Once You Get off the Track…

Excerpt from: The Seventh Day Adventist’s Mindset on Prophecy By Herman Hoeh Link: http://sermons.wwcg-archives.com/Herman%20Hoeh/11-25-1980%20-%20The%20Seventh%20Day%20Adventists%20Mindset%20on%20Prophecy%20-%20Herman%20Hoeh.mp3 Tags:Seventh Day Adventist,Philadelphia Church of God, Living Church of God, Restored Church of God, Church of God Worldwide Ministries, United Church of God, Church of God International, Eternal Church of God, Church at Home, Christian Biblical Church of God, Fred Coulter, Roderick C Meredith, Gerald Weston, Gerald R. Flurry, Stephen Flurry, David C. Pack, The World Tomorrow Evangelical Association, Earl Timmons, Shirley Timmons, Joseph Tkach, Grace Communion International, Stephen Gilbreath, Banned by HWA, Armstrongism LIbrary, Church of God Worldwide, PCG,PCOG,RCG,RCOG,UCG,UCOG,COGWM,World Tomorrow, COGI,CGI,LCG,LCOG,CBCOG, wwcg-archives.com, Worldwide Church of God Archives, Herbert W Armstrong, Herman Hoeh, WCG,]]>



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