Daily Watch | Church Versus State (Part 1) with Herbert W. Armstrong

Church Versus State (Part 1) | The World Tomorrow with Herbert W. Armstrong

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The Trademark of The World Tomorrow Program found on this website SHOULD NOT be confused with the 2004 filed trademark of the same name by Earl and Shirley Timmons which are mentioned in this episode of the World Tomorrow Television program. In 2004, Earl & Shirley Timmons filed a new trademark “The World Tomorrow” with their new church organization. Their trademark (Serial number – 76622212; Registration Number – 3209903) is NOT the trademark that includes “THE WORLD TOMORROW” Radio & TV Programs produced by Herbert W. Armstrong and the Worldwide Church of God(Serial number – 73543141; Registration Number – 1382752(Television) & Serial Number – 72192542; Registration Number – 0791994(Radio) ).(Both can be verified by a search on The United States Patent and Trademark Office website – http://tmsearch.uspto.gov) We should also note the Trademark and Copyright of any publications found on this website SHOULD NOT be confused with the Philadelphia Church of God’s Trademark or Copyright from their respected dates. Although the “Worldwide Church of God, Inc” a California corporation, and similar corporations across the United States, stopped use of these materials. The CHURCH MEMBERSHIP(aka The Worldwide Church of God membership), as a separate legal entity, Continued its USE of all the materials from the Original Publication and copyright date (including the Original Programs of the World Tomorrow Television and Radio Program, Serial number – 73543141; Registration Number – 1382752(Television) & Serial Number – 72192542; Registration Number – 0791994(Radio)). And still continues the USE of the materials til this day! We, the Worldwide Church of God, NEVER stopped our USE of the materials. The Worldwide Church of God membership are striving to preserving the “products and materials” that have been produced by the Worldwide Church of God under Herbert W. Armstrong(1934-1986) through this website, although we have been plagued by many who want to steal them and illegally use them for their churches for monetary gain. Daily Watch- Banner  ]]>



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