"Do not believe Mr. Armstrong"? Or Speak what He speaks?

In His Article, Herbert W. Armstrong wrote:

I have said through the years, over the air and in print and before audiences, “Don’t believe me because I say it — look in your own Bible and believe what you find there!”  But I DO NOT — or, at least, SHOULD NOT HAVE ever said that to our own brethren! But my son writes: “I tried with all my being to encourage our brethren to think for themselves.” In other words don’t believe our deep-rooted Church teachings — think out NEW, DIFFERENT beliefs for yourself!  But GOD’S WAY is THIS! This is the way the original first-century apostles preached. They spoke the TRUTH with POWER! To the unconverted Thessalonians, the Bereans were complimented for checking up on Paul’s preaching (Acts 17:11). But none should be accepted IN THE CHURCH until that person either has come to KNOW and accept and believe Christ’s true doctrine, OR has repented so THOROUGHLY, CONQUERED BY GOD and with an attitude of a little child, so that the minister doing the baptising feels sure he or she will accept and believe fully Christ’s true doctrines in His Church.  In other words, Christ commands that we all speak the same thing. THAT BECOMES A QUALIFICATION FOR MEMBERSHIP!  Yet I must add one comment concerning the above paragraph. Paul shows in I Corinthians 2 that the carnal unconverted mind cannot comprehend and come to real understanding of spiritual knowledge. There is no PROMISE in the Bible that one will receive the Holy Spirit prior to baptism (though Cornelius and his house did).  In Matthew 28:19-20, in the great commission, Jesus mentioned “teaching them to observe … [commandments],” after mentioning baptism.  
That is why I myself have baptized some prior to coming into full doctrinal teaching, but these were cases where I felt sure they were so completely surrendered to Christ that they would — as in fact they did — accept doctrinal teaching.  
I said at the ministers’ conference that I feel we have been too lax in baptising people before they were completely REPENTANT and FULLY BELIEVED Christ and what He says in the Bible.  

Quote from : God Commands That We In His Church All Speak The Same Thing
You’ve probably heard from some people how Mr. Armstrong said “Don’t Believe Me! Believe the Bible!” in their attempt to justify their departure from Christ, and as the reason to eliminate the teaching of Christs chosen apostle. They use it as the weaponry against people striving to HOLD FAST to what was taught. After all “Mr. Armstrong was a fallible human being” they say, “and the Bible is the Word of God”.

They have rejected God’s apostle and are not giving him legitimate weight and honor! They are not speaking the same thing as Christ! For Christ said that the Work of God is to BELIEVE the one whom God sends, that includes His chosen apostles! Even the pharisees of Christ’s time claimed that they had Moses. Christ told them if they had BELIEVED Moses, (chosen by God, yet fallible), they would have believed Him! But because they did not receive God’s Word through even Moses, they could not receive Him and what He taught!

The same is today.  Ministers and members are claiming to be students of Herbert W. Armstrong, yet they DO NOT BELIEVE MR.ARMSTRONG! They do not believe what He taught! Not 100% anyways. And because they do not believe him, they cannot believe Christ! Yet they claim to be leading you to Christ?
The membership of God’s true and only Church, must “all speak the same thing:”, that includes the ministry! It is the QUALIFICATIONS FOR MEMBERSHIP in God’s Church!

If you, or a minister haven’t completely PROVED what Herbert W. Armstrong taught from the Bible then are you truly a member of the body of Christ? You were supposed to do that prior to Baptism! And prior to being ordained into the ministry! The unconverted must prove this! And if they prove what was taught is truly from God and the Bible, repenting from their sins, and believing the gospel,  then they can BELIEVE THE ONE WHOM GOD SENT(John 6:29), and then they can “all speak the same thing”. Oh, how many have stepped away from God’s Church, or haven’t finished their conversion, simply due to not proving what Herbert W. Armstrong was teaching prior to Baptism. If you claim you did do that, then make sure, refresh yourself with what was taught, get back to what Christ’s apostle taught and evaluate whether you are in the faith or have gotten off the track!

This is vital!

Some people will divert away from the apostle, and try to go to the Bible themselves. The Bible will lead them to the true apostle of Christ! But usually, we find, that those diverting away from the apostle, once knew the truth and has rejected Christ and His apostle, and now uses the excuse of going to the Bible to stay away from the apostle they disagree with! And that disagreement is with Christ! But the apostle teaches the Bible!

Listen to Gerald Waterhouse Sermons and you will hear him give examples of those who LEAVE The Church! It rings true today. But those who are being converted are proving what Herbert W. Armstrong taught with their Bible, and believe the Bible, and then after proving it out, they believe the one who taught that to them-Christ’s apostle! And it is through SUCH that Christ is using to do the Work of God(John 6:29)! Mr. Armstrong taught in all nations(Matthew 28, Matthew 24:14), and the Church is to LEARN, and become students and learn to TEACH what Christ’s apostle is teaching-speaking the same thing Christ taught through Mr. Armstrong. Those who are teaching a perverted version, or another teaching, DO NOT BELIEVE, or DO NOT COMPLETELY BELIEVE GOD! Why are they teaching if they do not believe?

Let them cease to preach, let them cease in teaching, UNTIL they themselves have really proven what Christ’s apostle taught with the Bible. If they don’t believe he taught 100% of Gods Truth, then they ought to reject him, and find someone else who is! But Herbert W. Armstrong did teach 100% of God’s truth! Those of the Church have already proven that, and that is why we BELIEVE the one whom Christ sent! The apostle!

Those really posting those questions, and using Mr. Armstrong’s words as the reason to doubt what he taught, are not as converted as they think. The question we must ask is “ARE WE?”



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