501c3 Corporations called a "Church", Is the Church really a Corporation?

The Following has come to light on how they deceived the World in the First centuries of the Church through Constantine, Church and State. The Holy Roman Empire. By regulating the CHURCH by the State! It has happened again!

Both in the case of the edict of toleration by Galerius and that by Constantine and Licinius, the original Latin text is to be found in Lactantius, and merely a Greek translation in Eusebius, (H. E., Bk. VIII, 17, and X, 5). Both Mason and Allard take this view. (For discussion of the authorship of the De more. Pers. and the genuineness of the Edict of Milan see appendix to Vol. 11 of Gibbon, ed. by Bury.. 1896.)


(Ch. 34.) Among other arrangements which we are always accustomed to make for the prosperity and welfare of the republic, we had desired formerly to bring all things into harmony with the ancient laws and public order of the Romans, and to provide that even the Christians who had left the religion of their fathers should come back to reason ; since, indeed, the Christians themselves, for some reason, had followed such a caprice and had fallen into such a folly that they would not obey the institutes of antiquity, which perchance their own ancestors had first established; but at their own will and pleasure, they would thus make laws unto themselves which they should observe and would collect various peoples in diverse places in congregations. Finally when our law had been promulgated to the effect that they should conform to the institutes of antiquity, many were subdued by the fear of danger, many even suffered death. And yet since most of them persevered in their determination, and we saw that they neither paid the reverence and awe due to the gods nor worshipped the God of the Christians, in view of our most mild clemency and the constant habit by which we are accustomed to grant indulgence to all, we thought that we ought to grant our most prompt indulgence also to these, so that they may again be Christians and may hold their conventicles, provided they do nothing contrary to good order. But we shall tell the magistrates in another letter what they ought to do. Wherefore, for this our indulgence, they ought to pray to their God for our safety, for that of the republic, and for their own, that the republic may continue uninjured on every side, and that they may be able to live securely in their homes. (c.35)This edict is published at Nicomedia on the day before the Kalends of May, in our eighth consulship and the second of Maximinus. from Lactantius, De Mort. Pers. ch. 34, 35. Opera, ed. O. F. Fritzsche, II, P. 273. (Bibl. Patt. Ecc. Lat. XI, Leipzig, 1844.)  

The “Edict of Milan ” (313 A. D.)

When I, Constantine Augustus, as well as I Licinius Augustus d fortunately met near Mediolanurn (Milan), and were considering everything that pertained to the public welfare and security, we thought -, among other things which we saw would be for the good of many, those regulations pertaining to the reverence of the Divinity ought certainly to be made first, so that we might grant to the Christians and others full authority to observe that religion which each preferred; whence any Divinity whatsoever in the seat of the heavens may be propitious and kindly disposed to us and all who are placed under our rule And thus by this wholesome counsel and most upright provision we thought to arrange that no one whatsoever should be denied the opportunity to give his heart to the observance of the Christian religion, of that religion which he should think best for himself, so that the Supreme Deity, to whose worship we freely yield our hearts) may show in all things His usual favor and benevolence. Therefore, your Worship should know that it has pleased us to remove all conditions whatsoever, which were in the rescripts formerly given to you officially, concerning the Christians and now any one of these who wishes to observe Christian religion may do so freely and openly, without molestation. We thought it fit to commend these things most fully to your care that you may know that we have given to those Christians free and unrestricted opportunity of religious worship. When you see that this has been granted to them by us, your Worship will know that we have also conceded to other religions the right of open and free observance of their worship for the sake of the peace of our times, that each one may have the free opportunity to worship as he pleases ; this regulation is made we that we may not seem to detract from any dignity or any religion. Moreover, in the case of the Christians especially we esteemed it best to order that if it happems anyone heretofore has bought from our treasury from anyone whatsoever, those places where they were previously accustomed to assemble, concerning which a certain decree had been made and a letter sent to you officially, the same shall be restored to the Christians without payment or any claim of recompense and without any kind of fraud or deception, Those, moreover, who have obtained the same by gift, are likewise to return them at once to the Christians. Besides, both those who have purchased and those who have secured them by gift, are to appeal to the vicar if they seek any recompense from our bounty, that they may be cared for through our clemency,. All this property ought to be delivered at once to the community of the Christians through your intercession, and without delay. And since these Christians are known to have possessed not only those places in which they were accustomed to assemble, but also other property, namely the churches, belonging to them as a corporation and not as individuals, all these things which we have included under the above law, you will order to be restored, without any hesitation or controversy at all, to these Christians, that is to say to the corporations and their conventicles: providing, of course, that the above arrangements be followed so that those who return the same without payment, as we have said, may hope for an indemnity from our bounty. In all these circumstances you ought to tender your most efficacious intervention to the community of the Christians, that our command may be carried into effect as quickly as possible, whereby, moreover, through our clemency, public order may be secured. Let this be done so that, as we have said above, Divine favor towards us, which, under the most important circumstances we have already experienced, may, for all time, preserve and prosper our successes together with the good of the state. Moreover, in order that the statement of this decree of our good will may come to the notice of all, this rescript, published by your decree, shall be announced everywhere and brought to the knowledge of all, so that the decree of this, our benevolence, cannot be concealed.   from Lactantius, De Mort. Pers., ch. 48. opera, ed. 0. F. Fritzsche, II, p 288 sq. (Bibl Patr. Ecc. Lat. XI). Both texts translated in University of Pennsylvania. Dept. of History: Translations and Reprints from the Original Sources of European history, (Philadelphia, University of Pennsylvania Press [1897?-1907?]), Vol 4:, 1, pp. 28-30

What It Means To Be 501(C)(3)

Let’s Lay The Ground Work

   When a “Church”(an unincorporated spiritual body) incorporates in a state, they create what is called “a not-for-profit religious organization”. It is a legal entity that  is created to enable the individuals comprising the “Church” to be able to handle money, assets, property and Real Estate in the public realm.   In this world, in order to handle large money, assets and Real Estate, one needs a corporation. So when individuals of a “Church” come together to incorporate, they are creating a corporation FOR the Church, to be used by the Church to handle money, donations, tithes and offerings, to buy and sell property and Real Estate, to hold and transfer assets FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE CHURCH.   When this incorporation happens, IF they do not make it clear, as to the distinction of the “Church” and the corporation, and who governs the corporation, they could find themselves facing governmental intrusion. The question is asked, “Who is Lord? Christ or Caesar? Many are being convinced to sign an IRS form 1023, and this form is the very terms of the contract between your “religious corporation or organization” and the IRS. This form, the 1023 IRS form, transfers authority to the Government, and gives the government powers to govern the religious corporation or organization. But the “Church” must be the governing party. And under the Bill of Rights, the Government cannot intrude on “Church” affairs. However, if “Church” officials sign a contract with Caesar, the Government, and place themselves under Caesar, giving Caesar power over their affairs, they are now a “STATE CHURCH”. Governed by the State not Christ. And can then be only recognized as a “religious corporation”.   Now, under the constitution, a “Church” is “non-taxable”. Which means, the government can’t intrude in the affairs of the Church, and cannot place regulations and laws on the Church in question. But a religious corporation can have regulations and restrictions placed on it, because it simply is a “religious non-profit organization” not a “Church”.   This opens them up to regulations being placed on them by the IRS or agency placed over them(state or federal).   It simply can be stated that this is all about the difference between a “Church” which is protected under the constitution, and a “religious corporation”.   When a “Church” incorporates to handle it’s assets, money, tithes and offerings, property and real estate, it is creating a corporation “FOR THE BENEFIT OF THE CHURCH”. Thus the corporation falls under the umbrella of the Church IF THIS IS DEFINED SO IN THE INCORPORATION PAPERS! If it is not defined in the incorporation papers, they have simply created a corporation that can now be regulated and have restrictions placed on. That is why most are being pressured to sign the 1023 form, in order to receive tax-exempt status. They now have to ask for PERMISSION from their owners to be tax-exempt. Thus making the Federal Government the “Creditor” or OWNER of the corporation, and those in this corporation- the DEBTORS.  That is why they have to ask for permission now. They incorporated under the Government with no constitutional rights as they gave them away VOLUNATARILY! Whether or not they knew it.   So what is 501(c)(3)? It simply is a category of the IRS for “non profit religious organizations”. A category that churches fall into. The real issue at hand, is who governs? Who is Lord? Christ or Caesar? And many are signing under the Government, with the 1023 form.

Let’s Lay The Ground Work

The 1979 Receivership Of The Worldwide Church Of God

  In early 1979, 6 malcontent disgruntled ex-members of the Worldwide Church of God went to the California State Attorney General with false claims of mismanagment and pilfering of money against Herbert W Armstrong and Stanley Rader. This launched a Law-suit against the Worldwide Church of God.   The State claimed that the Worldwide Church of God was a “public trust” or a corporation for the BENEFIT of the public and that the State Attorney had the power over all “public trusts” in the State of California. So under this ploy, they determined that Herbert W Armstrong and Stanley Rader were mere “trusties” of the corporation-mere “public servants”.   Under their false claims, the “Public servants” Herbert W Armstrong and Stanley Rader could be fired by the State Attorney General, to be replaced with their own men the State thought could handle the Church’s affairs better.   This was under their claims that the Worldwide Church of God was a mere “corporation” or “public trust” with the State as the head.   They used false information given to them by ex-members of the Worldwide Church of God that claimed Herbert W Armstrong and Stanley Rader was mishandling the money and assets of “The Worldwide Church of God inc, a california corporation”. So they siezed the property of the Church and placed the Worldwide Church of God under receivership.   But the Worldwide Church of God was not a mere “corporation” and was not a “public trust”! It was a CHURCH protected by the Constitution of the United States.   The State of California’s attempt to shuffle “Churches” into the category of “religious organizations” would have meant the end for all churches in America. It would have had been a domino effect, with the Worldwide Church of God falling first. But Herbert W Armstrong and the Worldwide Church of God fought the battle to PRESERVE the Constitution of the United States. If they did not fight, it would have mean the end of this nation then and there. Here are a several videos explaining this 1979 Receivership on the Worldwide Church of God. The Worldwide Church of God produced a documentary of what had happened, and had produced several videos on their battle to preserve the Constitution of the United States. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=J5HcJl1k1g0 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=L9D81ZGtB2A https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=GJaySRURJEY https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7H7OipG1Wb8


The attempt by the State of California in 1979 was to shuffle all churches into the category of “501(c)(3) and to remove their constitutional protection and rights. If this would have been successful then all churches would have been refered to as “religious non-profit organizations” and would have no longer been refered to as “Churches” but rather “corporations”. The dangers that some are facing today are that they have incorporated themselves under Caesar’s jurisdiction. Thus placing themselves in a position where they can be regulated and have restrictions placed on them. And in doing so they are giving the Federal or State government “ownership” of their church. This makes them “State churches”. And thus making them vulnerable to future dangers heading their way. There are a couple of videos we have made that explains the dangers of 501c3,what 501(c)(3) churches are facing, about the 1023 IRS form and about the Worldwide Church of God- how they defined themselves to the state, and how God’s Church really worked.

The First Amendment: CHURCH VS STATE Who Is Lord? Christ Or Caesar? The DANGERS Behind 501(C)(3)

Many churches are joining up as 501(c)(3) organizations, and don’t know what dangers that are tied to such contracts. Many members of 501(c)(3) churches don’t know of the dangers that bind them as future slaves of the coming beast system. What kind of restrictions are being placed? What are 501(c)(3) churches bound to? And how are the people in serious danger by attending such churches? Who is Lord? Christ or Caesar? https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5SXozu2bKXQ

The Philadelphia ERA: GOD’S GOVERNMENT

What about 501c3 tax exemption status? What about the corporate sole status Herbert W Armstrong switched to? What about the 1023 form of the IRS? What about God’s Government? Find out in this video. https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=wsimOgiUFb0  

Was the Worldwide Church of God, inc the True Church?

If you do, or don’t, you NEED to look at these.

March 1981 Worldwide News- HWA – Congress of Leading Ministers
“We have here the Church, an organized spiritual organism but unincorporated. Now this is not the corporation, or the corporation sole. This is just the Church as God has organized it. As for “The Worldwide Church of God, Inc., a California Corporation”, do you realize that most of you are not members of that corporation at all? The members are the officers that sign the corporation papers. “
Romans 8 & 13 Bible Study – HWA
“We pay tribute; we pay heavy taxes. The government has provided that non-profit organizations do not have the members as members of that corporation. Only those who sign the articles of incorporation are members of the corporation. That is another thing. Our Church members are not members of the corporation. They are members of the Church of God. “
HWA Speaks to the Brethren July 4 1981
“Now the unincorporated Worldwide Church of God does have a number of corporate entities under it, one of which is the Worldwide Church of God Incorporated, a California corporation. We are incorporated actually in a number of States, but the only members of the corporation are merely the officers of the corporation. But the general laity of the Church are only members of the Church of God. In other words, we are all children of God; and the Church’s congregation is the assembly, group, family. We’re the begotten Family of God, not yet born. “
April 1979 Worldwide News- HWA- And Now – Christ set church on God’s organizational track
“And now – Christ is moving me to set His Church on GOD’S organizational structure. For though the Church is NOT a legal corporation, it is a SPIRITUAL ORGANISM, and that spiritual organism is intended by the mighty GOD to be ORGANIZED – and organized HIS WAY!”
Just What is the Church? By Herbert Herbert W Armstrong.
“Now I have shown that the true Church of God is NOT a human organization or corporation, but a spiritual organism, composed of all who have and are being led by the Holy Spirit of God abiding in them. Yet the Church is ORGANIZED. “ “But is the corporation the Church? IT IS NOT! The Church existed as a spiritual organism, organized as CHRIST organized it (NOT organized on any human plan), and it carried on the SAME Work of God, with the SAME divinely directed organization BEFORE it incorporated as it does today. It is organized according to GOD’S pattern, not man’s legal corporate pattern. “

Then is any of the religious corporations calling themselves “The Church of God”, God’s Church?


Mr. Armstrong TAUGHT what the Bible teaches, the Corporation is NOT the Church! Mr. Armstrong used a Corporation to Get the Gospel to the World because that was his commission. He said it was finished! But he kept the church separated from the Corporation. The Attorney General in 1979 tried to say that the Corporation was the Church.That is FALSE! Do you know that a Corporation is a creature of the State? It is a State Entity. God used the Church(a Spiritual Organism) to do His Work, and they OPERATED through a Corporation to get the Gospel to the World. But when you merge the Understanding of what the Church is WITH  the Corporation , you then LOOK upon the Corporate Work AS the Church, you are then becoming State Churches! Notice! The Worldwide Church of God,inc(the Corporation) was Ran by the Church through Mr. Armstrong.(By Christ). It was God’s Business. God ran it. Now notice the Churches of God today are Corporations who run the Church. Men looking for the TOP CHEIF SEAT, or looking to be a Democracy LEFT what understanding and TRUTH about the Organization of the Church according to God’s Word, and created a separate WORK Calling themselves a CHURCH! The Board of Directors are the council of Elders.The Corporation runs the Church. Under Mr. Armstrong The Church ran The Corporation. See? it has turned upside down and we don’t even know it. The Splinter Groups have fallen in suit. This is what you call a 501c3 church today! But what about those who DO believe the separation of the two? The Church and Work MUST be organized ACCORDING to God’s GOVERNMENT! NOT according to MEN. Not DEMOCRACY! Nor is it a Tyranny starting and ending with a man on top. Nor is it led starting and ending with a committee or Council of Men either! GOD’S Government with God at top. God works through ONE man at a time. And there is a Safety Valve with the Advisory Council being led by God with ONE man as Chairman. Because, as Mr. Armstrong put it, there is no spiritually chosen leader by God to Lead as he did! But there is ONE COMING! Read Revelation 11:3. Read those articles above. Look them up and read them with BIBLE OPEN. There is so much MEAT there, SPIRITUAL MEAT! Lets get BACK ON TRACK to the understanding given to us by God through Jesus Christ, through His Chosen Apostle Mr. Herbert W Armstrong. BACK to the understanding of God’s Word and COME OUT OF HER as God commands! Are we being LED by the Holy Spirit to do so? To HEAR that calling we were CALLED TO?



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