Have a Wonderful Sabbath Tomorrow Brethren! | 04-27-18

Visit the sermon section this Sabbath and be REFRESHED with the wonderful GLORIOUS TRUTH available to you. God’s apostle and God’s ministers have given many sermons for your benefit, and spiritual growth. Also, Church music is available to you this Sabbath day, to uplift you and inspire you in walking with God and His ways. The talent of the Church was marvelously used to glorify God and to bring you closer to Him and His Word. Have you check out the World Tomorrow Radio and Television sections yet? There are over 400 radio programs FULL of spiritual understanding and Bible knowledge right from God’s apostle. There are 145 TV programs available as well. Also, what about your children? Available are all of the YOUTH magazine issues, and Youth Bible Lessons and the Bible story volumes, valuable tools for parents in raising up their children in God’s wonderful truth! Have a wonderful Sabbath brethren! We look forward to getting to know you in the future. Right now, though we may be distances apart, our growing fellowship and relationship with God the Father and His Son Jesus Christ, in truth and in spirit, is what binds and holds us together. In the near future, what a glorious time to finally meet those we have yearned to meet! We look forward to that time brethren. And at this time when we need to hold fast to what was given to us through God’s apostle, we must be careful in fellowshipping with non-believers, but only fellowship with those who believe. We thank God for your faithfulness and loyalty to Him and His apostle, and we wish you a spiritually uplifting Sabbath! In Christian love, The staff here at wwcg-archives.com]]>



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