When a ray of truth shines upon you…

When a ray of truth shines upon you…

Many of seen the truth, but sadly many do reject it. What about you? Suddenly you find yourself with a decision. Your mind was just opened miraculously by a supreme force and you began to understand a truth you had never seen before. Should you accept and BELIEVE this truth or reject it? Many have wrestled with this test, and sadly, failed. They were struck abruptly by the truth, a genuine truth. However, they stood up and dusted themselves off and walked off away from light, stepping away into darkness. The membership of the Worldwide Church of God have experienced this test before. Some of us are experiencing it today still. We all have been distraught at family members and fellow brethren who began to turn away from the faith once delivered to the saints, they just seemed to lose the understanding they once had, the truth no longer seemed precious to them. God removed the understanding. He stopped revealing to them any more truth and understanding of the scriptures. They began to believe different beliefs not found in the Bible. What happened? Why are there 300+ splinter groups calling themselves “the Church of God”? It’s a confusing mess! But GOD IS NOT THE AUTHOR OF SUCH CONFUSION! Some have rejected genuine truth. Perhaps a truth they felt was insignificant. Consider this… In among Mr. Armstrong’s World Tomorrow Radio programs(available on wwcg-archives.com), we find one program discussing this very thing. In the program titled “Sound Doctrine”, Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong explains what happens if a Christian endued with the Holy Spirit of God rejects a single ray of truth. Perhaps they felt is was insignificant, or petty? Perhaps they were misled and deceived into rejecting this truth? Here is a small excerpt from this program. [audio mp3="http://wwcg-archives.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/06/Excerpt-from-Sound-Doctrine-WTP-22m47s-to-23m50s-mark.mp3"][/audio]
In various Gerald Waterhouse’s sermons(available on wwcg-archives.com), you will find another telling of this principle and procedure God performs to the Christian who rejects truth, in order to satisfy another belief. Sermons like “HWA is Elijah & Church Government”; “God Is Working Through Mr. Armstrong“;  “Don’t Limit God“; and “God Will Lead His Family Forever“, discuss such things. God removes His Holy Spirit except for a small token, and so when life gets HARD, and it will get HARD for such a person later on, and life events shake them up enough to get them to realize how wrong they are and have been, and finally submit unto God fully, in order to do so they have to come right back to the truth they rejected and ACCEPT IT and really BELIEVE GOD! Notice what Jesus Christ says to some of us inside the Church! “And unto the angel of the church of the Laodiceans write; These things saith the Amen, the faithful and true witness, the beginning of the creation of God;”(Revelation 3:14) Christ is reminding those who are in the Laodicean condition of WHO HE IS! He is the AMEN! In other words, you say AMEN at the end of the prayer. It is a confirmation of what was said previosuly. Christ is reminding them that HE MEANT WHAT HE SAID PREVIOUSLY! And the era previous to them, would be the Philidelphia Era! Christ is given them WITNESS, and CONFIRMATION of what was preached and taught by His servant Herbert W. Armstrong in the Philadephia Era! The laodicean era comes after the Philadelphian Church is taken to a place of safety for 3 1/2 years. The Laodicean Church will comprise of true Christians, who are the remnant of the True Church, who did not qualify to escape the things coming. We read of the Laodiceans, after the members of the TRUE Church who who have been faithful and loyal are protected from Satan’s wrath in Revelation 12:17. “And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ. ” The remnant, as Mr. Armstrong said time and again, is the LAST. The Last era of the true Church of God, is the LAODICEAN ERA, spoken to in Revelation 3:14-21. They won’t be another Church of God! They will be the same true Church that did the Work in the Philadelphia Era of the Church, except they will be the ones left behind, and upon repentance they do the Work of God in the Laodicean Era which will last around 3 1/2 years during the Great Tribulation.  Those of the true Church who endured, who held fast, who stayed faithful and true, are promised PROTECTION(Rev. 3:10; Rev. 12:14). But those in the Laodicean condition are those who failed to receive such a promise. WHY? God says His promises are sure. He will fulfill them! But there are conditions on us to enable Him to fulfill His promises. If we fulfill our part in obedience, we can CLAIM HIS PROMISES and He will fulfill them! He is a God of His Word! His WORD CANNOT BE BROKEN! We must have “kept my word, and hast not denied my name” as Jesus Christ Himself says in Revelation 3:8 & 10. Now, as Mr. Waterhouse says numerous of times in his sermons, If Christ sends you someone and delivers truth and understanding through that person and you reject that person, or what he brought to you(him being a representative of Jesus Christ, a messenger from Christ) you are in fact rejecting Jesus Christ! Even Samuel the prophet had to be reminded of this by God when he became distraught when Israel rejected His leadership and wanted a King. SO if you reject a singular ray of truth that has been shown to you, you are cut off from God! God removes His understanding of the scriptures, and you cannot grow further, until you REPENT and come back to the truth you rejected and accept it and then God will open your mind up and reveal unto you more truth and more understanding! That is what Mr. Armstrong said! Now what can cut you off from God? SIN! WE MUST REPENT OF SIN! Jesus Christ says unto those in the Laodicean condition, ” As many as I love, I rebuke and chasten: be zealous therefore, and repent.”(Rev. 3:19) Now why do they NOT receive His promise of protection as their Philadelphia brethren did? GOD COULD NOT FULFILL HIS PROMISE TO THOSE WHO WERE CUT OFF FROM HIM THROUGH SIN! They became closer to this world, and the desires of this world. They were led merely by their human spirit within them, and so God began removing His Holy Spirit as they gradually accepted more of this world and allowed themselves to be led by their carnal human spirit rather than the Holy Spirit of God! HE DOESN’T WANT THEM TO PERISH! So what we see since Mr. Armstrong’s death is members of the Church leaving the Church and starting out by themselves AWAY FROM CHRIST! They started new Churches, new organizations, new works which competed with the true Church. Even those who gained control of the WWC INC organization, went off to “REHAB” the Worldwide Church of God congregations around the world, because they themselves no longer saw the need to continue with God’s Truth as taught and restored through Herbert W. Armstrong! They began accepting different doctrines in place of those they rejected! This happened until eventually unconverted people were raised to top positions within the organization,  and this is when they became a DIFFERENT CHURCH, and the old members who were staying loyal and faithful and true to God and were not rejecting His Truths were seen as enemies and combatants of this new church. So they had to go. Just like 3 John. But notice! The Laodicean Church have the commandments of God! They keep the Sabbath, the Holy Days, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ! They are members of the true Church! So it cannot be the false Church that rose up to take over the WWC Inc after Mr. Armstrong’s death. They weren’t apart of the true Church, although they had history with the true Church. But what happens if a Christian who has the commandments of God and the testimony of Jesus Christ rejects truth? God begins to deal with them differently. He puts them in the outer court of the temple. They are not clean. They are disfellowshipped for a season, spiritually from the rest of the Body of Christ, although they may continue to fellowship with a congregation of the true Church. Their human, carnal spirit, begins to lead them more and more if they don’t immediately repent and so they go further away from the truth, further into darkness away from the light!! And if gone far enough, they begin to start their own Church, start their own organization where they can be in charge. They start to do their own thing! God calls such WICKEDNESS(Mal. 3:15), and since the 1980’s wickedness has been SET UP, organizations were set up, and new churches were started, and if you study and evaluate what the book of Malachi is saying, it is talking about the differences between a Philadelphian and a Laodicean! All God wants is REPENTANCE! Of all the splinter groups that we can find record of, there is only ONE INSTANCE where the minister who started a new organization and church, repented and SHUT DOWN HIS ORGANIZATION TO OBEY GOD! That was Raymond McNair and the “Church of God 21st Century” organization. And so the WARNING going out to our brethren falling into the Laodicean condition today is to REPENT and to go back to what was taught through Herbert W. Armstrong and ACCEPT and OBEY what God is saying through Him(Proving it with God’s Word and believing God’s Word- not twisting it) and then and ONLY THEN will God begin to open their minds once again to MORE TRUTH and MORE UNDERSTANDING! And they can be spared from the Great Tribulation if they do this! God can then fulfill His promises TO THEM! WE CAN CLAIM HIS PROMISES! BUT WE MUST BE SUBMITTING TO GOD IN OBEDIENCE! If we reject a singular ray of truth, we are running into darkness! WE MUST IMMEDIATELY REPENT and go back to what was rejected and BELIEVE GOD, then and only then GOD can fulfill His promises to you. We are faced with decisions like this every day, every hour,, every minute. What are we going to do? LET’S BEGIN TO TAKE THESE THINGS MORE SERIOUSLY BRETHREN! WE NEED MORE PRAYER, MORE BIBLE STUDY, MORE FASTING! We must not allow ourselves to be trapped in the things of this world, and must not allow them to become so important that they take us away from Christ and God!  ]]>



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