Rev 13:3 – "…and all the world wondered after the beast"

A Perfect example of how enamored people are with the Pope and Catholic Church ? Who stand in ADMIRATION of GERMANY. A Glimpse into the Future attitude of the WORLD?? Liam Neeson stated in an interview, “I was made aware from an early age of the pope being the head of the church and who would make pronouncements (“ex cathedra”) that would be ordained in Heaven as on Earth. That’s some power! He had to be someone very special.” When asked If he could spend an hour with anyone¬†that’s ever lived, who would it be and why? He stated Abraham Lincoln. “Also, I’d wanna hear his funny stories and hear his laugh and watch that face crinkle up with amusement and watch a sadness descend on him again.” That last statement was weird, it appears that he wanted to see him go from Happy, laughing to a dark Sadness. Which no doubt was caused by those around him working against him, aka the Jesuit Order of the Catholic Church. It is a weird statement to say the least, when in light of TRUE History.

When asked Who do you admire? He stated that he admired Angela Merkel, the chancellor Of Germany. In Awe of the Pope. Admiring Germany. The Perfect formula for the coming years of which the WHOLE WORLD will do concerning the WHORE of Babylon which sits upon and controls the COMING RULE of GERMANY in the United States of EUROPE!

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