European ARMY Activated!

European Army has been Activated! [Source]

And it could happen by MAY 2019, NEXT YEAR!

Quote: [Source] “Le Pen hailed a ‘historic moment’: “We are today at a historic moment. This is history with a capital ‘H’ that will be written in May 2019. It will be the emergence of a Europe of nations, a Europe of respect, a Europe of protection.”  ]]>




James P Bonila

I was terrified that the invading army if forming. How many years left now?


    We will have to WATCH. Mr. Armstrong said they may try to form several times, but the last time will be the one, when the Pope and the Catholic Church unites with it. That is when the Bible will be fulfilled with the Resurrection of the HOLY Roman Empire. Watch and Pray always as Jesus Christ commanded us to do.
    If this be the one then we will see. But it definitely should get our attention! It may happen overnight, and very quickly. I wouldn’t say it is yet future, Because we do not know. All in God’s timing. May the Brethren be watching and praying always, and become ready, as The Bride of Christ will be.
    In Christ’s Service,

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