OPINION: Supporting Dissidents?

We have noticed a particular trend among non-members and dissidents; a trend of attempting to create a “Father/Son TEAM” out of Herbert W. Armstrong and his son Garner Ted Armstrong. Read the article from Christ’s chosen apostle, “God commands we all speak the same thing“, The son simply did not agree with his father or Jesus Christ! “Getting back on track ” does not simply mean going back to the 1960’s, prior to GTA’s and other minister’s rebellions. A ruling was set forth by Jesus Christ. The apostle, Herbert W Armstrong, bound it in the Church. It was enforced. Garner Ted Armstrong was MARKED, and excommunicated from the Worldwide Church of God! The members of God’s Church were told not to listen, read anything, or tune in to watch GTA, according to Bible commands. Herbert W Armstrong went to set the entire Church and Work of God BACK ON TRACK! And he began writing books and articles on the subjects his son and others we misleading the membership with. But now today, we have some who are pulling the old articles from GTA and promoting them, thinking that they are right in doing such. They believe that GTA and his father was “a father/son team”, and therefore they can DIS-regard the commands of Christ. Are you supporting these “companies”? Dissidents are working this agenda, trying to use the publications of the Worldwide Church of God, to create A DIFFERENT WORK! It is a counterfeit, so don’t be fooled! They have incorporated. They want donations, and solicit God’s people publicly for funding with God’s Tithes and Offerings. Why must members of the Worldwide Church of God be pushed to break God’s laws, by giving non-ministers what is God’s? Wake up. And obey God. Don’t join the works of iniquity that is STILL AT WORK!  ]]>



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