You have condemned, you have killed the righteous man; he does not resist you

In the book of James, chapter 5, we have an interesting passage. “Ye have condemned and killed the just; and he does not resist you.”(verse 6) Some translations say “You have condemned, you have killed the righteous man; he does not resist you”. In Lamentations 4 is an interesting passage that is much like what James 5 talks about. “For the sins of her prophets, and the iniquities of her priests, that have shed the blood of the just in the midst of her,”(verse 13) “And upon her forehead was a name written, MYSTERY, BABYLON THE GREAT, THE MOTHER OF HARLOTS AND ABOMINATIONS OF THE EARTH.  And I saw the woman drunken with the blood of the saints, and with the blood of the martyrs of Jesus…”(Revelation 17:5-6) Notice, that after this “righteous man” is murdered, the apostle James says this: “Be patient therefore, brethren, unto the coming of the Lord. Behold, the husbandman waiteth for the precious fruit of the earth, and hath long patience for it, until he receive the early and latter rain. Be ye also patient; stablish your hearts: for the coming of the Lord draweth nigh. “(James 5:7-8) Who is he talking to brethren? THE WORLDWIDE CHURCH OF GOD TODAY! In OUR GENERATION Jesus Christ will return! So this message is to US TODAY! This “righteous man” is put into context of Elijah the prophet. Notice verses 8, 16-18. Now who can that be? Who in this end time, was a type of Elijah? The beginning verses of James 5, is speaking AGAINST the “rich men”, and of their condemnation. (verses 1-6) He even says their “riches are corrupted:” and their “garments are motheaten.” (verse 2) Notice that the apostle James, begins to edify the brethren, admonishing them to be patient until the coming of Jesus Christ, even warning some who would be “condemning” their brethren, even reminding such that Jesus Christ, the true Judge, is standing at the door.(verses 7-9) WHAT CHURCH COULD THAT BE TALKING ABOUT? Notice in Revelation 3:10, Jesus Christ promises the Church of the Philadelphia Era, The Worldwide Church of God which was raised up through Herbert W. Armstrong, supernatural protection in a place of safety, IN THE PHILADELPHIA ERA, for their faithfulness to God and His Word. In Revelation 12:14, Christ goes further into detail on how this Church will be given 2 wings of a great eagle that the Church may “fly” into a place of safety for 3 1/2 years. “And to the woman were given two wings of a great eagle, that she might fly into the wilderness, into her place, where she is nourished for a time, and times, and half a time, from the face of the serpent. And the serpent cast out of his mouth water as a flood after the woman, that he might cause her to be carried away of the flood. And the earth helped the woman, and the earth opened her mouth, and swallowed up the flood which the dragon cast out of his mouth. And the dragon was wroth with the woman, and went to make war with the remnant of her seed, which keep the commandments of God, and have the testimony of Jesus Christ.” (verse 14-17) Notice, the remnant of this Church, the Worldwide Church of God, the ones not protected, suffers the Great Tribulation or Satan’s wrath. It is the SAME CHURCH. Now, the remnant is the LAST, or the Laodicean Era! Our brethren, those of you who have the Laodicean Attitude of being “RICH and INCREASED WITH GOODS”, and “having need of nothing”, who think they are clothed are told you are “Blind and Naked”, and you are told that Jesus Christ is standing at the door. If you would only REPENT, and open the door, then you would be included with the Philadelphian brethren of the Worldwide Church of God, who is being persecuted today yet doing the Work of God of getting behind Mr. Armstrong, who are being fed spiritually by Christ! NOTICE, everything the apostle James CONDEMNS in his letter, is conditions the Laodiceans brethren are in! But, realize this! THE LAODICEAN CHURCH, will simply be those of the Worldwide Church of God who were NOT GIVEN PROTECTION in a place of safety, the remnant that was left behind to go through the Great Tribulation or Satan’s wrath. So, today, even as Mr. Armstrong warned, some of our brethren have become LUKEWARM, and have the Laodicean attitude! Because of this attitude, Jesus Christ CANNOT WORK THROUGH THEM, and they are spewed out of the body of Christ, disfellowshipped to WAKE THEM UP! They have become RICH, now why is that? Is it because some of you have thought more about MONEY, and perhaps some of you have incorporated a Church organization preparing for MORE MONEY? That is the only reason to incorporate: to handle larger amounts of money. These COG churches started out incorporating first, in plans for a growth in their pocketbooks. Perhaps selling the gospel is making you  or them a profit? Perhaps, you have thought more about how your Church organization needs God’s money? Perhaps you think you don’t need anything else, but what your Church organization preaches? Perhaps you think you have “matured” past the teachings which were taught to the Worldwide Church of God by Jesus Christ through His apostle Herbert W. Armstrong? Perhaps you accuse other brethren of being “stuck in the past”? Perhaps you want to “let loose” of what was taught? There has been an UPSURGE in brethren who have the LAODICEAN ATTITUDE, and many have been confused calling this the Laodicean Era, BUT right now GOD IS NOT WORKING THROUGH THEM, DUE TO THEIR ATTITUDES! Jesus Christ cannot handle such disloyalty, such in-decision, He spews them out of His body! And without Christ, they cannot claim the promise given to the Philadelphians, and so they are LEFT BEHIND to suffer the horrors of Satan’s wrath in the coming Great Tribulation. They could not hang onto their SPIRITUAL HEAD, JESUS CHRIST, because they had let loose of His apostle! The ones God is using today in the Philadelphia ERA is the Philadelphia brethren of the Worldwide Church of God, and because they are faithful and true to Him and His Word, they are promised protection in a place of safety. The Laodiceans must go through the Great Tribulation in order to buy gold “tried in the fire” from God. They were far away from God through lack of prayer and study,  prior to the Great Tribulation, and so they received blessings from Satan and his world, and was not persecuted as their brethren were, and became wealthy and prosperous in this world in their sin and separation from God. They thought that God was blessing them! They thought that they were clothed with righteousness, and that they had special “insight” and “new revelation”, that they were rich and increased with goods, but God calls them poor, naked, blind, wretched and miserable. Now, in James 5, we see the Church of God prior to the return of Jesus Christ. In the Church are TWO ATTITUDES, one Philadelphian: the ones who keep the word of patience of God, who endure, who stay faithful and true to God, knowing that Jesus Christ’s coming is near. The second ATTITUDE: Laodiceanism- The ones who thought the Lord delayed His coming, and so they joined the ways of this world, becoming rich and drunken with the cares of this world, lukewarm & indifferent in attitude concerning God’s Law and what He had taught them through His chosen apostle Herbert W. Armstrong. They had become so spiritual lax, that Christ could not use them! But they produced “works” of their own. Does this sound familiar? Why are there so many “Church of God organizations” today? They each claim to be doing the work of God, but Jesus Christ is not leading them. Christ has “spewed them out”. So, James 5 is a warning to both Philadelphians and Laodiceans. Now to the latter mentioned, the apostle James says Ye have condemned and killed the just; and he does not resist you.”(James 5:6) Why is this “righteous man”, condemned and MURDERED by those who were brethren? This righteous man is mentioned among the ranks of Elijah! This can be none other than Mr. Herbert W. Armstrong! Now, God’s Word says he was MURDERED! Astonishing BUT TRUE!!!!!! In Lamentations 4, God condemns both “prophets” and “priests”, for shedding the blood of the just. So let’s evaluate the events that occurred around the death of Mr. Armstrong. We are told by Mr. Armstrong in 1981, that he created for his “corporation sole” which he says he incorporated in Arizona, an “Advisory Council of Elders”. The reason was, it was their job to choose a successor for Mr. Armstrong, if he should die. Now, while we are told by Mr. Armstrong that he incorporated this corporation sole in the state of Arizona, we find another corporation sole in COLORADO. Now in this corporation sole papers, which are registered with the State of Colorado, it states that it received PERMISSION from Ralph Helge who acted as the secretary of Herbert W. Armstrong, to be created. However, instead of being the original “Apostle of the Churches of God”, this corporation sole was named “Pastor General of the Churches of God”. Now, in 1983, Mr. Armstrong found out that some ex-ministers, ex-members, and some not even connected with the Church, had been creating their own “corporation soles” in various states for the purpose of choosing his successor. He ordered Ralph Helge, to SHUT DOWN THESE DUMMY CORPORATIONS. This Colorado Corporation was suspended, and no longer was in operation all the days left of Mr. Herbert W Armstrong. Thus concluding this corporation in Colorado, was a DUMMY CORPORATION. It listed the Advisory Council of Elders as the ones who would gain legal control over the ORGANIZATION and various corporations of the Worldwide Church of God. This Colorado corporation sole, was resurrected back to life in May 1986, four months after Mr. Armstrong’s death! Through this corporation sole, the Advisory Council of Elders was in control of the WCG organization and supporting corporations. In 1991, they made a change in the name and paperwork of this corporation sole, and had it placed in the name of Joseph W Tkach Sr. Why did they have to use a DUMMY CORPORATION to gain control over the organization and corporate entities of the Worldwide Church of God and to give it over to Tkach Sr? Also, Aaron Dean admits that prior to Mr. Armstrong’s death, Mr. Armstrong had been placing ministers from the Advisory Council of Elders into an evaluation period where he would evaluate them for being his successor. They each was placed into a period of time of evaluation in the position of head of the Church, says Aaron Dean. Prior to Mr. Armstrong’s death, Tkach Sr. was the last man Mr. Armstrong placed in that evaluation period in the position of head of the Church says Mr. Dean. So while in this position, as Deputy Pastor General, Mr. Armstrong DIES??? The Church was told that Mr. Armstrong had written his last letter stating “the greatest work lies ahead”. But come to find out that was a lie. Aaron Dean admitted that is was he who wrote it for Mr. Armstrong who was too weak to write. Mr. Armstrong only had enough strength to squeeze his hands in recognition. So, did Mr. Armstrong really write the January 10 co-worker and brethren letter announcing Joseph Tkach as his successor? Also, if he was sooo weak, then how was it he talked to the Advisory Council of Elders in the Business Administration building via Telephone conference, with Tkach Sr. and Aaron Dean sitting beside him at his home, supposedly appointing Joe Tkach Sr. as his successor? With all of the LIES that were told about the events surrounding the death of Mr. Armstrong, we must be cautious with the story we were told, Ambassador Report, a magazine that was started by ex-students and members, actually recorded some things that occurred around the death of Mr. Armstrong. They reported, that at the time of Mr. Armstrong’s death, 2 men fled the campus property fearing for their lives! They said “They killed him, and we are next!” That is ODD don’t you think? One was a nurse aid for Mr. Armstrong, and the other was a security guard for the campus. Now, this is a bit ODD. Why was the Church lied to? Why was Tkach in place, and who really chose him? Why did Tkach Sr. and the Advisory Council of Elders through Ralph Helge RAISE UP A DUMMY CORPORATION to use after Mr. Armstrong’s death? Mr. Armstrong prior to his death was telling the ministry that when he died, the income of the Church would drop. And so he closed down the Big Sandy Campus, and was reducing expenses in the work. Because of this reducing, the Church itself actually received an INCREASE IN INCOME. Tkach and the leading men after Mr. Armstrong’s death used this “increase in Church income” to say that God was behind THEM, but in reality it was due to Mr. Armstrong’s diligence. Even in articles Mr. Armstrong was talking about dissolving and shutting down all of the WCG Organization, and all of the various supporting corporate entities the Church had, in order to prepare the Church for fleeing into the Place of Safety. But instead, the Advisory Council of Elders used the DUMMY CORPORATION in Colorado, to keep the corporations and WCG INC afloat and ongoing. And through them, they had to stop the printing of the Mystery of the Ages, and other books of Mr. Armstrong, because they claimed they didn’t have enough money. Yet, a month later they donated a million dollars to the Earthquake fund in California? Now, we are told that Mr. Armstrong, this type of Elijah who would be on the scene shortly before Jesus Christ’s return, would be condemned and then MURDERED by men within the Church? Why is it that Tkach and the leading ministers knew the EXACT MINUTE of Mr. Armstrong’s death? There is a secret being HID, and we have been LIED TO! But God’s Word already exposes the works of darkness. WHY DOES GOD’S WORD SAY SUCH THINGS? Perhaps God’s apostle was murdered, and perhaps that is HOW false ministers and false brethren seized control away from the Advisory Council of Elders? Perhaps that is why they had NO CHOICE but to LEAVE and start up NEW ORGANIZATIONS, and NEW CHURCHES? Remember, the only reason to INCORPORATE an organization, is to set up a CHURCH GOVERNMENT and to handle large sums of money. Mr. Armstrong, actually didn’t incorporate first. He and the Church was first, and when the work grew, and it was evident that creating a corporation to handle the monies of the Church was needed, he incorporated. He was just fulfilling the need, rather than going after the money as those of the ministry who started their own COG GROUP. Remember, the Laodicean brethren who have been SPEWED OUT OF THE BODY OF CHRIST, are outside performing THEIR WORKS, and they have joined themselves to the governments of this world, fornicating with them, in order to make their works possible. They have become RICH, and increased with goods under the blessing of Satan. These 300+ Church of God groups are working to make profit, so they can keep their jobs, and have financial security! Talk about HIRELINGS! The Hirelings condemned by God in His Word feed themselves, instead of the Church! And the very reason they incorporate is to be able to FEED THEMSELVES with the proceedings of the donations and tithes and offerings the people give unto them! And as Mr. Armstrong said, it is these ORGANIZATIONS OF BABYLON that are scattering the people! The people are getting FURTHER and FURTHER away from Christ, away from the Church they were called into, away from the TRUTHS that were delivered to them by Christ’s apostle Herbert W. Armstrong! The book of James is a profound book! And we, as God’s people need to EVALUATE OURSELVES to see if we are approved of God, or not. OUR SALVATION AND FUTURE DEPENDS IT! ]]>



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