ORGANIZATION or CHURCH? How the Worldwide Church of God is alive today-and how COUNTERFEITS have risen!

An Organization is created by the state, while the true Church of God was created by God.

When it was required of Herbert W. Armstrong to incorporate with the State, as the Work grew, he created RADIO CHURCH OF GOD INCORPORATED. In the late 1960’s, the name of the corporation was changed to WORLDWIDE CHURCH OF GOD INCORPORATED. When you incorporate, you have to make clear who will BENEFIT from such an incorporation and for what PURPOSE. In this case, it was the Worldwide Church of God who benefited from the incorporation, and it was the purpose of the incorporation to provide an avenue for the Worldwide Church of God to perform a work, to handle monies and properties for the benefit of the Church. A Private Trust. The Worldwide Church of God existed PRIOR to the incorporation. The incorporation proved that the Church was in existence prior, and that they were now operating and handling monies, property etc. through this new organization which was formed. Now, the Worldwide Church of God is an UN-incorporated spiritual organism, not a corporation or organization of the state. Mr. Armstrong made this very clear, in both capacities- In the Church & in the organizations. He was over both Church and State operations. Much like Moses was over both Church and State in Israel. The people of the Church was separate from the organization. When the organization disappeared, the Church continued to exist. That is what is being discussed today. But now, men have started their own ORGANIZATIONS, incorporating a DIFFERENT CHURCH if you will. Now when they incorporated, they had to make it clear who benefited and for what purpose they were incorporating. Their incorporation is for a DIFFERENT CHURCH, with a different name, and their Church is what benefits from such an organization, and the purpose of the incorporation is to provide avenue for said Church to do a work, to handle monies and property etc. Though they call themselves a “Church of God” they are a DIFFERENT “Church of God”, not the same “Church of God” Mr. Armstrong was a member of ! Get the point? Now, in these ORGANIZATIONS, they have their own CHURCH GOVERNMENT set up to rule their own membership. They first created their government THROUGH THE ORGANIZATION. They had to make clear WHO WAS IN CHARGE. That is how Babylon operates. Mr. Armstrong never did this. Now, before Mr. Armstrong INCORPORATED, the Church already knew WHO WAS IN CHARGE under Christ! The Church did not need an ORGANIZATION to tell them who was in charge! Now, after the forming of an ORGANIZATION(as it was required by the state to handle large sum of monies and property), men rose up through the ranks of the ORGANIZATION, and many got confused as to WHO WAS IN CHARGE. Mr. Armstrong admitted this was his fault, because at the request of Roderick Meredith he had placed his son Garner Ted in a office of VICE PRESIDENT, which was between him and the ministry and church. He had not realized this office was UN-biblical, and when Christ showed him his error, he removed such an office! But much of this DIVISION is due to ORGANIZATIONS, and men trying to take control, or get for themselves a position of power in an ORGANIZATION. The true Church of God is not the organization! So when Tkach and his crew took control of the WCG CORPORATION, they did not take control of the Church! It was a TEST on the Church, and a great persecution was set against the true Church! And from this ORGANIZATION, which was no longer governed by God’s apostle Herbert Armstrong, MEN split off creating more and more organizations! And each of these organizations TARGET the members of the Worldwide Church of God! But these COG churches ARE DIFFERENT CHURCHES, and Herbert W. Armstrong was NOT a member of their churches. They went OUT of the Worldwide Church of God, and made it manifest that they were NOT THE SAME CHURCH! “They went out from us, but they were not of us; for if they had been of us, they would no doubt have continued with us: but they went out, that they might be made manifest that they were not all of us.”(1 John 2:19) But these ORGANIZATIONS are doing the opposite of what Mr. Armstrong did! Mr. Armstrong had a separation between the Worldwide Church of God and the organization. These organizations are binding the people to the organization, and therefore as the organization is a creature of the state, the people are being BOUND as surety for the state!! But they have to achieve this through the people VOLUNTARILY giving up their membership with the Worldwide Church of God and “joining” their new church! So while Mr. Armstrong FREED the slaves, these organizations are like Korah and those who turned back to become SLAVES! Korah, when Moses created an ORGANIZATION, was one of the leading men. He wanted the CHIEF SEAT. So he gathered those he could convince, under him, incorporating a DIFFERENT GOVERNMENT and ORGANIZATION, and wanted to OVERTHROW Moses and go back to Egypt! That is exactly what these COG churches have done! But God has not changed! What happened to Korah and his incorporation? WE BETTER PAY HEED!



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