The Spirit of Whoredoms – The New Apostle of The "Church of God"??

By Archive Staff

How does God conduct His Church, and His Work? How does Doctrine come into the Church?? And in contrast HOW is doctrine decided on in the Various CHURCHES OF GOD??

Whilst doing some research into the STP(Systematic Theology Project), we found some common principles and teachings being taught by many today.

We must first REMEMBER God all throughout the New Testament teaches that God sets doctrines, sets guidelines, and Policies THROUGH the Apostles! Mr. Armstrong taught this ALL THE TIME! This is what the Bible teaches, it is of course what Mr. Armstrong taught.
Mr. Armstrong wrote articles about liberals watering down doctrines, and changing what Jesus Christ taught through His chosen Apostle Herbert W Armstrong. Many left saying “I didn’t leave the Church, but only a man, and an organization” You can hear that echoing throughout Gerald Waterhouse sermons about those who left embittered from the Church.
God’s Church has God’s Government. Herbert Armstrong was chosen and placed as an Apostle in that Government, and the Church is COMMANDED to hold fast to those teachings that was given through THAT Government of GOD!
But Liberals, False ministers teach that you don’t NEED God’s Government as it was RESTORED! They teach you can decide what is taught WITHOUT God’s Government!(Even though they say they are not rebelling against that Government, they are) They believe They Can DECIDE Without Herbert W Armstrong, WITHOUT GOD”S APOSTLE! Without doing it God’s Way! All COGS teach this. “You don’t need to hold fast to what was taught by God through Christ’s Chosen Apostle, through God’s Government, just Believe what I teach OVER what God teaches”. Of course I’m paraphrasing, they would not openly be honest about it(some are however). Mr. Armstrong called the Liberal’s of the 1970’s project (the “STP”), a devise of Satan the devil. Why? And is it being USED today? Is it’s PRINCIPLES being used today?
Like I said above, God sets the Doctrines and policies of the Church through THE APOSTLE! That is God’s Word on the matter. 
But what does the STP do then? How is it relevant today?
Notice on page 5-6 of the Systematic Theological Project, it says…

[Quote]“…there will be material–for example, on Christian living and Church organization–that is not ordinarily found in academic systematic theologies. Some of these subjects could be classified as administrative practices or Church traditions rather than doctrines and beliefs. The point is that everything included is given as guidelines for the ministry. “[End Quote]

NOTICE! The STP was created to “give guidelines for the ministry”.
Garner Ted Armstrong Later said in life that the STP “was created to create an official volume of Church Doctrines for the Lay members to read, Non-members(the public) and the ministers”.
Remember this was created WHILE God’s APOSTLE, Mr. Herbert W Armstrong, was alive and completing the commission given to him by Christ!
So it was created to be the policies setter, the guideline decision maker. The Last Word on Doctrine! If anyone had a question about anything the Church taught, they would look it up in the volume. It was created to REMOVE God’s Apostle! It was created to remove God’s Government from God’s Church! To Cut God out of the PICTURE!
God’s Apostle was the ONE Christ set in the Church and through whom He SET doctrines and policies. If they wanted to make a decision about doctrine or policy, INSTEAD of going to what was taught through the Apostle(As God COMMANDS in God’s Government and CHURCH) they would go to the STP for the decision.
The STP stated “It is written by men for men”.
So instead of Going to the Apostle, they would go to a Paper that was “written by men for men”, instead of going through God’s Channels.
This was created to SUBVERT God’s Apostle! STP basically means “man decides”. Exactly what Laodicean means. What is being done through the COG’S Today?
Look at what happened when Mr. Armstrong stopped the STP, and kicked out those behind it, such as his son Garner Ted Armstrong(GTA), and Robert Kuhn. The dissidents that was kicked out started a State takeover of God’s Church! The State Took over the Church’s operations and “Fired” God’s Apostle!(not really, as time proved). They acted out the VERY Purpose the STP was to do, but openly, by force! When the STP was the silent fifth Columnist from within, undercover. Don’t think it wasn’t!
Now look at the COG’S today! Look at the principles of the STP and apply to what many are doing today! Are they not playing out the principles of the STP, if not the STP itself to a “T”??
All throughout their operations and actions they subvert God’s Apostle! They say you are worshiping the man, when you post Articles of God’s Apostle, or even consider them as teaching from God! How absurd! This is the STP in OVER TIME!
You can see the STP being implemented throughout the COG’S! Some may not do it on paper, but they do it Spiritually and in principle. They don’t look to God’s Anointed, Christ’s Apostle, Mr. Herbert W Armstrong as the one God worked through. They replaced themselves, their literature, their NEW teachings as the NEW APOSTLE! Some even going so far as calling themselves an Apostle! All in all, They reject God’s Government!
The STP was said to be the Summary of what the Church taught. The “GO TO” for doctrine and Teaching! The New Apostle! But after looking closer, Mr. Armstrong saw what Jesus Christ shown him about this conspiracy against God and His Church, and he found heresies, teachings contrary to the TRUTH Jesus Christ had given him to the Church all throughout the project! Mr. Armstrong stopped and Banned the Project. After Mr. Armstrong died, the STP was started again, under the leadership of the Council of Elders. Now, you see how it has spread to the Churches today! Where did the Council of Elders splinter to?
Take a look at what is being done TODAY! We have people creating websites called “HWA Library” or the like, but when looking closer you find they push CONTRARY beliefs, and their website pointing sincere people toward COG corporations and their teachings. They even went to incorporate to collect Tithes and Offerings in order for US, the Scattered Brethren of God’s Church to HELP FUND their NEW FOUND IDOL! Such is “HWA Library .com”! They have Mr. Armstrong’s literature and Church material, but MIXED within is LCG messages, Global COG messages and they repeatedly promote Garner Ted Armstrong’s sermons and articles, the very thing included in the STP! The very thing that got the Church off the Track from Jesus Christ and God the Father! They, utilize the principles and doctrines of the STP and created a library as a topical collection of the Doctrines and Church materials. But in reality a tool to WATER DOWN the True Doctrine! The Site is not pure! This is the STP at work.
The Philadelphia Church of God(PCG) has utilized the program! They produce Mr. Armstrong’s Literature while at the same time CHANGING the Books and BOOKLETS, and having their own literature that TEACHES CONTRARY to what Mr. Armstrong taught!
The Living Church of God(LCG)Utilizes the Project. They TOO have rewritten the Books and booklets. And they only mention Mr. Armstrong when it is to make them look good. To show how close they were to God’s Apostle. What does that have to do with the price of putty? Just because one eats cornflakes with an apostle of Jesus Christ does not make him an Faithful minister teaching what we were given through the Apostle! If that was the case, Simon Magus must be an AUTHORITARIAN on Jesus Christ and the Original Apostles then, because he was baptized by them. He spoke with the Apostle Peter even! HOGWASH!
The Restored Church of God(RCG) utilizes and teaches the STP’s Principles!
The United Church of God Utilizes the principles of the Systematic Theological Project!
They have created their own STP, Their APOSTLE, “created by men for men”. They wrote their OWN literature, to POINT to instead of God’s APOSTLE and what CHRIST restored through him! That is why NOT ONE OF THEM stood for PRESERVING the Apostles’s teaching and writings! The only ones appearing to do so, were only in it to CHANGE and CONTROL the materials themselves to their NEW IDOL, their NEW STP, their NEW APOSTLE! All saying in their sermons, that Mr Armstrong taught his own OPINION. Or that he didn’t UNDERSTAND this or that. Such as things as the use of Makeup they say. Or the Laodicean Era. Or Prophecy! They believing the seeds of doubt TEACH that DISLOYALTY to their converts! They reject Spiritual Knowledge restored to us through Jesus Christ’s Apostle, even in ONE POINT, they have rejected Knowledge, Spiritual Knowledge(TRUTH). Notice Hosea 4:6.
Hos 4:6 My people are destroyed for lack of knowledge: because thou hast rejected knowledge, I will also reject thee, that thou shalt be no priest to me: seeing thou hast forgotten the law of thy God, I will also forget thy children.
God is saying “Because you have rejected spiritual knowledge(Truth), my people are destroyed because you don’t teach them the spiritual knowledge you rejected. Because you have rejected Spiritual Truth(knowledge)God rejects you as HIS minister(even though they continue in vocation as a minister, insuring themselves a paycheck). Because you reject the truth given, God will forget those who are learning from you.” If this applies to us, We would be rejected of God as HIS minister,although we might continue in vocation as a minister, God won’t consider those we teach, as His Children, members of God’s Church. Now God might call them out of that error. Just as he would from any Church of this world. Unless called AWAY from such a attitude from this world, they are children of Satan, not God. Then the Church becomes a Church of this world not God’s. That is what happened in the 1970’s. Liberals rejected God’s Truth given through the Apostle. They have their NEW APOSTLE. God had to act and he revived His Apostle to CLEAN HOUSE, and get them back on track with Jesus Christ, back to being God’s Church, out away from the world’s way being masqueraded by men who rejected God’s Truth through the Apostle. And when shown that Truth are they to give God’s Tithe to one who REJECTS that truth?
Where Does God’s Tithe go? Are we to give godspeed to them that reject God’s mind, God’s teaching on makeup, God’s Government etc, etc?
See How the Devil works?
2Co 11:13 For such are false apostles, deceitful workers, transforming themselves into the apostles of Christ.
2Co 11:14 And no marvel; for Satan himself is transformed into an angel of light.
2Co 11:15 Therefore it is no great thing if his ministers also be transformed as the ministers of righteousness; whose end shall be according to their works.
Their foundation and house is “made by man, for man”.
Psa 127:1 Except the LORD build the house, they labour in vain that build it: except the LORD keep the city, the watchman waketh but in vain.
Psa 127:2 It is vain for you to rise up early, to sit up late, to eat the bread of sorrows:
NOTICE a little more of the principles and teachings of this NEW IDOL, this NEW APOSTLE OF SATAN THE DEVIL!!

[Quote]“The systematic theology project is the product of numerous ministers and scholars of the Worldwide Church of God. It is only through this substantial resource of knowledge and experience that we can hope to attain a reflection of God’s Understanding and wisdom. Yet the systematic theology must not be cemented in stone. It will need continual revision as God guides the Church in further understanding of His Word.

What is herein presented is therefore still in preliminary form. It must continue to grow in both scope and quality. But it cannot grow without constant constructive input from the ministry. Ministers should consider it their responsibility to help refine the Systematic Theology project, contributing to it in the same spirit with which it was prepared. Hence, we accept, appreciate and welcome–indeed solicit–all information which serves to enhance and improve this effort.

Such input may take the form of short or long edits, comments, ideas, additions, deletions, critiques, scriptural references, and/or new information and research. The proper procedure for giving input is to present your contribution in as clear a manner as possible and send it to the Systematic Theology Project at Church Headquarters in Pasadena, California, U.S.A., in care of Dr. Robert Kuhn. All information will be read and considered, and if accurate, appropriate and approved, it will be incorporated.

Input from the general membership of the Church is also welcome, but should be submitted through the local pastor. The sheer volume of such material could overwhelm the headquarters staff unless it is deemed by the local pastor to have merit. No doctrinal paper can be considered unless the author’s pastor has studied the paper and then submitted it with his appropriate annotations, edits, or comments.”[End Quote]

Notice that THE APOSTLE of God was left out!
Notice that what was approved was approved by Robert Kuhn(in Reality Garner Ted Armstrong), NOT Herbert W Armstrong! Not By God’s Government set in the Church!
Notice it sheds light to the type of Government the United Church of God has as well. That the Ministers gave the input and made the decisions, and whom through the membership voiced their judgments as well.
The STP also reveals and teaches that the Church’s Commission was Matt 24:14 and to fulfill the role of Elijah of Malachi 4.
EXACTLY what you find within the Churches of God corporate works today!! Instead of what God’s Word CLEARLY TEACHES! As Jesus Christ’s Apostle Taught!
Notice the Following:

[Quote]“The early disciples followed Christ’s command to preach this gospel of the Kingdom as a witness to all nations. The Worldwide Church of God also follows this command and views as the primary reason for its existence the commission to preach the gospel of the Kingdom to all nations in accordance with Jesus Christ’s instructions. The Church today strives to continue fulfilling that commission with ever-increasing effectiveness, following in the tradition of Elijah the prophet and John the Baptist (Mal. 4:5-6), by preparing the way for Christ’s return through the announcement of that gospel message. “[End Quote]

Sound Familiar?
Also, something VERY Important! The STP states that it Supersedes previous Publications, articles, and UNDERSTANDINGS! Instead of reading precious writing’s of the Church , one would only need to read the STP.

[Quote]“While these statements of current teachings and practices contain very little that is “new” as such, in some cases they do include additional supportive information and commentary, or contain original analyses, syntheses and approaches, or give fresh insight and understanding–all of which reflect positively in generating refined comprehension of, and continued confidence in, the fundamental doctrinal convictions of the Church. As such, these papers supersede individual opinions; out-of-print publications, articles, and booklets; and past teachings and earlier understandings. As far as the papers themselves make possible, they should be used for doctrinal understanding and exposition. “[End Quote]

Sound Familiar? The VERY thing is being utilized and acted upon within the various SPLINTER CHURCHES calling themselves “The Churches of God”, the COG’S!!
They teach that their teachings, books, booklets, articles, sermons, etc., etc, SUPERSEDE what was taught by Jesus Christ through Herbert W Armstrong! That you don’t need to read the “Old stuff”. NO NEED to study earlier understandings. They teach that what they produce SUPERSEDES the RESTORED Truth!
ALL of The COG’S do this! ALL the actions of the COGS are traced back to the STP! They are utilizing the STP’s principles INSTEAD OF GOD’S! They have set up an Idol, perhaps some not even KNOWING IT! Do you think that Satan hasn’t duped us ALL? This STRONG DELUSION, the FALLING AWAY IS REAL!!!
IT IS HERE, NOW, TODAY! Being played out in front of our eyes, are we SPIRITUALLY CONSIENCE OF WHAT IS GOING ON??

From:Worldwide News – Special Edition, 24th June 1985, Page 1
Recent History of the Philadelphia Era of the Worldwide Church of God

By: Herbert W Armstrong

“It had become custom to hold an annual ministerial conference of ministers at Pasadena headquarters. In the 1974 to 1977 conferences, these meetings had been marred by controversies over doctrinal issues.

Just before the January, 1978, conference I was determined to prevent doctrinal controversy. I was also due to leave on another ’round-the-world trip. I had decided to postpone the trip until after the conference in order to keep controversy out of the conference. But the one to be left in charge in my absence urged me to remain for the opening morning session, so that I could open the conference, and keep my departure at 12 noon, and he gave me his word no doctrines would be discussed in the conference, only administrative matters.

I agreed to this. I opened the conference, left immediately for the airport and had lunch on the plane. I was going first to Japan, then across the north pole to Europe, and into western Africa before returning to Pasadena.

I had not gotten very far out over the Pacific Ocean that afternoon, until in the afternoon session of the conference a voluminous printed work called “Systematic Theology Project,” or “STP” for short, was distributed to the ministry with specific instructions that this was a definite outline of basic Church doctrines, and no minister was to preach anything contrary to this treatise.

I knew absolutely nothing of this STP, or that it had been in preparation. It had been carefully concealed from me. It was a flagrant violation of the promise made to induce me to leave so this doctrinal change in Church teaching could be given to all ministers without my knowledge. I knew nothing of this STP in spite of claims made by others, until a copy was brought to me by some loyal ministers in late April or early May of 1978 when I then notified every minister in the world to return his copy immediately and ignore all its liberal doctrines and teachings.

It has come to my attention that some of the liberals, no longer members of God’s Church, have claimed that I did know of this infamous STP project. That is positively NOT TRUE. A few papers on one or two subjects, which were not liberal, had been brought to me in Tucson, Ariz., but no clear mention was made of the preparations under way for producing this STP project. None of the liberalized teachings in the STP were shown to me or approved by me at any time.

Some of these liberal ministers who worked on and produced the STP and the one who was in charge of executive administration in my absence were disfellowshipped and others left the Church.

At the time of the Feast of Tabernacles that fall, 1978, at a Festival held by one of these split-off liberals and a few who followed, in their own Feast of Tabernacles, a conspiracy was hatched to attack and destroy the Church by the legal process of a class action lawsuit. Some six or seven liberals, former members, signed the suit against the Church. This resulted in an ex parte order by a judge. Secretly without prior notice, deputies on order of the Attorney General’s office swooped down on the Church on the morning or Jan. 3, 1979. The ex parte order had been signed by a judge late the day before.”

From: Worldwide News – 9th July 1979, Page 1
By Herbert W. Armstrong

“I am simply heartsick that my son assumed power and authority neither Christ nor I gave him to WATER DOWN GOD’S TRUTH. In that infamous “STP” [Systematic Theology Project], paying tithes, which WE OWE to God, was changed to merely mean a little GIVING – IF we feel like it!”

From:Worldwide News, 20th Nov 1978 page 1
By Herbert W Armstrong

“OBSERVE SPECIALLY. This was not a matter, as did happen at Pasadena, of one of lower rank appointed by an apostle, while the apostle was in another part of the world, calling together a conference of ministers of various ranks – all under that apostle – and determining or changing doctrine – watering down God’s TRUTH – and sending it out, as the Systematic Theology Project (STP) was, claiming falsely and without authority that it was an authoritative doctrinal pronouncement!
In this case, it was PETER, chief apostle, who set the decision. The letter they then sent to the church at Antioch specified that this decision was inspired by the HOLY SPIRIT. PETER set it, James, local pastor acting as chairman of the meeting, confirmed Peter’s decision, making it OFFICIAL, inspired by the HOLY SPIRIT.”

Notice it wasn’t by Peter’s OPINION that the decision was MADE! Nor was it with HERBERT W ARMSTRONG’S! Shame on them who think it is. And may God have mercy on them who teach others that lie!
April 12, 1985 – Coming Out of Sin, Last Day of Unleavened Bread Sermon
By Herbert W Armstrong

[Quote]“When I tell you these things, I’m only telling you what God reveals;
and you can check up on it. It’s all in the Bible, and you can see it
the same as I can.

I’m not giving you things that I made up in my mind. I didn’t
originate the truths that I teach”. [end quote]
2Pe 3:2  That ye may be mindful of the words which were
spoken before by the holy prophets, and of the commandment of us the
apostles of the Lord and Saviour:
We Should be MINDFUL of what was given through the Apostle!
Gal 1:6 I marvel that ye are so soon removed from him that called you into the grace of Christ unto another gospel:
Gal 1:7 Which is not another; but there be some that trouble you, and would pervert the gospel of Christ.
Gal 1:8 But though we, or an angel from heaven, preach any other gospel unto you than that which we have preached unto you, let him be accursed.
Gal 1:9 As we said before, so say I now again, If any man preach any other gospel unto you than that ye have received, let him be accursed.
Gal 1:10 For do I now persuade men, or God? or do I seek to please men? for if I yet pleased men, I should not be the servant of Christ.
Gal 1:11 But I certify you, brethren, that the gospel which was preached of me is not after man.
Gal 1:12 For I neither received it of man, neither was I taught it, but by the revelation of Jesus Christ.
Of all the people from the Church, no one really are mindful of what the Apostle taught us.
They consider much, some or one part of truth he taught as his personal opinion.
He himself wouldn’t compromise God’s Truth, and in so doing, wouldn’t budge to any man made ideas others had.
And to some it may seem strict. But once proven God’s Truth, we shouldn’t move from it.
I believe Mr. Armstrong took personally the command in Rev 3:11, to HOLD FAST, do not compromise, letting no man to take the Already PROVEN TRUTHS Christ gave, away from you, taking your crown. And the many proven truths as Smoking and makeup was given to Mr. Armstrong and through him to us. And that was not of man.
God’s Law was expounded on the issue. Most don’t understand it, or get it. But what God gave us
through Mr. Armstrong is important, it is what prepares us to meet Christ in the air.
And I believe the command in Rev 3:11 applies to all of the Church. God’s Way is no compromise to God’s Law, to God’s Truth.
Mr. Armstrong wrote in the Good News Magazine(August 1983), [Quote] I have written about the ecumenical movement to unite the churchesby compromise of doctrines and practices. ”
Think it hasn’t reached us??
This Liberalism is the WAY OF SATAN! Ar we to follow it, right into the Lake of Fire?
Meaning of Days of Unleavened bread
April 6, 1985
Herbert W. Armstrong

[Quote]“Brethren, I wont compromise. If you want to compromise, go join one of these factions that have turned off from us that are LIBERAL. They’ll be real liberal. They let you go if you want to go Satan’s way instead of God’s way, and PRETEND that you’re in the Kingdom of God, PRETEND YOU’RE IN GOD’S CHURCH. If you want to KID YOURSELF, go do it until you die. But you’re being JUDGED NOW. JUDGMENT IS ON THE HOUSE OF GOD. JUDGMENT IS ON US. JUDGMENT IS NOT ON THE PEOPLE IN CHINA AND THE PEOPLE IN INDIA AND THE PEOPLE IN RUSSIA. JUDGMENT IS NOT ON EVEN THE PROTESTANTS AND THE CATHOLICS YET. BUT JUDGMENT IS ON US; AND WE’RE BEING JUDGED, BRETHREN.”[End Quote]

Mr. Armstrong spoke on 7th of November 1981, in a sermon titled “What God Expects of Us” 

[Quote] You know, it’s a funny thing. I mentioned that just in part of a sermon over at Big Sandy on the Sabbath. It wasn’t the regular holy day message. It was just a special message on the Sabbath day. I tell you, news of that traveled from woman to woman and to women ALL OVER the United States. I began receiving letters. Women write, “Mr. Armstrong, I want to give you a woman’s viewpoint on that.” Yeah? Well, you know, I’m far more interested in getting God’s viewpoint, women. Did you know that?

You should have heard the sermon this morning — how king Saul was interested in getting the people’s viewpoint. He wanted to please the people. That’s just the trouble. We had MINISTERS HERE IN CHARGE OF HEADQUARTERS that wanted to please the people and do whatever was popular with them. One man over the ministers, he had been the student body president when he was a senior in college many, many years ago. I think that’s over, yes, twenty some years ago.

Do you know why he was made student body president? I did it. I’ve done a lot of things I had to ask God to forgive me for later. I used bad judgment. I made him student body president because he was the most popular student on the campus. I didn’t realize something in that man’s makeup and character at that time. He always wanted to do whatever would please people.

He would make any compromise. He would give in anything. He wouldn’t hold to the truth. He would compromise with God’s truth if that would please some other person. He wanted to know what pleased people and he wanted to please people, not God; and He did that as a minister. He had something to do with this very subject. As a matter of fact, he had something to do with starting this whole movement of liberalism in the Church.

Liberalism is a whole lot more than just makeup. That’s only one thing. The reason that I’m getting to it is that this is what STARTED everything off the track! Now I’ve written a good-sized article. It will appear in the Worldwide News [16 November 1981 issue], and has appeared this week in the Pastor General’s Report. I’m going to read what I wrote and make some comments as I go along about it, and use that in lieu of the sermon here this afternoon. It’s titled “How subtly Satan used MAKEUP to start the Church off (on) the (wrong) track,” and “How Satan began injecting liberalism into God’s Church.”

For over three years now the living Christ has been working to put this Church back on the track! But how did the people of the living God get off the track? How did it all start? How did we get off the track in the first place? How did the whole world first get off of the track? How did the world get off the track, and then how did … Now God got us back on the track part way, and we came out of the world; and then we began to get off the track.[End Quote]


By Herbert W. Armstrong
Worldwide News, 24th March 1980, Page 1

How Did You Come to Know the Truth?
By Herbert W. Armstrong
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The History of the Beginning and Growth of the Worldwide Church of God
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