The Great Delusion – Perverting UNDERSTANDING

Was the Worldwide Church of God, inc the True Church?

If you do, or don’t, you NEED to look at these.

March 1981 Worldwide News- HWA – Congress of Leading Ministers
“We have here the Church, an organized spiritual organism but unincorporated. Now this is not the corporation, or the corporation sole. This is just the Church as God has organized it. As for “The Worldwide Church of God, Inc., a California Corporation”, do you realize that most of you are not members of that corporation at all? The members are the officers that sign the corporation papers. “
Romans 8 & 13 Bible Study – HWA
“We pay tribute; we pay heavy taxes. The government has provided that non-profit organizations do not have the members as members of that corporation. Only those who sign the articles of incorporation are members of the corporation. That is another thing. Our Church members are not members of the corporation. They are members of the Church of God. “
HWA Speaks to the Brethren July 4 1981
“Now the unincorporated Worldwide Church of God does have a number of corporate entities under it, one of which is the Worldwide Church of God Incorporated, a California corporation. We are incorporated actually in a number of States, but the only members of the corporation are merely the officers of the corporation. But the general laity of the Church are only members of the Church of God. In other words, we are all children of God; and the Church’s congregation is the assembly, group, family. We’re the begotten Family of God, not yet born. “
April 1979 Worldwide News- HWA- And Now – Christ set church on God’s organizational track
“And now – Christ is moving me to set His Church on GOD’S organizational structure. For though the Church is NOT a legal corporation, it is a SPIRITUAL ORGANISM, and that spiritual organism is intended by the mighty GOD to be ORGANIZED – and organized HIS WAY!”
Just What is the Church? By Herbert Herbert W Armstrong.
“Now I have shown that the true Church of God is NOT a human organization or corporation, but a spiritual organism, composed of all who have and are being led by the Holy Spirit of God abiding in them. Yet the Church is ORGANIZED. “ “But is the corporation the Church? IT IS NOT! The Church existed as a spiritual organism, organized as CHRIST organized it (NOT organized on any human plan), and it carried on the SAME Work of God, with the SAME divinely directed organization BEFORE it incorporated as it does today. It is organized according to GOD’S pattern, not man’s legal corporate pattern. “

Then is any of the religious corporations calling themselves “The Church of God”, God’s Church?


Mr. Armstrong TAUGHT what the Bible teaches, the Corporation is NOT the Church! Mr. Armstrong used a Corporation to Get the Gospel to the World because that was his commission. He said it was finished! But he kept the church separated from the Corporation. The Attorney General in 1979 tried to say that the Corporation was the Church.That is FALSE! Do you know that a Corporation is a creature of the State? It is a State Entity. God used the Church(a Spiritual Organism) to do His Work, and they OPERATED through a Corporation to get the Gospel to the World. But when you merge the Understanding of what the Church is WITH  the Corporation , you then LOOK upon the Corporate Work AS the Church, you are then becoming State Churches! Notice! The Worldwide Church of God,inc(the Corporation) was Ran by the Church through Mr. Armstrong.(By Christ). It was God’s Business. God ran it. Now notice the Churches of God today are Corporations who run the Church. Men looking for the TOP CHEIF SEAT, or looking to be a Democracy LEFT what understanding and TRUTH about the Organization of the Church according to God’s Word, and created a separate WORK Calling themselves a CHURCH! The Board of Directors are the council of Elders.The Corporation runs the Church. Under Mr. Armstrong The Church ran The Corporation. See? it has turned upside down and we don’t even know it. The Splinter Groups have fallen in suit. This is what you call a 501c3 church today! But what about those who DO believe the separation of the two? The Church and Work MUST be organized ACCORDING to God’s GOVERNMENT! NOT according to MEN. Not DEMOCRACY! Nor is it a Tyranny starting and ending with a man on top. Nor is it led starting and ending with a committee or Council of Men either! GOD’S Government with God at top. God works through ONE man at a time. And there is a Safety Valve with the Advisory Council being led by God with ONE man as Chairman. Because, as Mr. Armstrong put it, there is no spiritually chosen leader by God to Lead as he did! But there is ONE COMING! Read Revelation 11:3. Read those articles above. Look them up and read them with BIBLE OPEN. There is so much MEAT there, SPIRITUAL MEAT! Lets get BACK ON TRACK to the understanding given to us by God through Jesus Christ, through His Chosen Apostle Mr. Herbert W Armstrong. BACK to the understanding of God’s Word and COME OUT OF HER as God commands! Are we being LED by the Holy Spirit to do so? To HEAR that calling we were CALLED TO?]]>



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