Should we Join a Church with another SPIRIT?

Read: “The New Apostle of the Churches of God” to catch up on why we say the following.

Should we join United Church of God, Restored Church of God, Living Church of God, Philadelphia Church of God, and any other “Church of God”, and the other ministers with them, because they appear close enough to the truth?

Although they teach MANY things contrary to the doctrines we were taught by God’s Apostle Herbert W Armstrong? What would happen if you join them and their church? Read on!

“There is a SPECIAL Spirit in God’s Church — the HOLY Spirit of God. For by His Spirit we are baptized into HIS Church. But does Paul WARN YOU about receiving a DIFFERENT “spirit”? II Cor. 11:4.

COMMENT: This DIFFERENT spirit is the spirit of “anti-Christ” (I John 2:18; 4:3). It is AGAINST Christ. It SPLITS groups into DENOMINATIONS. It IS NOT the UNITING Holy Spirit of God.
Do NOT make the fatal mistake of attempting to COVENANT with God through the WRONG church. If you do, the apostle John here warns you will receive the WRONG SPIRIT. YOU will be led into NOT keeping the commands of God as revealed in His Word, the Bible.

“Are other warnings given against attempting to covenant with God through false churches? Mark 13:6.

COMMENT: MANY — not the few, but MANY — will come in Christ’s name, thus FALSELY classifying themselves as CHRISTIANS, and will thus DECEIVE the MANY!

Remember that after you are begotten by God’s Spirit, you must GROW SPIRITUALLY. IF you choose the WRONG church through which to covenant with God, you will be fed the WRONG spiritual food. You can then DIE SPIRITUALLY if you are fed this wrong spiritual food — for it is poisonous!

And you can ultimately LOSE OUT on being born again at Christ’s soon coming. ”

The Terms of Christ’s SECOND Marriage – Lesson 19(58 Lesson Edition) Ambassador College Bible Correspondence Course

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