, Satan’s attack came from outside (and inside ) the Church. 6 Bitter members (led by and included Mr. and Mrs. Earl and Shirley Timmons and urged to do so by Garner Ted Armstrong) went to the Attorney General of California with false malicious allegations accusing Mr. Armstrong and Stanley Rader of siphoning off millions of dollars from the Church. You probably know the story but the State of California swooped down and seized the Pasadena campus. Thinking that they could use their illegal brute force to intimidate and take by force the Church from God’s Apostle. But, as you know, they failed at this. There was no malfeasance, every penny accounted for ( no less that 8 thorough audits by the IRS). But, through this Christ established His Church as a Constitutionally protected Church, cleared His Apostle and Church of all wrong doings, cleansed the Church and made it ready to take the Matt 24:14 Gospel to all the world as a witness. This, of course, infuriated the Government and the 5th column infiltrators in God’s Church as their “C.I.A. type Military Coup” failed miserably and years of hard evil work and money down the drain. GOD PREVAILED! Now, fast forward up to the final death of God’s Apostle. Mr. Armstrong had always stated that this end-time Era of God’s Church would mirror the 1st century Church. Just look at Acts 20 that I mentioned earlier and super-impose those events into God’s modern day Church and you can see what I am talking about. After Mr. Armstrong died (and as I mentioned earlier, it happened before in the 1st century and while Mr. Armstrong was alive as forerunners to now), there was those ministers in charge and they picked Mr. Joseph Tkach and set him up to be the head of the church, but, they were in charge. Mr. Tkach had filed a new sole-corporation and was for 5 years in probation, if you will, with the state. Which means that he was changing doctrines and teachings and had filed for a new corporation, rather than staying with the one Mr. Armstrong left. This was under the full authority and power of the Advisory Council that was left in charge of the Church organizations at the time. They were in full charge when Joe Tkach was leading! And, watered down doctrines and changed doctrines, but, many were not duped and left the Church. So, they brought Joe Tkach JR and certain others like from the outside (more grievous wolves cleansed from the Temple under Mr. Armstrong and before in the first century) . They like Diotrephes in the first century, changed doctrines and kicked out and persecuted the True Believers! These men also took over and raised up and ordained those from the congregations and they followed them and spoke perverse things! Heresies! Men that God nor His Apostle ordained!

The “Great Falling Away from God’s Restored Truth (spoken of in II Thes 2:3-12) had started! Let’s read about it. II Thes 2: 3 The Apostle Paul wrote here that “Let no one deceive you by any means; for that day (Christ’s return) will not come unless the falling away comes first, and the man of sin is revealed, the son of perdition, who opposes and exalts himself above all that is called God or that is worshiped, so that he sits in the temple of God, showing himself that he is God. (5) Do you not remember that when I was still with you I told you these things? (6) and now you know what is restraining (Holding back. What was holding them back was Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong, Christ’s chosen Apostle), that he may be revealed in his own time. (7) For the mystery of lawlessness (Breaking of God’s Laws) is already at work; (as in Paul’s day); only he who restrains ( a man restrained them, Mr. Armstrong) He who now restrains will do so until he is taken out of the way (Mr. Armstrong was taken out of the way either by God or these evil men). (8). ” And the lawless one will be revealed, whom the lord will consume with the breath of His mouth and destroy with the brightness of His coming.

(” that Lawless one has always been declared by Mr. Armstrong and the Church as a coming Pope that will be the Great False Prophet” Notice that he is destroyed at Christ’s coming, just as the Beast and Great False Prophet is at Christ’s return!)

(9)The coming of the lawless one is according to the working of Satan with all powers, signs, and lying wonders, (10) and with all unrighteous deception among those who parish (means: “Are perishing”) because they did not receive the love of the truth, that they might be saved. (11), “and for this reason God will send them strong delusion, that they should believe the lie, (12) ” that they all may be condemned who did not believe the truth but had pleasure in unrighteousness (sin as God determines sin not mans own idea of what sin is)” (End quote).

SO, this happened in the Church when Herbert W. Armstrong was taken out of the way, this “great falling away” of God’s Restored Truth (II Thes 2) began! It is continuing yet to this day! Many are still falling away from that Truth Restored and rejecting the Apostle and End-Time Elijah that Jesus Christ Chose! This is causing God’s people to perish and be condemned by Christ! Look, anyone with the ears to hear” ( Rev 2:17, 29,3: 6, 13, 22

Or not to hear! (Rom 11:8-10). Rev 3:18).

What else has been happening in God’s Church since Mr. Armstrong’s death?

Mr. Armstrong dogmatically stated that he had already finished the Matt 24:14 commission (prophecy really). and Prepared the Way for Christ’s Return and built the spiritual foundation of the temple and many other commissions. And said that what was left for the church to do was to “Make the Bride (Church) Ready to Marry Christ and to warn the Laodiceans to repent. But the “Wise” Ministers after he died, changed that and acted like it is the Church’s commission to fulfill Matt 24:14 and rejected Christ’s Work through His Chosen Apostle, Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong, and the one Christ Himself Chose and worked through! They have since quit teaching all the doctrines and Restored Truths taught through Mr. Armstrong and are turning God’s Elect to fables! That is just about as serious and grievous crimes that a person can commit in the Eyes of God! But, as they rejected both the teachings (Restored Truth) through Mr. Armstrong and rejected his authority over them as Christ’s own Chosen Apostle, they embraced Babylon (through this world’s churches and the Civil Government) by rejecting the Articles of incorporation set by Mr. Armstrong and given special protected status under the U.S. Constitution and incorporated new corporations declaring themselves (and their members) as “Creatures of the state: and “Property of the State”. They sold themselves and their members into slavery to the world’s government and more importantly to the Pope! That is why they must have the Elect on their church rosters! Christ commands us to have only one Master, Christ! Not two, That is what Mr. Armstrong told us about the 1979 attack on the Church by California and the Federal Government, that “Every person and every church in America has to make a choice, “Who is Lord, Christ or Caesar”! Mr. Armstrong never compromised God or His Truth, and made his Stand! So Have I! Where do you stand? With Christ, or with Caesar and this organized churches that all gave Caesar as their head, who have F.E.M.A. Pastors that are all “Jesuit 5th column infiltrators working for the rising Beast and Great False Prophet?
Most have already made that choice, but, the wrong one. The greatest measuring tool I think you can use to determining whether a church organization is God’s True Church or not, is the article Mr. Armstrong wrote titled “Satan deceive and use me? Never!. In it, Mr. Armstrong reveals from Christ that you cannot discard not even one tiny truth Christ has given us, if you do, you are now walking in darkness! And if you do not immediately repent and return to that truth, you will never again be a man (or woman) of God! Its is that serious Brethren and Friends!

So all the organized churches were set up as a net and snare to catch God’s Bride for the express purpose of taking your Crown!!

So, these 5th column infiltrators, the same kind and brand that did the damage in God’s Church down through the last 2000 years are Jesuits. As Simon Magus and his infiltrators like Diotrephes, did this in Paul’s time, they repeated this as Christ and His Apostles cleansed the Church and those kicked out, split the church into false splinter churches and this continued down to this day.

Christ found no fault in HWA and God’s Church under him in His assessment of him in Rev 3: 7-14 but Christ condemns the synagogue of Satan that Mr. Armstrong said his son Garner Ted Led. they are all COGs under the umbrella of the corporate COG churches under the ownership of the state, under the ownership and control of the Jesuit 5th columnists, under the ownership of the Prophesied Beast and Great False Prophet and Roman Catholic Church!

So, where does God’s Church stand now?
Let’s look at prophecy in light of the Covid-19 pandemic.

The world has been told that covid-19 is a deadly virus that has and will kill millions of people. The CDC has told us all along that each year in America that 640’000 Americans die from the regular flu. Each year these statistics show this average but, wait a minute, what about the regular flu’s death toll this year? 2020 brought no mention of the regular flu, but, every death is contributed to covid-19. What happened to the regular flu. and each year the magical medical profession can accurately predict just which strain of flu will hit, create and multiply tens of millions of flu shots to fight it? that kind of remarkable prediction is only comparable to the Reich-stag fires!

But, let’s look and read between the lines for a minute.

Question: What has been forming for the last half of a century that the Bible declares a significant event? Answer: The rising and forming of the final revival of the old so called “Holy Roman Empire” that is called today the “United States of Europe” that is rising before our eyes!
Bible Prophecy declares that in this end-time, America will be the world’s super power, and, lead the world and it’s economy, but, that America will collapse, first economically, then, the Famines and Diseases will take 1/3rd of our peoples, then War! The Great Tribulation that will take another 1\3rd of our peoples and the last 1\3rd will be taken slaves into other countries.

Are we still the world’s super power? Is the U.S. dollar still the world’s reserve currency? What is this Covid-19 all about, “Really”?
What was going on in Washington before the pandemic? President Trump was in a trade war with China concerning the U.S. and China owing each other billions on Tariffs, Right?

Most don’t stop and consider the fact that America has never had to pay Tariffs, is that we have been the World’s currency and since the world trades in U.S. dollar as their preferred currency, America has been the only country in the world that has enjoyed the special status of not paying Tariffs on our goods. Everyone else has had to pay them, but not the U.S.

The very fact that President Trump was in a Trade war with china over Tariffs, proves that the U.S. Dollar is not the World’s reserve currency! That has staggering meaning! Germany’s Angela Merkel has told the E.U. that “We have to be ready for a world where the U.S. IS NOT A World Super Power, and we must protect ourselves!” Did you get the depth of what she was saying? The U.S. is no longer a world super power! The U.S. Dollar is not the world reserve currency!

What happened when the covid-19 hit? While everyone was worrying about the pandemic, what happened? The economies of America, Britain, Canada, Australia, and the countries of Western Europe were forced to collapse! Our Dollar is falling, the enemy has taken over our country, We had to borrow Trillions of Dollars from the Federal Reserve (remember, the Federal Reserve is not Federal, never has been, it is privately owned by a cartel of international bankers that answer to the Vatican! It was those in Power and the Catholic Church that owns us! All are collateral now! That collateral includes the members of the churches in America under 501c3 (the 1023 form certification).

Covid-19 has covered up all this and no one is telling you what is going on! Our nation has been sold out and taken over, awaiting the rest of the curses if we don’t smarten up and repent!
In Christ’s Service

Tim Kitchen SR

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