Teaching their disagreement with God and GOD’S Government

PLEASE NOTE: This is NOT from the UCG(United Church of God).

This is an exposé addressing the CONTRARY teachings the United Church of God teaches in contrast with what Jesus Christ taught us through His Apostle Mr. Herbert W Armstrong. РWWCG-ARCHIVES.COM STAFF

Donald Ward through a sermon called “God’s Government and Organization” (https://www.ucg.org/sermons/church-government-and-organization-is-there-authority-in-the-church-and-is-the-church), around the 10 minute mark, begins speaking about who has authority to “Bind and loosen”. He begins immediately to explain how the Catholic’s misuse this scripture to keep their false doctrine of the infallibility of the Pope called the “Petrine doctrine. Now, what did God’s apostle teach? Jesus Christ worked through a man of flesh, named Herbert W Armstrong, Christ’s chosen apostle, and the Work He(Jesus Christ) did through Herbert Armstrong was the Work of God not of flesh, done and performed through the Holy Spirit. So what is the official Church doctrine concerning WHO can bind and loosen doctrine in the Church of God?

Notice: http://wwcg-archives.com/2018/04/08/the-doctrine-of-binding-and-loosing/ That is the official statement from Jesus Christ’s apostle Herbert W Armstrong. Donald Ward claims that [Quote]“for a short time in Worldwide there was a type of embracing of the Petrine doctrine. Thankfully that didn’t last.”[End Quote]

Is he referring to Tkach and the ministry after Mr. Armstrong’s death? Or is Mr. Ward referring to Mr. Armstrong and the Church’s official doctrine on who has authority to bind and loosen doctrine in God’s Church? Because Mr. Armstrong has been accused falsely of embracing the “Petrine doctrine” of the Catholic Church, because he taught that only the apostles of Christ has the authority and power to bind and loosen doctrine.

Who is Mr.Ward condemning in his statements so far? Who is he accusing? And remember, the accuser of the brethren is Satan the Devil. Herbert Armstrong is a brother in Christ. He is an Apostle.
Then Mr.Ward says ” Some believe that He gave the keys to the Kingdom to the apostles only, it would really believe that Christ gave the keys to the Kingdom to only AN APOSTLE. There can be no new revelation today because apparently there is no apostle on the scene…If it were true that the key was only given to AN APOSTLE, then the keys to the Kingdom of heaven have been lost since they were only given to an apostle and not to the Church. Thankfully we know and as we shall see Christ gave the keys of the Kingdom to the Church of God. ”

So Mr.Armstrong is being condemned now. And Mr.Ward is speaking directly against Church doctrine set in the Church of God, by Christ, through His chosen apostle Herbert Armstrong.

Now who’s word has weight?

Herbert W Armstrong, God’s apostle?

Or Dr. Donald Ward, someone who is arguing against God’s apostle and disagreeing with God’s Word and Jesus Christ?

Why does Donald Ward condemn God’s chosen apostle, and everyone who is holding fast to what he taught, as if a follower of Catholic doctrine, The Catholic Church being the Great Whore who will suffer the plagues and Wrath of God?

Herbert W Armstrong and the true Church of God is on God’s side or they would not be the true Church of God and Mr. Armstrong would not be an apostle of Christ! CHRIST IS LEADING THEM STILL!
The Catholic Church is a Church of Satan. A Counterfeit of Satan the Devil. It’s doctrines, the doctrines of demons.

Why is Mr.Ward placing Mr.Armstrong and God’s true Church with the Catholic Church, calling good evil? Aren’t they on opposite ends? God says ” Woe unto them that call evil good, and good evil; that put darkness for light, and light for darkness; that put bitter for sweet, and sweet for bitter!”(Isaiah 5:20)

Mr.Ward says Christ is holding the keys and has given the keys to the Church. He refers to Revelation 3:7 and yes Christ has the keys to the Kingdom!

Mr.Ward says Christ has given them to the Church not to just the apostle. But the Church, as Mr.Armstrong explains, receives them through the apostle! And that is what Donald Ward is speaking against.

Jesus Christ was the messenger of the new covenant(Mal. 3:1-5) who brought a message. What is that message? Mark 1:14. Jesus Christ gave that gospel, that message from God the Father, to His apostles.

Jesus Christ said in prayer to God the Father, ” I have given them thy word;…Sanctify them through thy truth: thy word is truth.As thou hast sent me into the world, even so have I also sent them into the world.

And for their sakes I sanctify myself, that they also might be sanctified through the truth. Neither pray I for these alone, but for them also which shall believe on me through their word; That they all may be one; as thou, Father, art in me, and I in thee, that they also may be one in us: that the world may believe that thou hast sent me.”(John 17:14, 17-21)

Mr. Armstrong’s article “How Christ gives Church its beliefs” goes into detail on how only the apostles had the authority to bind and loosen doctrine. It was NOT GIVEN TO THE CHURCH AS A WHOLE, NOR TO THE LOWER RANK MINISTERS! It was they(the apostles), who had the open door to preach the gospel of Jesus Christ! The Church as a whole did not go out! They backed up the apostles and they supported the apostles, while the apostles went out and preached the gospel!

But Dr.Ward does not agree with Mr.Armstrong and the Word of God, and thus he disagrees with Jesus Christ and God the Father. Mr.Armstrong preached God’s Word. He did not preach a false doctrine of the Catholic Church. The Church backs up and support the apostles of Christ, THEY DO NOT ARGUE, OR CONTEND AGAINST, The apostle’s preaching, and they do not attempt to teach others their disagreement!

Here is a quote from Mr.Armstrong from his article “Watering down or building solidly up?“.

“You, dear ministers and wives, did not have to go through what God put me through. I learned TRUTH a doctrine at a time. Through me it was handed to all of you “on a platter” – all together.
“Now if you don’t understand and believe that, I wonder what you are doing in Christ’s ministry.
“The living CHRIST put HIS TRUTH into God’s Church through me.
“You have of your own will been drawn into this Church by the living Christ – to HELP me in proclaiming this GOOD NEWS to the world. IT IS THE MOST IMPORTANT WORK IN THE WORLD – ESPECIALLY AT THIS CRISIS TIME JUST BEFORE THE COMING OF CHRIST TO SET UP THE KINGDOM OF GOD!
“It is far more important than being a captain in the army in time of WAR! If you did not agree with the military regulations and orders and openly proclaimed your dissidence to those under you, you would be court-martialed and probably shot! Yet disagreement and contrary teaching of those under you in GOD’S CHURCH is, in God’s eyes, FAR MORE SERIOUS!
“Now I am not, of course, going to order any firing squads. But the LEAST you can do, if you cannot wholeheartedly accept and loyally teach the truths Jesus Christ put into His Church through His chosen apostle, is to resign and LEAVE THE CHURCH!
“God commands in His Word that we all “SPEAK THE SAME THING.” That “same thing” He put into His Church through His apostle. If you can’t agree on any point, you may bring your disagreement privately to your superior or directly to me – but to teach disagreement to the children of GOD is the height of disloyalty!
“For a year now, God has been SETTING HIS CHURCH BACK ON HIS TRACK! That action continues!”[End Quote]

READ THE ARTICLE: Would you ACCUSE JESUS CHRIST? by Herbert W Armstrong, and read again how doctrine is put into the Church of God, and how those who preach contrary to the doctrine already put into the Church by Christ through His apostles SHOULD BE MARKED AND PUT OUT and is doubly cursed by God for preaching against Him, and for leading others to join them in their dissidence and rebellion.
Here is that article: https://wwcg-archives.com/2018/04/08/would-you-accuse-jesus-christ-2/

Donald Ward is preaching against the doctrines of Jesus Christ, against the teaching of God’s apostle, teaching others to disobey God, forsake Christ, reject true & sound doctrine.

He is not of the true Church of God brethren. He is a minister who has turned from the faith once delivered, who is bringing a different gospel, and a different Jesus Christ, and a different spirit, led by Satan the Devil to deceive you. So Hold Fast to what has been taught to you by Christ through His apostle Herbert Armstrong! LET NO MAN LEAD YOU ASTRAY!!!

By the command of Jesus Christ we are commanded to MARK HIM, and avoid him.(Rom. 16:17-18) Those attending the UCG organization, must beware, and must greatly consider God’s command, and obey God’s Command in scripture. This is not a small matter. It is a matter of great spiritual importance, that if you ignore or take God’s command lightly, it will cost you your spiritual and eternal life!
Donald Ward is the chairman of the Council of Elders in the UCG. This is what the UCG ministry is teaching.


This might offend some. But God’s Word is sure, and we must be obedient to God, and we must obey God above all, if we truly are true Christians.

In Christ’s service,

wwcg-archives.com staff