Binding & Loosing Doctrine | Official ruling of God's Apostle "loosened"?

OFFICIAL RULING ON BINDING AND LOOSING [Quote]“There has been much discussion at Pasadena between certain ministers of lower than apostle rank, as to the CHURCH binding and loosing. “So now let it be MADE OFFICAL – by Christ’s present day apostle – that this binding and loosing PLAINLY, CLEARLY was given to Christ’s chief APOSTLE – not to lower rank ministers ordained by his authority – not by the CHURCH as a body – but by the APOSTLE! “When men who held office under the apostle, and by his appointment or approval, took it in their own hands, in his absence – stealthily KEEPING IT FROM HIM – to water down God’s TRUTH, alter his doctrines, assume unauthorized authority, then the living CHRIST moves His apostle to ACT SWIFTLY, to PUT OUT the prime mover in this conspiracy, and, under Christ, set God’s Church and Work BACK ON GOD’S TRACK!” [End Quote: “How Christ Gives Church Its Beliefs” Worldwide News Nov.20, 1978] So only the apostle has the authority from Christ to “bind” and “loosen” doctrine within the true Church of God! Can a lower-rank minister “loosen” what the apostle of Christ taught? NO! Can a committee or group of lower-rank ministers “loosen” what the apostle of Christ taught? Do they in combined effort “out rank” the apostle? NO! Can the entire Church membership “loosen” what the apostle of Christ taught? NO! Now, some have a question about what part of the apostle’s writings and sermons are “doctrine”. They claim that some of what Mr. Armstrong said or wrote isn’t official doctrine. Now, examples like “Pentecost changes”, “Divorce and Remarriage” and “make-up” are usually used to prove how Mr. Armstrong had made mistakes, and they present this as evidence that not everything he taught can be taken as official Church doctrine. But what they fail to realize is that in every instance when Mr. Armstrong and the Church was in error doctrinally, Jesus Christ corrected Mr. Armstrong and the entire Church moved forward IN TRUTH! They did not continue in ERROR! That in itself is PROOF that Herbert W. Armstrong was God’s apostle, and the Worldwide Church of God was the true Church! Now WHO loosened this official ruling by God’s apostle? NO ONE DID! Who can? If only the apostle has AUTHORITY given him to bind and loosen doctrine, how can lower-rank ministers or the Church be qualified to attempt it? The apostle has died. Was it loosened before his death? NO! So it is STILL BINDING.]]>



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