Who is Behind the Scenes Working to Take over the United States of America?

Who is actually behind the scenes working the Governments in our own country? The POPE aka through the Jesuits, of whom the Pope is member of! Here is what New Jersey’s Governor stated recently, “We can achieve Pope Francis’ vision of solidarity, not just being a word, but rather being our default attitude,” he told the crowd. “We are one state. We are one people. We rise and fall as one. And as long as we remain united, there is nothing we cannot achieve for everyone who calls this great state home.” There is no doubt what Spirit is ruling, and what and WHO they are following and being led by. This is just another WARNING to us here at home. We are on the verge of a Takeover by The Pope and the Rising Beast of the United States of Europe! In Bible Terms: The Great Tribulation/ Jacob’s Trouble. ]]>



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